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MLW Fusion results: Von Erichs vs. Ku & Garrini chain ropes match


This week's MLW Fusion featured a slight change to the advertised main event, but "Filthy" Tom Lawlor was still involved.

Gino Medina defeated Zenshi (7:13)

After being victorious in his last two outings against Gringo Loco, Medina made it three in a row when he put away Zenshi this week.

Medina and Richard Holliday still look set to clash at a future event for Holliday's Caribbean championship. Medina's time in The Dynasty was cut short and he and Holliday began arguing last summer over whether Medina was fired or he quit.

Zenshi was at his usual athletic and spectacular self as he springboarded and slingshotted around the ring. He also hit a standing moonsault and a Spanish fly for a two count. Medina took control by catching Zenshi coming off the top rope, eventually winning with his big kick to the back of the head. 

-- Alicia Atout said the doctors were in Team Filthy's locker room as Tom Lawlor was claiming to be injured and unable to compete in the advertised six-man main event. They teased the match either being in jeopardy or Lawlor having a replacement.

-- Next week at Never Say Never, the Injustice vs. CONTRA Unit feud continues as Myron Reed takes on Daivari and Jordan Oliver takes on Simon Gotch. In a promo, Reed said he got a dose of reality after losing his Middleweight title to Lio Rush and before he knew it, he was jumped and humiliated by CONTRA. He said Daivari stuck his nose where it doesn't belong and will give him the smoke next week. 

Mil Muertes (w/ Salina de la Renta) defeated Gringo Loco (7:30)

Muertes was victorious last week against the debuting Parrow and that run continued tonight with a win over Loco.

Loco flipped and dodged a few attacks, hit a corkscrew off the top, and floored Muertes with a face crusher. The rest of the bout was Muertes on top. After some brawling around ringside, Muertes soon put Loco away with his Straight to Hell downward spiral.

Muertes is still on a collision course with Alexander Hammerstone after he beat up and stole Hammerstone's National Openweight title a few weeks ago. Hammerstone has been the top contender to Jacob Fatu and the World title since before lockdown, but he keeps getting monsters put in his way to overcome before getting his eventual big title match. 

-- Speaking of Hammerstone, he said that he was tired of being asked if Muertes beat him for the title, so he issued another challenge to Muertes, this time naming a date: April 14th. Salina de la Rena accepted the challenge later in the night, but found out that “El Jefe” was not happy and wanted to meet with her.

-- We heard from Atout again who told us that Lawlor is indeed hurt with an injured bicep and is out of the main event. She announced the match will now be a tag team chain ropes match instead.

-- The PWI top 5 tag teams: 5) The Dirty Blondes; 4) Daivari and Simon Gotch; 3) Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver; 2): Dominic Garrini and Kevin Ku; 1) The Von Erichs. The current champions are Los Parks: LA Park and El Hijo de LA Park. 

Calvin Tankman defeated Zad (1:02)

At the start of the show, Josef Samael said that Tankman first had to survive tonight if he was to make it to his challenge of Jacob Fatu next week for the MLW World title at Never Say Never.

Tankman took on one of the CONTRA Unit Sentai Death Squad Soldiers and made short work of him, hitting a big pounce, pop-up powerbomb, and a backfist to the back of the head of the huge man called Zad.

After his match, Fatu, Gotch and Daivari made their way to ringside, but Tankman ran and took to the sky, takig them all out with a huge dive. Injustice came out to even the odds as Tankman hit Daivari with the Tankman Driver in the ring. 

The Von Erichs defeated Violence Is Forever in a no rules chain ropes match (7:40)

The Von Erichs and Team Filthy have been feuding ever since Lawlor turned his back on Ross Von Erich in his title match against Jacob Fatu all the way back on Thanksgiving night 2019 in front of a live crowd in Orlando, Florida.

Barring one eight-man tag in early 2020, Lawlor and the Von Erichs have been kept apart from in-ring action. That continued tonight as Lawlor was “injured” and the original six-man match was changed to a tag match instead.

The ropes were swapped for steel chains and there were no tags, no turnbuckles and no rules. Lawlor was at ringside with his arm was in a sling, selling the injury. The chains caused a few injury risks in the early going. Ku face planted when his feet slipped out of the ring when he hit the chains while Ross von Erich fell through them to the outside, dragging his face across the chains as he fell.

Ross broke up a heel hook submission by Garrini on Marshall by dropping Ku (who had Ross in a guillotine choke) on top of them. Ross got tossed ribs first into the chains before his brother got crotched on the top chain.

Lawlor tried to throw brass knuckles into the ring, but Marshall caught them instead and leveled Ku and Garrini. Marshall then got the pin on Garrini after the claw-assisted back suplex combo with his brother.

Next week:

MLW Never Say Never

  • MLW World champion Jacob Fatu vs. Calvin Tankman title match
  • Jordan Oliver vs. Simon Gotch
  • Daivari vs. Myron Reed

Wednesday: April 14:

  • National Openweight Champion Alex Hammerstone vs. Mil Muertes title match