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MLW Fusion results: Two title matches in Tijuana


Big Takeaways --

  • MJF & Richard Holliday defeated LA Park Jr. & El Hijo de LA Park to retain their MLW Tag Team titles.
  • The Crash Heavyweight Champion Rey Horus defeated MLW National Openweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone by DQ.
  • Jimmy Havoc will be in charge next week as he presents “Jimmy Havoc's Slaughterhouse,” with two matches booked so far.
  • Oraculo defeated Black Danger and Ricky Marvin.

Full Recap --

MLW Fusion was in Mexico this week -- the Auditorio Fausto Gutierrez Moreno in Tijuana to be precise. This was a collaborative show with one of their newest partners: The Crash Lucha Libre. AJ Kirsch was also debuting on commentary alongside Rich Bocchini.

Fusion opened with a video from this past Friday. Salina de la Renta bumped into The Dynasty outside the arena. MJF, Richard Holliday, and Alexander Hammerstone were bad-mouthing Mexico and luchadores, saying all the wrestling in Mexico is terrible and all luchadores are ugly (that's why they wear masks).

De la Renta then called out Holliday saying his father/lawyer stopped a scheduled match between The Von Erichs and The Dynasty, so she challenged them to face Los Parks tonight instead. Before MJF or Holliday could make up another excuse, Hammerstone jumped in and accepted on their behalf.

Oraculo defeated Black Danger and Ricky Marvin in a three-way match (6:23)

All three seemed to come out to the Karate Kid theme “You're the Best,” which gave this a bonus point from me.

Danger and Marvin double-teamed Oraculo early, with Marvin hitting a step-up kick and a DDT. Oraculo fought back on the outside and had a brief chop battle with Danger, but Marvin was soon back to regain the numbers advantage.

Marvin accidentally rocked Danger with a flying kick when Oraculo dodged the incoming attack. Oraculo rallied with a springboard Ace Crusher, a flying headscissors takedown, and an Asai moonsault to the floor. But he wasn't done. Back inside, he hit a springboard hurricanrana on Marvin for a two count.

Marvin and Danger's alliance disintegrated as Marvin took over control. He attacked the knees of both his opponents and then flattened Oraculo with a spinning cutter.

Danger hit a double underhook piledriver on Oraculo, but somehow Oraculo rallied moments later with a Canadian Destroyer and then caught Marvin coming off the top with a kick to the head.

Oraculo then hit a poison rana on Danger and finished him off with a 450 splash for the win.

- Kaci Lennox was backstage with Brian Pillman Jr. and Low Ki. Ki was talking to Pillman about his emotions and said that is why Pillman failed against Austin Aries last week. He said what Pillman has got himself into isn't checkers, it's chess. Pillman stormed off telling Ki he knows nothing about him.

- MLW cameras caught up with The Dynasty again. This time it was from earlier in the day and they explained why they were not wearing their suits. Holliday: “the poverty line would be lined around the corner trying to get some money from us.” MJF: “I don't want to get stabbed... It's Tijuana!”

They then heavily implied that Hammerstone had just bought steroids -- legally -- from the pharmacy, shouting “I can never have enough!” when MJF told him he had enough already.

- De la Renta then had some words for Jacob Fatu. She said both Fatu and LA Park were undefeated but it would be Park who will take Fatu's MLW World Heavyweight Championship when they meet at Saturday Night SuperFight on November 2.

Josef Samael interrupted and said she has intelligence, beauty, and she craves power, before offering her a spot in CONTRA. De la Renta considered but chose violence instead. Speaking of violence, in walked Jimmy Havoc -- who is the executive producer of next week's MLW Fusion “because of Halloween or some bollocks like that.”

Havoc booked a Tijuana street fight between a member of CONTRA and a member of Promociones Dorado. Samael picked himself, and de la Renta told him she has “the right person for him.”

The Crash Heavyweight Champion Rey Horus defeated MLW National Openweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone by DQ in a title vs. title match (13:34)

The Dynasty caused the DQ in this great little match when it looked like Horus was moments away from walking away with both belts.

