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MLW Fusion results: Two Opera Cup quarterfinal matches


The Big Takeaways:

Wins for Low Ki and ACH rounded off the opening round of the 2020 Opera Cup as they defeated Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Laredo Kid, respectively. Also, Mads Krugger, the latest CONTRA Unit recruit, was also in action as he made short work of Ariel Dominguez. 

Show Review:

Opera Cup Quarterfinals: ACH defeated Laredo Kid (14:08)

We last saw Laredo Kid challenging Alex Hammerstone during the AAA Super Series at the start of the year. The AAA Cruiserweight champion had his eyes set on more honors by entering the tourney, weeks before he was set to face AAA Mega Champion Kenny Omega at TripleMania. ACH is the answer to an MLW trivia question as he was the first wrestler to appear when MLW made its grand return on the first Fusion, losing to Austin Aries.

This match was a great high flying spectacle at times with amazing powerhouse spots sprinkled in between, a great way to grab the viewers' attention in the opener. After a fast opening of exchanges and reversals, Kid knocked ACH to the outside with a top rope dropkick before hitting a springboard crossbody to the floor. ACH came back with a stiff looking soccer punt to the face and a suplex on the floor.

ACH took his shots and danced in between, but his cockiness let Kid back into the match as he reversed another soccer punt and fired up with a top rope crossbody and the Three Amigos with the third being a Northern Lights suplex.

They traded near falls as the match hit the ten minute mark. ACH caught Kid coming off the top and rolled through, powered up, and dropped him with a Bossman slam backbreaker and an overhead suplex. Kid hit a Michinoku driver and a set of three moonsaults from each rope, but ACH kicked out.

ACH hit a powerbomb off the top and Kid hit a cutter off the top to match. The longer the match went, the more the momentum seemed to swing in the lighter Kid's favor. But, ACH caught him with a step-up knee strike while he was on the top rope and then dropped him with a brainbuster to pick up the win. ACH called himself “The New Game” in his post-match promo and moves on to face "Filthy" Tom Lawlor in two weeks.

-- After CONTRA Unit called out all MLW champions, the Von Erich brothers vowed to repeat history and take CONTRA out as they did three times in the past.

-- In Mexico City, a knife wielding Salina de la Renta told us all, especially Konnan, that she was taking care of business and revenge.

Mads Krugger defeated Ariel Dominguez (1:46)

Krugger made his debut on the first Fusion of the relaunch as the seven foot monster attacked Alex Hammerstone in the aftermath of the Jacob Fatu/Davey Boy Smith Jr. title match two weeks ago, hitting Hammerstone with a steel chair and chokeslamming him on the ring apron. 

Less than two minutes after being announced, Dominguez was carried out in a bodybag draped in a CONTRA flag. Dominguez survived as long as "The Black Hand of CONTRA" let him. A choke backbreaker and face first tree slam finished him off in quick fashion.

-- Richard Holliday starred in the latest “Lifestyles of the Rich and Dynastic” talking up his recent altercation with Gino Medina. He dedicated his opening round Opera Cup win last week and his upcoming semifinal “win” to Hammerstone. 

Opera Cup Quarterfinals: Low Ki defeated Davey Boy Smith Jr. (20:13) 

They featured highlights of last year's clash throughout the night that helped build the match. The finish ended up playing into last year's Opera Cup clash between the two with Ki getting the better of them this year. The 2019 Opera Cup was won by Smith Jr. and that win at the tailend of last year sent him on his way to the aforementioned title shot against Fatu.

Ki had a different look from his usual MLW attire, clad in a full bodysuit for his return. His attire was in honor of Masahiro Chono from his time in All Japan Pro Wrestling, especially Royal Road 2013 where he lost to Akebono. The commentary team talked up Ki's ongoing feud with King Mo so they are still destined to clash sometime soon.

The opening five minutes of this 20-minute great slow building match was a chain and mat wrestling exhibition, but the match stepped up a notch and changed direction when Ki hit a dragon screw leg whip.

Ki had Smith in the corner and was hammering elbows to the top of Smith's head before Smith just chucked him over his head and straight down to the floor with one arm. A massive suplex from the apron back inside followed which swung the momentum fully in Smith's direction. Ki swung it back by landing on his feet from a German suplex and hitting a double stomp. A middle rope springboard kick to the head followed, setting up a standing octopus hold. Smith just got to the ropes in time.

Stiff kicks to the head followed for Ki, followed by his running shotgun dropkick which propelled Smith into the corner. Ki then came off the top but missed a double stomp and ran headfirst into a power slam for a close two count.

Ki locked in the same submission lock that Smith nearly tapped out to last year. Ki was on Smith's shoulders, legs wrapped over each shoulder and arms wrapped around Smith's neck. Smith grabbed the referee in desperation before rolling forward in the same way he got out of the move last year, but Ki rolled through more and locked Smith in the victory roll pinfall to pick up the win.

They shook hands after the match, setting up the perfect spot for Smith to wallop Ki and turn heel, but in a surprisingly honest moment, Smith just raised his hand and departed the ring to let Ki take the plaudits. In his post-match promo, Ki said he always has options: pinfall, submission, go to sleep. 

Next Week:

  • Low Ki vs. Richard Holliday in the first Opera Cup semifinal
  • MLW Tag Team Champions Ross and Marshall Von Erich vs. MLW World Champion Jacob Fatu and Simon Gotch
  • Violence is Forever (Dominic Garrini and Team Filthy's newest member Kevin Ku) will be in tag team action. 
  • Calvin Tankman will be in action.