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MLW Fusion results: Tom Lawlor's Filthy Island


The Big Takeaways:

Tom Lawlor hosted his very own Filthy Island-themed episode of Fusion featuring a simulcast from Hawaii and Chichen Itza, Mexico. Low Ki choked out King Mo in the main event before the Von Erichs drove in to even the odds on Team Filthy after the match. 

Show Review:

Filmed in a less than spectacular outdoor setting in Hawaii, a Hawaiian shirt-wearing Lawlor and Dan Lambert (who both called the action ringside) welcomed us to the show flanked by the only sponsors they could get: Spam. The arena consisted of a ring with no ropes or apron, two couches for the three spectators, a few cameramen, a tent for the sound crew member playing the entrance music out of a boom box, and a gold colored grass netting curtain. A few trees were dotted around that provided some shade, also providing a spot for Zenshi later in the show.

Prizefight Challenge: Dominic Garrini defeated Mauna Loa (:39)

Loa was a so-called 14-time Polynesian Pacific champion, had face paint, a grass skirt and was much heavier than Garrini. Instead of cash, Garrini had cans of Spam in his swag bag. Loa knocked Garrini down straight away, but after collecting himself, Garrini took him down and choked him out.

-- Los Parks hyped up their Tag Team title match against CONTRA Unit on March 3rd before LA Park then challenged Alex Hammerstone for his National Openweight title. Los Parks said they want to present all the MLW gold to the new owners of Promociones Dorado, whoever that may be. 

Kevin Ku defeated Zenshi (4:59)

Another member of Team Filthy came out as Ku took on Zenshi who took everyone by surprise as he entered the action by jumping out of a nearby tree and hitting a flip senton onto Ku.

You might think a lack of ring ropes might hinder Zenshi's offense but he was still able to balance on and off the ringpost, using his great core strength and balance to put Ku off. The referee had a nightmare 30 seconds as not only did his pants split, it sounded like he counted an incorrect three from a Zenshi small package and then missed Ku's nonchalant pinfall attempt as he was arguing about the small package with Lawlor at ringside. Ku hit a German suplex followed by a snap dragon suplex for the win. 

Mil Muertes defeated Savio Vega in an Aztec jungle fight

Last week, Vega rebuked Salina de la Renta and the new owners of Promociones Dorado's Azteca Underground offer to buy IWA: Puerto Rico. In response, de la Renta booked Vega against her latest acquisition under her control in an Aztec Jungle fight.

This was the first of its kind and it was certainly different. The usual team of Rich Bocchini and JSL were back on commentary, calling the action via what sounded like a phone. The action was supposedly live from Chichen Itza, Mexico, and filmed in the dark with a single camera, similar to the Baklei Brawl two weeks ago. The action cut in and out as they walked and brawled around a grassy area. This started before the Rocky Romero match, but didn't actually finish until before the main event with a CONTRA video featuring Josef Samael threatening Jordan Oliver also interrupting the action.

Muertes hit Vega with a crowbar to pick up the win. Afterwards, de la Renta told Muertes to “finish the job” as he began to dig a grave.

-- Alicia Atout interviewed TJP about him snapping and attacking Bu Ku Dao a few weeks ago. TJP talked up his success everywhere he has been but that Dao was dragging him down. She questioned if he was a bully which didn't sit well with him. Before long, the interview was over.

Rocky Romero defeated Gringo Loco (8:50)

This was a a nice surprise seeing Romero in his second outing of the MLW restart era. He didn't seem too pleased about the setting, complaining to Lawlor that he was at the Tokyo Dome a few weeks ago “and now this?”

They started with chain wrestling, moving into lucha armdrags and rolls and then slowing it down with some strike exchanges and submissions. Romero fired up twice and got the three members of the crowd rocking before hitting a hurricanrana off the ring to the floor. Loco hit a running flip dive onto the ringside couch, knocking both the couch and Romero tumbling backward. Loco missed a backflip splash and Romero started working on the arm, picking up the win with a tornado DDT off the ring post.

-- The Top 10 this week: Jordan Oliver at 10, Calvin Tankman at 9, Myron Reed at 8, Mil Muertes at 7, Richard Holliday at 6, Mads Krugger at 5, Low Ki at 4, Lio Rush at 3, Tom Lawlor at 2, and Alex Hammerstone at 1.

Low Ki defeated King Mo in a no holds barred fight to determine King of the Knockouts (1:34)

Ki waited almost a year to the day to get his revenge on Mo, Dan Lambert and all of Team Filthy. Their last match was February 1, 2020, when Lawlor knocked out Ki behind the official's back so Lambert could throw in the towel, giving Mo the TKO win. During lockdown, Ki's mental state was put into question with a series of bizarre vignettes seemingly hinting at brain injuries. Luckily, he seemed to have fully recovered in time for Filthy Island and his rematch against Mo.

Lawlor promised that the Von Erichs would not be there, but Ross and Marshall had vowed to help Low Ki in his lopsided fight. Earlier in the day, they live streamed while they drove to the location.

Mo worked on Ki's knee, but Ki quickly got his on the shoulder-mounted chokehold he uses against his larger opponents, Mo fell to the ground and tapped out, giving Ki the quick victory. Lawlor and the rest of Team Filthy complained that he was reaching for the ropes.

Lawlor, Ku and Garrini jumped Ki after the match but out of nowhere, the Von Erichs invaded the arena by driving their 4x4 right down to ringside, jumping out and helping Ki even the odds. Lawlor was thrown into the windshield of the car as the Von Erichs and Low Ki stood tall in the ring as the Filthy Island edition of Fusion went off the air.

Next week:

MLW Underground (the retro series from nearly 18 years ago) returns for a week

In two weeks:

  • MLW Champion Jacob Fatu vs. Jordan Oliver
  • MLW Tag Team Champions Los Parks vs. CONTRA Unit (Simon Gotch & Daivari)

March 24:

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