Hammerstone ordered MJF and Holliday to the back before he started overpowering Horus in the early going. On commentary, AJ Kirsch said Hammerstone was built like a “Shick Brithouse” moments before Hammerstone hit a stalling pumphandle fallaway slam.

On the outside, Hammerstone dropped Horus face-first on the ring apron but took too much time getting back into the ring and ate a suicide dive for his troubles. Horus then hit a leg drop from the middle rope for a close two count.

But -- moments later -- Hammerstone nearly took Horus' head off with a huge lariat that turned the Crash Heavyweight Champion inside out.

Horus kept fighting. He fought out of a stalling suplex and then baited Hammerstone in as he toppled to the floor. Horus then brought the crowd alive again with an amazing somersault plancha over the corner ring post right down on top of Hammerstone. He then hit a slingshot splash and a high crossbody off the top for a close two count.

Horus went up top again for his 450 splash, but Hammerstone caught him and slammed him off the top. In very quick succession, Hammerstone hit a bicycle kick, a German suplex, and a sit-out powerbomb for another very close near fall.

Hammerstone missed a spear in the corner and ate a step-up kick. Horus then hit a springboard DDT for a two count. He shoved the ref for the apparent slow count, and as they were jaw jacking in the corner, Hammerstone came charging and squashed the ref by accident.

Hammerstone then got the visual three count after he hit a big boot and The Burning Hammer -- a reverse/face-first Death Valley Driver -- but the referee was still down. Hammerstone then realized the ref was down and brought a chair into the ring and clobbered Horus over the head with it. The referee groggily counted a slow one...two... but Horus got his shoulder up at the last minute.

Horus reversed a powerbomb into a Code Red for another close two, then KO'ed Hammerstone with a drop toe hold into the chair. He went up top and hit his 450 splash, but MJF and Holliday had run down to ringside. They dragged Horus out of the ring and put the boots to him for the disqualification.

- Video packages for Jimmy Havoc's Slaughterhouse next week and Gino Medina's upcoming debut later this fall aired before MLW hyped up the Saturday Night SuperFight matches for their PPV on November 2.

MLW Tag Team Champions The Dynasty (MJF & Richard Holliday) defeated Los Parks (LA Park Jr. & El Hijo de LA Park) w/ Salina de la Renta to retain their titles (8:54)

A good lucha rules tag match was this week's main event, but the finish seemed rushed as it came out of nowhere.

MJF got on the mic before the match and had tremendous heat without saying a word. He told the Mexican crowd that he couldn't wait until Donald Trump built the wall. Hijo then came back at them in Spanish to the delight of the crowd.

Hijo hit a backstabber on Holliday before he and his brother steamrolled Holliday in the corner with forearms and dropkicks one after another.

The Dynasty then took control for the majority of the match. They wore down Hijo with armbars and chinlocks. Holliday beat him down before MJF came in for an eye poke, a double suplex, a double Ric Flair strut, and a high-fiving tandem elbow drop.

The Dynasty were gyrating in front of de la Renta too long as Hijo was able to crawl and tag in his brother, LA Park Jr., who ran wild on the tag champs. He kicked MJF out of the ring, and with a little help from Hijo, basement dropkicked Holliday in the mouth. MJF then broke up a pin after a big splash.

The Parks' double-teaming continued with a Samoan drop/rolling neckbreaker combo. The Dynasty were outside taking a breather when the Parks hit them with a pair of suicide dives.

But MJF tripped LA Park Jr. coming back into the ring, slamming him face-first on the apron and then head-first into the guardrail, while Holliday kicked the ropes low on Hijo behind the referee's back. Holliday then hit The Market Crash -- a gut-wrench powerbomb -- onto Hijo and picked up the win out of nowhere with an MJF-assisted jackknife cover.

Next Week --

Jimmy Havoc is in charge as he presents “Jimmy Havoc's Slaughterhouse.”

  • Jimmy Havoc vs. Damian 666 vs. Savio Vega
  • Josef Samael vs. ??? (from Promociones Dorado)