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MLW Fusion results & video: Fatu vs. Pillman Jr. World title match


Editor's Note: You can watch this week's Fusion below.

***The Big Takeaways***

  • With a little help from Middleweight champion Myron Reed and a title belt shot to the head, Jacob Fatu successfully defended the MLW World heavyweight championship against Brian Pillman Jr. 
  • Dominic Garrini submitted Zenshi and Richard Holliday upset the Savio Vega in singles action.
  • We continued to build towards a Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs Jacob Fatu title match and a clash between Mance Warner and the Dynasty. 
  • Speaking of the Dynasty, they will host their own MLW Fusion episode next week with all members in action. 

***Full Review***

We opened with a CONTRA Unit vs. Hart Foundation hype video ahead of tonight's main event between Pillman Jr. and Fatu. This is all leading to an inevitable Fatu vs Davey Boy Smith Jr. match down the road which, in my opinion, will be fantastic.

Dominic Garrini (w/ “Filthy” Tom Lawlor) submitted Zenshi (6:58)

Lawlor came out before the match with his new theme featuring the lyrics “I have come to kill you” playing over and over. He took the mic and riled up the Dallas, TX, crowd by taunting them about the Von Erichs. The crowd was chanting for him to take his Von Erich t-shirt off and he obliged, but not before spitting on it and shoving it down the front of his pants. He threw the shirt to the crowd but the Von Erich faithful threw it back akin to John Cena at ECW One Night Stand.

Styles make fights and this one worked really well. Zenshi tried to flip, roll, and leap around the ring in the early going, but the Team Filthy member matched him and used his ground game to keep a hold on Zenshi, not necessarily gaining a firm upper hand, but preventing Zenshi run wild like he usually does. Zenshi eventually got some offense in, but it felt like every high flying move Zenshi tried, Garrini was there to catch him and reverse into a submission hold. 

He built some momentum and hit a pair of sentons, but when attempting a standing shooting star press, Garrini locked him in a head and arm lock. Garrini then took control with kicks and stomps to Zenshi's arm but the high flyer fought back with a somersault dropkick in the corner. Zenshi then leveraged Garrini out the ring and hit his delayed springboard top rope crossbody to the outside. 

Garrini then caught Zenshi front flipping off the top rope and again stomped at his arm. The referee held up the “X” sign and a medic entered the ring, but Garrini kept going and quickly hit a german suplex into a sit-out armbar that he calls the “Mighty Mouse” in tribute to this submission. Due to the already injured arm, the referee called for the bell straight away. 

Alicia Atout interviewed Garrini and Lawlor after the match. She asked if Garrini may have gone over the top, but Lawlor butted in, called her Joe Rogan, and said Garrini did nothing wrong and Team Filthy will continue to show no mercy from now on.

-- We saw footage from earlier when Pillman Jr. and Smith Jr. were jumped by some of CONTRA's new Sentai death squad members as they entered the building. The Hart Foundation fought them off before the camera cut away.

-- Atout then interviewed the Dynasty. MJF said Holliday's lawyer/his father has organized next week's MLW Fusion episode to be produced by the Dynasty where every match will have a member wrestling. Gino Medina will face Septimo Dragon, MJF and Holliday will face the Von Erichs in a rematch for the MLW tag titles, and Alex Hammerstone will defend his National Openweight title against Aerostar.

Richard Holliday defeated Savio Vega (5:02)

Atout caught up with Vega before the match. He had his Caribbean championship with him and said he represented all the Caribbean people, but Holliday represents the cowards. He also wanted to take Alicia salsa dancing.

MJF was on commentary and said Vega reminded him of Kwang...only if Kwang got really old, really fat, and really Puerto Rican. He also said no one wrestles in the Caribbean and they only vacation there, so no one cares about his championship. 

They played up last year's match between Hammerstone and Vega where Hammerstone dropped Vega directly on the knees and injured him with the Nightmare Pendulum, but of course, MJF couldn't remember that. The commentary team said Vega hadn't forgotten and was out for revenge.

Holliday caught Vega with a dropkick early on, but Vega rallied back and clotheslined him to the outside. Vega beat him around ringside before rolling him back in, but missed his spinning heel kick moments later when Holliday held onto the ropes, causing Vega to land hard on the mat. Holliday hit a big boot and his twisting "2008" neck breaker suplex to pick up the win. 

After the match, Holliday took the Caribbean title with him and left alongside MJF.

-- Backstage, the Von Erichs met the Hart Foundation and wished Pillman luck for his title match tonight. Pillman took them up on their offer of advice on fighting Fatu.

-- We got a Killer Kross hype video, but after the news that he signed with WWE, it looks like he will only be making one appearance.

-- We got a video for the announcement of MLW's newest partner promotion (Dragon Gate) and then a video for the return of LA Park who will be back in action very soon.

-- We got a video that showed the finish to last week's match between Middleweight Champion Myron Reed and Drago where the referee botched the pinfall and had to count it twice. They played up to the storyline between Injustice and MLW and the announcers told us that MLW has agreed to have more thorough refereeing in MLW. We were told there will be grading for referees and the higher graded ones will be appointed the more important matches.

-- Atout then caught up wth Mance Warner. She asked for his take on the Dynasty, and he replied with one word after drinking his light beer: “s**holes”. She said that was quite to the point, he agreed, gave her a light beer, and walked off.

-- Zenshi then said was he out for revenge for Dominic Garrini trying to injure him earlier in the night.

MLW World Champion Jacob Fatu (w/Josef Samael) defeated Brian Pillman to retain (5:32)

Fatu rushed Pillman as the ref was handing the belt over at ringside, but his early advantage didn't last too long. He missed a sitdown splash so Pillman fired up and had the champion grounded, but Fatu shook it off and knocked Pillman back down to take advantage.

Pillman went for a middle rope slingshot crossbody, but Fatu caught him and slammed him with a swinging uranage. Similar to his latest matches in MLW, Pillman didn't give up and kept on fighting. He came back and hit Fatu with a superkick, flying forearm, and hit a successful springboard crossbody from the top rope this time.

We saw Davey Boy Smith Jr. fighting with more of CONTRA's Sentai death squad, but he was helped out by the Von Erich brothers as Fatu missed a spear and hit the ringpost.

Pillman hit Air Pillman and went to the top to finish off Fatu, but Samael distracted the referee. Jordan Oliver and Kotto Brazil of Injustice came to ringside, but Pillman crossbodied them instead of Fatu. However, Myron Reed was lurking in the shadows and clocked Pillman with his Middleweight title and rolled Pillman back into the ring where Fatu hit his handspring moonsault. But, Pillman somehow kicked out.

Moments later, and after two double jump top rope moonsaults, Fatu pinned Pillman to retain his World title.

***On Next Week's Fusion presented by The Dynasty***

  • National Openweight champion Alexander Hammerstone defends against Aerostar
  • MLW Tag Team champions Marshall and Ross Von Erich defend against MJF and Richard Holliday
  • Gino Medina vs Septimo Dragon