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MLW Fusion results: Los Parks vs. Injustice vs. CONTRA Unit


MLW Middleweight champion Lio Rush defeated Brian Pillman Jr (9:16)

After being on a roll by defeating Myron Reed and Laredo Kid, Rush issued an open challenge last week with Pillman Jr. answering the challenge this week.

The self-proclaimed Man of the Hour hit Pillman with a headscissors in the ring and an Asai moonsault to the floor. While Pillman had his own attacks with a powerslam, springboard clothesline and a top rope superplex, it wasn't enough to put Rush away. Rush called Pillman a cosplay clown in his inset pre-match promo, but Pillman showed good fight before eventually succumbing to Rush's Final Hour (split-legged frog splash).

-- The PWI top 10: 10) Jordan Oliver, 9) Gino Medina, 8) Myron Reed, 7) Richard Holliday, 6) Mads Krugger, 5) Calvin Tankman, 4) Mil Muertes, 3) Low Ki, 2) Tom Lawlor, 1) Alex Hammerstone. 

Mil Muertes defeated Parrow (4:19)

After Alexander Hammerstone successfully defended the National Openweight title against LA Park last week, fellow Azteca Underground member Muertes attacked him and stole the belt. This will give Hammerstone another hurdle on his way toward an eventual clash with Jacob Fatu for the MLW World title. For Muertes, he also caught the eye of Parrow recently.

During the show, Hammerstone said that if Muertes wants to call himself champion, he will need to beat him first and issued a challenge. Later in the night, Salina de la Renta told us all that “El Jefe” demanded glorious violence for the believers of Azecta Underground and asked Hammerstone to watch Muertes unleash pain on Parrow.

The man who recently dominated the All Japan Pro Wrestling heavyweight division was disgusted at Muertes' attempts to bury Savio Vega alive after their Aztec Jungle fight and challenged Muertes for this battle. These two slugged it out, ran head first into each other, and brawled around ringside until Muertes slipped out of a slam, ducked a clothesline and hit Straight to Hell (downward spiral) for the win.

-- The scheduled Bu Ku Dao vs. TJP match did not take place due to Dao being attacked backstage. He was taken to the hospital and TJP was suspended indefinitely.

-- The Von Erichs will be part of Vice's Dark Side of the Ring: Confidential episode on March 23rd, but tonight, they challenged Team Filthy to a match with any combination of members they chose against both they and ACH and also with any stipulation they wanted. Tom Lawlor responded later in the show by accepting and also making the match for next week a three-on-three chain ropes match.

MLW Tag Team Champions Los Parks (LA Park and El Hijo de LA Park) defeated Injustice (Jordan Oliver and Myron Reed) and CONTRA Unit (Simon Gotch and Daivari) in a no DQ triple threat match (8:44)

This was a chaotic brawl with weapons with the bare-skinned participants leaving with huge red welts across their backs from both kendo stick and chair shots.

This was Injustice's first shot at the gold and they had a lot on their plates already as they juggled their ongoing war with CONTRA Unit while trying to focus for this match. Earlier in the night, we had seen footage where CONTRA got involved in an Injustice and Los Parks brawl. After the opening match, it was announced that the originally scheduled Parks vs. Injustice tag match was now a triple threat with no disqualification. 

Injustice and CONTRA started fighting before the champions were even in the ring. Los Parks entered and laid everyone out with chairs, kendo sticks, pizza pans and chairs around ringside. LA Park Jr. also joined the fistfight, taking advantage of the no DQ rules.

While different combinations took turns entering the ring for spots, the rest of the participants brawled around ringside and hit each other with weapons. Reed and Daivari had a nice quick exchange that previewed their upcoming Never Say Never clash. It looked as though Park broke Oliver's hands as he tried to protect himself from a ferocious chair shot. LA also chopped Gotch in the nose.

Injustice hit dives to the full congregation on the floor with El Hijo de La Park joining in moments later, taking out Gotch with a dive while his dad speared Jordan Oliver in the ring to pick up the win and retain the titles. 

Next week:

  • 3-on-3 chain ropes Match: Team Filthy (Tom Lawlor, Dominic Garrini & Kevin Ku) vs. ACH & The Von Erichs (Marshall and Ross)
  • Mil Muertes vs. Gringo Loco

MLW Never Say Never in two weeks:

  • MLW World Champion Jacob Fatu vs. Calvin Tankman in a title match
  • Jordan Oliver vs. Simon Gotch
  • Daivari vs. Myron Reed