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MLW Underground results & video: The first tag champions are crowned


The Big Takeaway:

  • CW Anderson and Simon Diamond won the MLW Global Tag Team Crown by defeating Steve Williams and PJ Friedman. 

Show Review:

We opened with video footage from earlier in the day when the Extreme Horsemen pulled up in front of the building and saw Terry Funk. After a brief war of words, the Horsemen jumped Funk and busted him open. This led to Joey Styles welcoming us to the show and hyping up the upcoming no rope barbed wire match between Steve Corino and Funk.

We would hear from Corino throughout the night, first in his car on the way to the airport for his most recent trip to Japan where he said that Funk needs to challenge himself by going up against the young kid that has done everything he has, but only better and in a shorter timeframe. He talked about the barbed wire match and that he will humiliate Funk in his own match.

Later, he was in front of a chain link barbed wire fence at the Philadelphia airport. Corino didn't think it was normal for two professional wrestlers to be surrounded by barbed wire, but for an animal like Funk, that's fine. Corino said it only took him five years to win the ECW title, but it took Funk 20. It took Corino less than six years to win the NWA heavyweight title while it took Funk nine. And, it took Funk 37 years to become a hardcore legend, but people look at Corino as a legend already.


- Styles returned and said Bill Alfonso was being attacked live as he spoke but it was too graphic to show on TV. He was quick to say that La Parka was behind the attack. Styles also hyped up Paul London's debut next week against Jerry Lynn and reminded us that Lynn lost every important match he had in MLW so far, so he joined forces with the "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels.

- We then heard from London who called Lynn a bitter old man and that his shooting star press is better than his cradle piledriver. "Good bye to 'the new f'n show'. Say hello to 'the new f'n generation," he said.

- Simply Luscious told us she is the future of women's wrestling and is coming to MLW.

- Who attacked Los Maximos? Styles still does not know, but Joel and Jose Maximo do. They said they never forget when they get punked out and gave their attackers seven days to show their faces.

- We got a glimpse back to something that has transferred over to modern-day MLW: the heavyweight title ranking system. But in a production glitch, we got a spoiler for next week as Styles said that Paul London defeated Jerry Lynn, so London got the #9 spot at Lynn's (#10) expense. #8 was Christopher Daniels, #7 was Sabu, #6 was La Parka, #5 Raven, #4 Steve Corino, #3 Masato Tanaka, #2 Terry Funk, and #1 was Mike Awesome. From backstage, Awesome then called out then-MLW Champion Satoshi Kojima and hyped up their upcoming title match.

- Styles said that Shawn Michaels' nephew, Michael Shane, has rubbed everyone the wrong way by thinking he doesn't need to earn his spot and should get it solely because of his family link. One person that didn't seem to mind was Francine who walked in on Shane changing and seemed to like what she saw.

CW Anderson and Simon Diamond defeated Steve Williams and PJ Friedman to become the first-ever MLW Tag Team Champions (3:25)

The Extreme Horsemen were out first, which let Diamond get the opportunity to hit Friedman in the knee with a steel chair just as he came through the curtain. Anderson followed up with a sickening chair shot to his head which took him out of action for most of the match.

Williams then burst through the curtain like a ball of fire, cleaning house and taking the fight to the Horsemen 2-on-1. Williams took them both out with a double clothesline, but the numbers game quickly swung in the advantage of Anderson and Diamond.

The Horsemen worked over Williams' arm and back as Friedman gallantly pulled himself up onto the apron. Anderson hit a spinebuster on Williams who was able to stumble to his corner for the blind tag, but Friedman, with chair in hand, walked into a double superkick and Diamond was able to make the cover and pick up the title win in a very short match. 

Next Week:

  • Paul London makes his MLW debut against Jerry Lynn
  • Los Maximos will confront their attackers