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MLW Underground results: Terry Funk vs. Abdullah The Butcher


Before the double title match episode of MLW Fusion next week, the regular modern day episodes took a one week break as MLW Underground from 2003 returned for a special one-off edition.

Joey Styles helped build up the then-upcoming MLW Legends vs. Extreme Horsemen War Games match throughout the show, as well as the long-winding Terry Funk vs. Steve Corino feud. Funk had to get through Abdullah the Butcher tonight, Jerry Lawler “next week," and the War Games match itself before getting a shot at Corino's title. 

Later in the night, Corino, CW Anderson and Simon Diamond talked up the War Games match but questioned the possible animosity in the legends' team and called themselves the real team who will be victorious.

Josh Daniels defeated Rich Criado (7:47)

I'm not sure if it was the best idea to start a show with two relative unknowns, but they gave it their best shot to win over the crowd. The crowd chanted “who are you” as the opening bell sounded and even received a “yo" chant after Daniels took Criado out with a nice dive to the outside.

Criado made the wrong choice by applying a submission, which of course received a “boring” chant from the raucous crowd. Criado nearly got rolled up after taking his time celebrating after a brainbuster. He then came close with a Michinoku Driver, but Daniels got the win with a snapdragon suplex.

Daniels retired in 2013 while Criado (later known as Perfect Creation) was done in 2016.

-- James Mitchell caught us up with some then ongoing storylines: Sabu has been on the receiving end of a Mikey Whipwreck fireball, Jerry Lynn and Christopher Daniels have turned to the dark side and are ready to take over MLW, and Whipwreck has supposedly been training Los Maximos and as crazy as ever.

Terry Funk defeated Abdullah the Butcher (7:26)

The Extreme Horsemen brought in Abdullah to take out Funk, but it was Corino who came out and teased Funk, distracting him long enough for Abdullah to jump him from behind.

This wasn't very good and wasn't helped by the constant cutaways and long commercial break in the middle. Expectations shouldn't have been that high as they would have been a combined age of 120 at the time of the match. We saw snippets of action as the camera cut away from the cutting. Funk was immediately bleeding from the forehead. Abdullah used a broken bottle to slice up Funk's arms. Funk fought back with right hands that opened up Abdullah's scarred head. After multiple low blows in a row, Styles said, “This is so violent, its ludicrous” as Abdullah slowly fell to his back after repeated groin attacks.

After a long break, Abdullah hit an elbow drop and then whipped Funk to the ropes to where Funk retaliated with a high cross, knocking Abdullah over to pick up the victory.

Los Maximos defeated Jimmy Yang and Tony Mamaluke (9:17)

This was a really good 100 mph high flying tag match and a welcome change of pace after the last walk and brawl slugfest.

Yang looked really good throughout and showed why he was picked up by WWE shortly thereafter to be part of their cruiserweight division. Early on, he hit a corkscrew pescado to the floor and minutes later, the crowd went wild as everyone ended up on the outside after a series of dives: the final being a Maximo asai moonsault onto everyone.

Jose and Mamaluke had a great exchange of working hammerlocks. Yang came in and used a headscissors to strangle Jose over the top rope. Before he got the hot tag, Jose reversed a top rope powerbomb from Yang with a hurricanrana in mid-air.

Los Maximos continued their offense, but were on the receiving end of a powerslam after Mamaluke caught Joel off the top while he was up in a doomsday position. Los Maximos fought back and hit Mamaluke with a double top rope Spanish fly for the win.


Next week, modern day MLW returns with MLW Champion Jacob Fatu defending against Jordan Oliver, and MLW Tag Team Champions Los Parks vs. CONTRA Unit (Simon Gotch & Daivari).