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MLW Fusion results: Team Filthy vs. Xtreme Tigre & Puma King


The Big Takeaways:

  • “Filthy” Tom Lawlor and Dominic Garrini defeated Xtreme Tigre and Puma King on their way to a future showdown against the MLW tag champions, Marshall and Ross Von Erich. 
  • Averno defeated Douglas James
  • Mance Warner looked for revenge against MLW National Openweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone. 

Show Review:

Mance Warner was backstage and called out Alexander Hammerstone after he cost Warner his match last week, saying he wanted the champion's gold. 

Avero (AAA) defeated Douglas James (MLW) (6:19)

Alicia Atout caught up with James who said he was going to show the world why he is the ultimate hybrid wrestler and that he will never say die.

After some early chain wrestling, James' leg was swept on the apron and he was sent hurtling into the guardrail before being dropped face first on the apron as well. He went crashing through a wooden door at ringside as Averno lapped up the applause and took total control.

Back inside, Averno hit a turnbuckle powerbomb but James kicked out at two. James got to his feet and they exchanged chops and open hand strikes to the chest. James fired up with a pair of forearms and a flying clothesline. He then came leaping out the corner and hit a hurricanrana followed by a bottom rope suicide dive in quick succession. A running meteora followed in the ring before the referee made one of the slowest counts you'll ever seen, making it easy for Averno to kick out.

The match then abruptly ended following James taking a forearm to the jaw. After a few camera cuts, we see James on the mat and the commentary team talking up the brutality of the shot. The replays showed James was already getting up after the blow, so perhaps a botched spot that was the finish kept James on the mat. Either way, it did not look like the planned ending.

The win put AAA 2-1 up in the series. 


- Atout met with Davey Boy Smith Jr. who talked about the attack by Team Filthy back in Philadelphia. He said he would be wrestling in the MLW vs AAA series and also gave an update on Brian Pillman Jr. Pillman has been cleared because he knows a lot of “doctors” down in Tijuana.

- Atout then interviewed Injustice ahead of their AAA trios tag team title match in a few weeks. Myron Reed said they always bet against them, but they always walk out with the gold. Kotto Brazil said the Mexicans don't respect them, but it doesn't matter. Jordan Oliver said that Pillman has a lot of money because of the “Jr.” at the end of his name and, at the end of the day, they will get their justice.

- The cameras caught up with Hammerstone and Richard Holliday earlier in the day when they were crossing the border into Mexico. Holliday said they were undercover and hiding from Mexicans. Holliday said he is going to defend the Caribbean title, but doesn't know against who. When told it was Chessman, he said he doesn't play checkers.

- A few seconds of a Sirius XM radio interview with Dan Lambert aired as he was questioned about King Mo winning his match against Low Ki. He said Ki is lucky the match was in the ring and not a cage or it wouldn't have lasted as long as it did.

- Pagano was backstage and had a challenge for MLW World Champion Jacob Fatu, saying there was no party without a clown.

- Atout then caught up with Hammerstone and said she was disappointed in what he did to Warner last week. Hammerstone said she should be looking to the future and got her a tanning session for his birthday, but they didn't get much further as Warner jumped him. The two brawled throughout the back.

- Atout was certainly earning her birthday paycheck as she had “Filthy” Tom Lawlor and Dominic Garrini for an interview next. Lawlor said they had one thing on their mind: getting even with the Von Erichs. They want what they've earned: a shot at the MLW tag titles.

- After a very short break, you guessed it, Atout was backstage trying to find an update on the Hammerstone and Warner brawl. Behind her, an elevator door opened and the two both came tumbling out swinging right hands at each other.

“Filthy” Tom Lawlor and Dominic Garrini (MLW) defeated Puma King and Xtreme Tigre (AAA) (10:51)

Lawlor was wearing a fetching pair of “Von Erich trunks” aka very short Daisy Duke-style jean shorts. They didn't help him in the early going as Tigre kicked him in the jaw after ducking an enzuigiri. Garrini then kicked Puma after the feline duo got the Mexican crowd to audibly get after Team Filthy. Puma caught Garrini with a powerslam and a senton, but Lawlor got the advantage behind the referee's back and took control for his team.

Tigre eventually got the hot tag and came off the top with a seated senton right on to the...filthy part of Lawlor. Garrini tried to jump him from behind but Puma caught him with a dropkick. Puma then locked Garrini in a Rings of Saturn, but Lawlor re-emerged and locked in a cross armbreaker on Puma. Tigre then clamped on an arm lock on Lawlor so everyone was all tied up in submissions.

Garrini locked in his rear naked choke on Puma, but Tigre broke it up quickly. Tigre then reversed a monkey flip by headscissoring Lawlor out the ring. Garrini's rear naked choke had to be broken up again, this time by Puma followed by him hitting Lawlor with a superkick. He then hit a middle rope springboard splash to the floor on Garrini and got a close two count with a magistral cradle back inside.

The mayhem continued right up to the finish where Lawlor hit Puma with a combo brainbuster/high knee strike with Garrini and locked in the rear naked choke once again on Tigre for the win, pulling MLW even at 2-2 in the series. 

We were then backstage at Atout's birthday party, but Hammerstone and Warner brawled into the party and Hammerstone ended up going face first into the cake as Fusion went off the air. 

Next Week:

  • Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Texano Jr. and Escorpion Jr. 
  • Caribbean Champion Richard Holliday vs Chessman