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MLW Underground results: CM Punk and Raven in tag team action


The Big Takeaways:

  • In the final MLW Underground before their restart Wednesday, Mikey Whipwreck and Sinister Minister took their war with Sabu to another level when they blew a fireball into his face during their main event match.
  • CM Punk and Raven continued their feud as they were on opposing teams in tag action.

Show Review:

CM Punk opened up the episode talking about his ongoing feud with Raven. He said their story is about a lot of disappointment, fallen heroes, and the death of a person who motivated him to join a wrestling school in the first place. Punk said he has sacrificed so much for this feud with Raven, and he will learn why being straight edge means he is better than him.

CM Punk and Michael Shane (w/ Francine) defeated Raven and Norman Smiley (w/ G.I. Hoe) (11:52 televised)

Punk and Shane took the mic to start. Punk mocked both Disney and Micky Mouse (they were in Florida) and said if there was ever evidence of people taking drugs and acid, that was it. He said the fans couldn’t coordinate their chants and had no unity, pointing to himself and Shane as having unity.

When the match started, Punk evaded Raven and quickly tagged out, delaying their eventual exchange. Smiley hit his big wiggle bodyslam on Shane before the commercial after which Punk and Raven finally went at it. Raven battered Punk and Shane around the ring, hitting a bulldog/clothesline combo. Smiley then joined in, knocking them both to the outside.

Smiley eventually got cut off and Shane and Punk took the advantage. Francine got involved and choked Smiley on the bottom rope behind the referee’s back. Raven frustratingly tried to jump in and free Smiley, but the referee correctly got him back on the apron. He was back in shortly to break up a pinfall after Shane hit Smiley with an elbow off the top.

Punk missed Smiley and took out Shane with a whoopie cushion as Raven got the hot tag. He hit right hands, clotheslines, knee lifts and drop toeholds on a chair. Smiley took Shane out of the ring before Raven hit Punk with the Raven Effect DDT. Francine broke up the count, but was quickly dragged into a catfight with GI Hoe. As the referee was distracted, Shane hit Hoe with a superkick.

Smiley tended to Hoe, but Shane hit him twice across the back with a chair. He then swung for Raven, missed, hit the top rope and the chair bounced back in his face. Raven then went for the DDT on Shane but Punk threw powder in his eyes and hit a DDT of his own to pick up the win.


-- The Extreme Horsemen were talking about their next set of matches when referee Jon Finnigan interrupted them with a note that said Steve Corino was suspended for 45 days. They said it was a conspiracy against the Horsemen.

-- "Dr. Death" Steve Williams and The Sandman were up next. Williams was squatting while Sandman was drinking a beer. Sandman said they didn't have to train, mocked Simon Diamond being a personal trainer, mocked C.W. Anderson for being “old school”, and mocked the Horsemen as a unit by whooing as they prematurely celebrated their upcoming title win.

-- Ekmo (aka Umaga) of the Samoan Island Tribe entered the building and was mistakingly pointed in the direction of Da Hit Squad who were lying in wait for an ambush. They choked him out and cracked hit own luggage across his back.

-- Sinister Minister and Mikey Whipwreck said they couldn't be intimidated by Sabu’s mind games or his family legacy. Minister predicted the future when he said, “if you play with fire, you're going to get burned”. Sabu and Bill Alfonso responded by promising that Whipwreck would get his ass kicked in revenge for attacking Sabu in the parking lot a few weeks ago.

-- Da Hit Squad were outside the building celebrating their attack on Ekmo and were looking forward to their upcoming falls count anywhere match with the Samoans. They said when they get given toys, people get hurt. The Samoans are now playing by their rules, and they will never be the same again.

Mikey Whipwreck (w/ Sinister Minister) defeated Sabu (w/ Bill Alfonso) 05:42 televised)

Sabu was on offense from the get-go. He hit a springboard leg lariat and locked in a camel clutch, but Minister distracted Sabu which allowed Whipwreck to kick him right in the face.

On the outside, Sabu threw a chair at Whipwreck's face and set him up on a table. He climbed to the top rope, but Minister interfered again and pushed him off the top rope into the ring. Whipwreck followed and clotheslined Sabu from the top rope. After a break, there was a pushed over table in the ring and Whipwreck used it as a tag partner as he dropped Sabu with an atomic drop.

Sabu fought back and set Whipwreck on the table and went up top. Alfonso came in to help hold Whipwreck in place, but Whipwreck switched places with Alfonso and Sabu came crashing down on top of his manager. Whipwreck then hit the Whippersnapper. but Sabu kicked out.

Sabu smoothly reversed a backdrop into a camel clutch, but while the referee was distracted with Alfonso, Minister came in and set a fireball off in Sabu’s face. Sabu was writhing in pain in the corner as Whipwreck attacked him with a chair while Minister took Alfonso’s whistle and danced around Sabu. Whipwreck trapped Sabu’s arm in the chair and hit it with a second one. He then hit an Arabian facebuster with a chair onto Sabu’s injured arm to pick up the victory.

After the bell, Whipwreck hit him with the chair again and Alfonso eventually came to the aid of his fallen warrior to close the show.