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MLW Fusion video & results: Hart Foundation vs. Los Mercenarios


The Big Takeaways

  • The Hart Foundation (Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Brian Pillman Jr.) defeated Los Mercenarios and Richard Holliday defeated Chessman to put MLW 4 -2 up in the Super Series vs. AAA.

Show Review

We opened with a reminder that entering tonight's action, we are 2-2 in the MLW vs. AAA Super Series.

Richard Holliday defeated Chessman in a no disqualification match to retained “his” Caribbean heavyweight title (6:07)

Holliday took the mic before the match and asked the “la consumidores” (the consumers) to quiet down for a moment so he could remove his Air Pods. He also used hand sanitiser before he piefaced Chessman to kick things off.

In recent weeks, Holliday has been belittling Chessman, calling him a low rent nWo Sting and even forgetting his name after a night out in Tijuana. Holliday certainly got a faceful of Chessman when he came flying toward him in a suicide dive attempt, but the Dynastic Holliday had the wherewithal to swing a chair at the flying luchador to halt the effort. However, a few minutes later, Chessman was successful with another dive attempt as he sent Holliday crashing into the guardrail.

We were told MLW filed a complaint to AAA about their officials and their slow counts on pinfalls, and we saw more slow counts this week as the official took a very long time to even get down to the mat to count a pin attempt while Holliday had Chessman down. Holliday looked to have the match won when he hit his twisting 2008 suplex, but after yet another slow count, Chessman was able to kick out. Later in the night, we would see a video package of all the complaints of biased officiating so far in the Super Series.

Chessman used a steel chair he brought to the ring a few times, but the no disqualification rule did not come into play in the match other than that. Holliday kicked out of a top rope moonsault as the match broke down, but Chessman went to the well once too often and missed a top rope corkscrew, giving Holliday the chance to hit his Market Crash gut wrench powerbomb for the win and a 3-2 MLW lead in the series.


- Alicia Atout welcomed Mance Warner who apologized for ruining her party last week by smashing Alexander Hammerstone's face into her cake. He gave her a beer to say sorry, but she said he already gave her the best birthday present by getting rid of MJF. They segued to Hammerstone and his National Openweight title, so their clash over the title is looming ever closer.

- We heard a medical report on Douglas James after he was knocked out by an Averno forearm last week. His medical report read “Transient disorder of brain function without long term sequelae. Evaluated for a subdural hematoma. Barred from contact for 180 days unless cleared by a neurologist.”

- It was time for another wacky LA Park segment. After seeing him in the kitchen cooking eggs and sausage a few weeks ago, this week he was in bed with “Mrs. LA Park” in a segment called Pillow Talk. Mrs. Park was complaining that he was already asleep and wanted a kiss and for him to say goodnight. All she got in return was a sharp dose of flatulence before we cut away due to “technical difficulties." Even those he was sleeping in bed, LA Park had on his mask and face paint the whole time.

- We heard from Pagano again as his clash with MLW Champion Jacob Fatu seems to be getting closer and closer.

- Hammerstone then recorded a message for the fans and Mance Warner from his home. He warned Warner that he didn't know what was coming his way. He said Warner and people like him are his biggest enemy as they take pride in mediocrity, are proud to be out of shape, and proud to bleed every night in the ring. But, those people can't relate to Hammerstone. He complained about all the speed bumps he has to go over, like Warner, on his way to success. He said he will wreck him when his title is on the line.

- Thee was an update on Col. Robert Parker as he has yet to resurface in MLW in recent weeks due to the pandemic. We were told there are allegations against him for promoting unsanctioned wrestling contests on barges and the events being shut down by the U.S. Coast Guard, but Parker has denied involvement with the outlaw barge shows.

- MLW Tag Champions The Von Erichs were happy to tell us that they will see Team Filthy “on the flip side” before cliff diving into a pool at home in Hawaii.

- The cameras caught up with Low Ki moments after he supposedly interrupted a Team Filthy party, and he ended up calling them all out, saying he can easily “make a call” and he told them the party was not yet over.

The Hart Foundation (Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Brian Pillman Jr.) defeated Los Mercenarios (Rey Escorpion and El Texano Jr.) (10:28)

Escorpion and Texano cut a promo before the match that was interrupted by Pillman who fired back, taking offense from the words from the luchadors. He ran wild on Texano early on but was cut off and ate a double flapjack and a double kick to the chest. Smith hit a big delayed suplex that garnered another slow count from the official.

Injustice made their way through the crowd to the front row, distracting the Hart Foundation and allowing Texano and Escorpion to take control. The referee seemed distracted by Smith and spent more time telling him off than watching the double teaming that was going on behind his back. Pillman had a hope spot dashed when Escorpion yanked him down by the hair, which enraged Smith. But, once again, the official spent his time yelling at Smith and missed another pinfall attempt in the ring. Texano even used a bull rope across Pillman's knee behind the referee's back to rub salt into the wound.

Smith got the hot tag, but the referee was distracted and did not allow it, ordered Smith back out. Smith eventually ran wild after Pillman came off the top with a springboard double crossbody and made a successful and official hot tag to his partner. Smith backdropped Escorpion into Texano and clotheslined them both to the floor. Pillman then went flying to the outside with a somersault plancha and landed on his feet. Back inside, they set up for the Air Pillman Hart Attack-style and connected with Smith pinning Texano to pick up the win and put MLW up 4-2 in the series.

As AJ Kirsch and Rich Bocchini were signing off for the night, CONTRA interrupted with their propaganda video and warned MLW that they were watching and they were coming. 

Next Week:

  • AAA World Trios Champions El Hijo del Vikingo, Myzteziz &vOctagon Jr. vs. Injustice (Jordan Oliver, Kotto Brazil & Myron Reed)
  • LA Park's cooking segment ("En La Cocina Pendejos") returns!

In Two Weeks:

  • Los Parks vs. Psycho Clown and two mystery partners