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MLW Fusion video & results: AAA Super Series finale


The Big Takeaways

  • MLW was victorious in the AAA vs. MLW Super Series by a 5-3 mark as LA Park, El Hijo de LA Park & LA Park Jr defeated Nino de Hamburguesa, Psicosis and Psycho Clown in the final match.
  • Davey Boy Smith Jr. was taken out by CONTRA Unit who also took out backstage staff and took control of MLW headquarters. 
  • Mance Warner challenged Alexander Hammerstone and Richard Holliday to a double title, triple cage of doom match against he and Savio Vega. 

Show Review:

Going into the show, MLW led the AAA vs. MLW Super Series 4-3. Only one match remained so the best that AAA could do was even things up with a win in the main event.

- Psycho Clown had a message for LA Park before they clashed in said main event, calling him portly before explaining that he will humble him and be his executioner.

- We then heard from our new favorite chefs as LA Park and El Hijo de LA Park told everyone they would be the tag team champions soon enough.

- Alicia Atout met with Konnan who was happy about how the Super Series has gone, challenging MLW to step up and telling them the ball is now in their court.

- In some breaking news, Dan Lambert of American Top Team (and Team Filthy) filed a lawsuit against Low Ki and MLW, but also demanded that Ki undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Court Bauer called the lawsuit frivolous.

- Pagano had a message fresh off his match from a few weeks ago. He said he is bringing a new version of lucha and reminded us where there is no clown, there is no party.

- This week's 'Lifestyles of the Rich And Dynastic' had Richard Holliday and Gino Medina in Mance Warner's home town of Bucksnort, Tennessee. They were clearly disgusted with their surroundings and Gino said they had "meth gators" running loose (“gators who do meth”) and they temporarily lost Alexander Hammerstone who was off chasing a family of raccoons.

- After a recap of last week;s antics with the Dynasty buying Savio Vega's old house, we heard from Warner who had choice words for Hammerstone and Holliday. After a few drinks, he came up with the idea of a tag match between he and Savio Vegas taking on Hammerstone and Holliday inside a triple tower of doom (triple cage) match. The first cage will be filled with doors (and a ladder to escape to the second cage), the next level would have light tubes and barbed wire, and both the National Openweight and Caribbean titles will be hanging above the third cage. 

LA Park, El Hijo de LA Park & LA Park Jr defeated Nino de Hamburguesa, Psicosis & Psycho Clown (22:03) to win the Super Series for MLW 5-3

This was LA Park's first outing since he lost to MLW Champion Jacob Fatu on pay-per-view months ago and it immediately broke down into three single brawls around ringside. Clown and LA went into the crowd and left the other four in the ring. Hijo took a chair to the groins of both Nino and Psicosis as LA threw a high top bar table back into the ring, tossing it like a dart at the head of Psicosis. The Park family then repeated the attack on Psycho Clown and triple powerbombed Nino off the top rope onto the table, but the table didn't budge and Nino bounced off it, landing in the ring with a splat.

Hijo hit Nino with a trash can outside the ring while LA threw a case full of beer bottles at Clown inside. The younger Parks then double suplexed Nino on to the solid trash can which wasn't your typical aluminium can as it didn't budge at all upon impact. LA then whipped Nino across the back and stomach with his belt while his teammates strangely just watched on from ringside without making any attempt to save him.

Nino fired up when Jr was chopping him and broke free from the grasps of Hijo and LA to knock Jr. down with a shoulderblock. Clown and LA took another walk through the crowd where Clown hit LA in the soles of his feet with a chair. Nino and Psicosis then went to work with a chair and got their revenge on the younger Parks in a repeat of the chair to groin attacks from earlier.

We finally had some semblance of tag rules as Clown and LA took to the ring and the rest stayed on the apron for a few moments. Clown hit a pair of springboard crossbody splashes followed by a dropkick which was then followed by a parade of pile ons by Psicosis and Clown. Eventually Nino joined the fray and took a running jump, squashing all three Parks with a big splash.

Nino hit a cannonball onto all three Parks who were seatied in the corner leading to a triple pin the Parks kicked out of. Psicosis and Hijo had a nice exchange which ended with a Hijo facebuster off the top rope. Nino then ran wild with a headlock takeover and a big leg drop on Jr.

Clown and LA faced off again in a shoving match and then exchanged chops and clotheslines that eventually LA got the better of. LA hit double knees to the face, but Psicosis broke up the pin by whipping LA in the back. We then had a parade of dives as Psicosis hit a tope suicida onto LA, followed by Jr hitting Psicosis, and Clown following onto all three. Hijo then followed with an Asai moonsault which only left one man in the ring.

Nino then ran, hit the ropes, and dove majestically over the middle rope, taking out only his own teammates as the Parks bailed at the last minute. In the ring, Psicosis got hit with a superkick/German suplex combination. The referee stopped counting the pin attempt because he saw Pagano coming down the aisle.

Pagano entered the ring with a chair and hit all three Parks, but the referee grabbed it and threw it away. LA rose to his feet, disposed of Pagano and then caught Psicosis in mid-air with a spear for the win and to finish off the Super Series with a 5-3 win for MLW. 


In what was hyped all night, we finally “heard” from Davey Boy Smith Jr who had challenged CONTRA unit earlier in the week. We were told that during the main event, Smith was waiting for a response from CONTRA, and he sure got one. As Rich Bocchini and AJ Kirsch were signing off the night, a CONTRA video interrupted the broadcast and showed Smith lying at the bottom of a stairwell, draped in a CONTRA flag in a pool of his own blood.

A pathway to an .exe file flashed up on the screen that ended in but changed to .exe.ruin. Josef Samael then appeared in a new CONTRA video and he talked about him mentioning the promise of a reckoning for the past year, and that is now coming to fruition. He said "The Bulldog" has been broken and a hostile takeover of MLW headquarters is underway. We saw various bodies lying on the floor of the backstage area and CONTRA members beating down others. Samael said the days of Fusion and MLW itself are over, MLW will be rebuilt in the new darkness, and a new season of violence and terror begins tonight.