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MLW Fusion results: Von Erichs vs. Contra Unit unsanctioned match


Big Takeaways --

  • LA Park's Battle Riot golden ticket is back with its rightful owner as Bestia 666 defeated Mance Warner in a Mexican Death Match to return the ticket to Promociones Dorado.
  • Low Ki upstaged Ricky Martinez and Salina de la Renta again.
  • The Von Erich brothers defeated Contra Unit once again in anther wild red-hot brawl.

Full Recap --

Salina de la Renta opened up Fusion this week with an in-ring promo on Mance Warner. She said he has been running around with idiot's luck, but his luck is about to run out. She brought out his opponent for this week -- Bestia 666.

Bestia 666 (w/ Salina de la Renta) defeated Mance Warner in a Mexican Death Match (10:01)

Bestia victoriously represented Promociones Dorado here, which means that LA Park's golden ticket is back with its rightful owner and Park can now cash in his title shot whenever he wants. Bestia picked up the win in this hardcore weapon-filled death match with a little help from de la Renta at ringside

The match began with a suicide dive from Bestia as Warner was making his entrance -- and the wild action did not give up from there. They brawled around ringside, with Warner fish hooking Bestia with the ring bell hammer. De la Renta nearly had a collision with Warner when Bestia whipped Warner into the guardrail. A kendo stick was ruined over Warner's back and Bestia's head.

Warner hit a DDT on the ring apron before bringing out a wooden sheet and a pair of steel chairs. He put thumbtacks on the chair, but Bestia reversed him and threw him head-first into the tacks.

Inside, Warner had a trash can put over his head and was smacked with a steel chair a few times. He was then hit with the same can for good measure but was able to kick out at two.

Bestia set up the wooden board in the corner of the ring but ended up being speared through it. Warner then hit his running knee pad up/knee pad down but only got a two count.

As Warner was setting up his next devilish plan, de la Renta slipped Bestia something, then distracted Warner long enough for Bestia to throw powder in his eyes. A blinded Warner was then hooked up and driven through two seated folding chairs with a Muscle Buster, losing the match in the process.

- We saw a video of MLW correspondent Georgia Smith (Davey Boy Smith Jr.'s sister) and Alexander Hammerstone getting into a hotel elevator together and having a quick kiss before the doors closed.

- Kaci Lennox then met with Richard Holliday, Hammerstone, and Aria Blake of The Dynasty. She asked Hammerstone if the rumors of his relationship with Georgia were true, but Holliday changed the subject and Blake told her they had “no comment.”

- The MLW & Pro Wrestling NOAH working relationship was then announced via a video package.

- We then had a Contra Unit propaganda video. Josef Samael threatened the crowd by saying if he saw anyone try to start a riot like last time they were in that building, they will turn up the violence against the Von Erich brothers.

Low Ki defeated Ricky Martinez (4:17)

This was a rematch from a few weeks ago when Martinez let de la Renta down by being knocked out early in his match with Ki. Konnan was on commentary for this match, saying he has secrets involving de la Renta that she will not want out.

Martinez lasted longer here than in their previous match. He took Ki out early with a low dropkick and stayed on top for the opening moments.

Ki fought back and caught Martinez coming off the top with a rolling heel kick. Martinez came close with a facebreaker, but de la Renta began berating him, telling him to finish the job.

Konnan began taunting Salina with her cell phone that he has in his possession. Inside the ring, Ki got Martinez in the dragon sleeper, but de la Renta was screaming at him not to tap or she will end his career. Martinez ended up passing out, giving the win to Low Ki.

Angry at the outcome of the match, de la Renta left Martinez in the ring as she tried to get Ki back in her good books, but he left her high and dry.

- We then saw developments from Kotto Brazil's online accounts showing that he is getting frustrated with MLW officials. We cut backstage to Brazil, Myron Reed, and Jordan Oliver cutting a promo on the referees and officials in MLW. They all say they want Justice.

- The cameras had caught up with “Filthy” Tom Lawlor earlier that day. He said he has been living a living hell. He isn't happy that Fatu stole his title, but what Fatu didn't steal was his soul. He wants a rematch with Fatu in New York City. He also challenged Contra Unit to a match inside the War Chamber in Dallas, Texas and told them to be prepared to be dismembered.

- Lennox then caught up with Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Teddy Hart and showed them the video of Georgia and Hammerstone. Smith Jr. was not happy and stormed off looking for his sister.

Marshall & Ross Von Erich defeated Contra Unit (Simon Gotch & Josef Samael) in an unsanctioned match (6:24)

Another wild tag brawl involving these four. There was a red hot crowd too that was firmly behind the Von Erich brothers as they defeated Contra Unit once again.

Contra tried their old tricks of instigating a riot with the crowd by inviting them over the barrier for a fight. Before they could, the Von Erichs entered and the fight was on.

The Von Erichs started the match off by coming off the top rope and applying stereo Iron Claw holds to Contra Unit. Contra fought out with eye rakes. Gotch was going after Ross' knee while Marshall and Samael brawled and chopped each other on the outside.

Back in the ring, the numbers game played in Contra's advantage as they started working over Marshall's leg too. The Von Erichs fired up and hit a double dropkick on Gotch and a double running attack on both their opponents stacked in the corner.

Marshall then hit a huge moonsault off the top rope onto Gotch, but Samael made the save for his partner.

On the outside, Ross kicked a steel chair into Gotch's face and brought it into the ring. He went to swing. Samael threw fire at the brothers -- but Ross blocked it with the chair and then clobbered Samael over the head with his makeshift shield. Marshall made the cover and picked up the 1-2-3.

The fighting continued after the bell as Contra jumped the Von Erichs. Referees and officials came out to break up the fight, but it was to no avail. Riot police even came out to separate them, but the Von Erichs wanted to fight some more. Marshall & Ross' music played throughout the post-match brawl.

Backstage at the gorilla position, Jacob Fatu took out some riot police with a steel chair and went after the Von Erichs as they came through the curtain. Tom Lawlor then appeared and began fighting with Fatu as the officials, referees, and police tried to break them apart again.