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MLW Underground results & video: CM Punk vs. Raven


The Big Takeaways:

  • CM Punk defeated Raven in the main event with a little help from a surprise ally. 
  • Homicide defeated Michael Shane in a great show opener.

Show Recap:

A video package of highlights from last week kicked things off with the MLW debut of Mikey Whipwreck (with Sinister Minister) in the main event against Sabu followed by the formation of the alliance between Whipwreck, Minister, Christopher Daniels and Jerry Lynn -- all at the expense of Sabu and Bill Alfonso.

We then cut to unseen footage as Alfonso and Sabu were backstage cutting a promo, Alfonso said he was sick of ending up in the hospital after every MLW show and Sabu grabbed their bags and left the building. But in the parking lot, Sabu was jumped by both Whipwreck and Lynn and got his head smashed against their car door. Sinister Minister then poked his head out the car window and told Sabu “An eye for an eye. Bye bye, a**hole".

Homicide defeated Michael Shane (w/Francine) (8:54 televised)

This was a great match to start us off. They had a simple, yet effective, opening that ended with Homicide getting the upper hand and Shane retreating to Francine on the outside for some words of encouragement. The action quickened and Homicide floored Shane with a straight right to the jaw. Homicide crushed Shane with a jumping forearm and a running knee to the face as we went to commercial.

After the break, Homicide caught Shane coming off the top with a kick down below. A T-bone suplex followed for a two count and a Cop Killa looked to have the match won, but Francine broke the count behind the ref's back. Homicide gave chase around the ring, but Shane caught him when Francine lured him into the ring, planting him face first and folding him up with a powerbomb.

Homicide locked in an STF and Shane tapped, but Francine had the ref distracted again. Homicide grabbed Francine on the apron which gave Shane the chance to roll him up, but Homicide kicked out. Homicide floored Shane with a big boot and went to the top rope but Francine got involved once again.

Homicide dragged her into the ring by her hair and she fell to her knees, so he rammed her headfirst into Shane's groin as he was resting in the corner. He gave the two of them the old fashioned 10 punches in the corner but used Francine's head and Shane's groin as the crowd counted along.

He lifted her on his shoulder, but Shane hit him with a superkick and still couldn't put him away as Homicide kicked out at two again.

Shane went for the Cop Killa, but Homicide reversed it and rolled Shane up, finally getting the winning three count in a great match.


- We then heard from Whipwreck and the Sinister Minister backstage. Minister cut a promo while Whipwreck played with a puppet, a rubber duck, and talked to himself. Minister said he is there to build an army of darkness. He complained that some of he and Whipwreck's so-called “friends” had made big money in the national promotions and forgot about them, the same with Sabu and Alfonso who ignored Whipwreck when he was down. They both warned them that they are back.

 - The heavyweight title rankings were back this week. Jerry Lynn remained in #10, Homicide replaced Michael Shane at #9, Mikey Whipwreck debuted at #8 even with a loss last week, CM Punk was up one spot to #7, Raven stayed at #6, Masato Tanaka (#5) and Sabu (#4) switched places from last week, while Satoshi Kojima stayed at #3 behind the joint #1 contenders Terry Funk and Mike Awesome.

 - Joey Styles told us that Steve Williams and Sandman have singles matches against CW Anderson and Simon Diamond in order to get a shot at the tag team titles. He also hyped up Paul London vs. Jerry Lynn before we saw footage from two weeks ago when Lynn badmouthed London and his family for him missing their previously scheduled match.

 - Sabu and Alfonso were backstage and bandaged up after they were attacked. Alfonso was hyping up Sabu's match at the next tapings in Orlando (no opponent was announced) before we cut to Sandman and Williams who jumped Anderson and Diamond backstage. 

CM Punk defeated Raven (3:01 televised)

This was short due to the TV time cutting to the finishing sequence, but what we saw was good. 

Simply Luscious came to ringside before the bell and Punk cut a promo to the live crowd telling them he is drug free, alcohol free, and better than all of them. Punk said it is not 4:20 time, but "It's clobberin' time."

Styles caught us up on the ongoing storyline, saying that Simply Luscious has a history with someone from the MLW locker room and that someone has done her wrong in the past: either Punk or Raven.

We cut to later in the match where Raven hit his drop toehold onto a seated chair in the ring, but Punk hit a low blow to grab a breather. He then hit a running knee to the temple for a two count before repeating the move with a steel chair this time, but still only got two.

Out of nowhere, Raven reversed Punk and hit the Evenflow DDT. Punk looked out of it as Raven made the cover, but all of a sudden, Michael Shane was ringside and pulled Raven off, breaking up the cover. Shane rammed Raven headfirst into the ring post and rolled him back inside for Punk who hit his own version of the Evenflow DDT to pick up the win.

After the bell, Punk and Shane beat down Raven and gave him the drop toehold on to the chair twice but Norman Smiley made the save and chased Shane and Punk away. Smiley then challenged them to a tag match against he and Raven at the next tapings.


Steve Corino cut a promo backstage to end this episode. He said that everything he said was going to happen in MLW has happened. He is going to take the title all over the world and told his contenders to get ready, and told Terry Funk he owns the MLW title and is beating him in world titles, three to two. He has the gold and is not letting go. 

Next Week: Los Maximos vs Samoan Island Tribe