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MLW Underground results & video: Homicide vs. Jerry Lynn


The Big Takeaways:

Homicide defeated Jerry Lynn in a very good match while The Sandman helped he and Steve Williams earn a tag team title shot against the Extreme Horsemen.

Show Review:

Extreme Horsemen members and Tag Team Champions Simon Diamond and CW Anderson opened this week, talking about their ongoing storyline with "Dr. Death" Steve Williams and The Sandman. Diamond said Sandman had dodged him in ECW because he knows his technical wrestling can beat his hardcore wrestling.

Joey Styles then said Terry Funk will be facing World Champion Steve Corino's latest bounty hunter, Jerry "The King" Lawler, who was hired to injure Funk so he can't make it to his upcoming title match with Corino. 

Simon Diamond defeated The Sandman (03:21)

The full Sandman entrance is always great to see. He refused a left handed handshake from Diamond but ended up eating a superkick to start things off. After a less than stellar armdrag (which is where the match's technical wrestling started and ended), the action spilled to the outside where Sandman took Diamond around ringside, chopping him in front of the same fans that got a taste of his beer moments before.

Diamond begged for a timeout back in the ring, but ended up taking a top rope guillotine leg drop and a top rope hurricanrana (or “Sandmanarana” or “Rolling Rock” as Styles called it). CW Anderson ran in and superkicked Sandman behind the referee's back and Diamond hit the Gem Cutter (reverse DDT) to pick up the quick win.

Williams ran in to chase off the Extreme Horsemen after the bell but with the win, it meant that Sandman and Dr. Death's tag title shot was no more.

-- The storyline between CM Punk and Raven continued. Punk told us that we need to understand straight edge before we can learn the rules of their upcoming “straight edge” match. He said straight edge means no alcohol, no drugs, and no one night stands. He said the ending of their feud can either be fast or slow and the answer is up to Raven.

-- Da Hit Squad said they were happy with their impact and debut last week against the Samoan Island Tribe. The teams will meet again in a no DQ, falls count anywhere match at the next tapings. Mafia said he has an addiction for Samoan blood and wants to find out if the East Coast or the West Coast are tougher.

Later in the night, the Samoan Island Tribe replied by saying, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" and that Samoans “don't die, we multiply”. Samu told them to get ready for a teabag and went to eat his burrito before Ekmo (Umaga) threw them a towel “to wipe their mouth”.

-- Corino gloated about bringing prestige to MLW by touring with the World title, but said that Funk only gets one more shot at it before he starts defending it against everyone else. Corino promised that he is taking Funk down. 

Homicide defeated Jerry Lynn (15:03 televised)

This was easily one of the longest matches we have seen during these historical MLW episodes and also easily one of the best. This was 15 minutes of very good action and some nice storytelling. Lynn worked Homicide's jaw throughout the match, but was caught by a clever finish to keep up his losing streak storyline.

Lynn took the mic before the match and said Paul London had awoken hate, anger, and disgust in him. He shot down an “RVD” chant (in WWE at that time) before Homicide stormed to the ring to answer the open challenge.

Homicide started like a ball of fire by launching Lynn to the outside with a headscissors. Lynn tried to slow things down, but Homicide thwarted him by matching him technically and out-wrestling him by dodging, blocking, and reversing Lynn's advances.

The match switched gears when Lynn caught Homicide on a baseball slide and launched him jaw first into the guardrail. He then smashed Homicide's face into the guardrail before slamming him face first into a steel chair and the ring bell.

After an ad break, Lynn was in complete control. He continued his face-based offense by dropping Homicide face first onto his knee, locking in a chin lock, and a front face lock.

Homicide fought back and hit a t-bone suplex and a pop-up dropkick. He then motioned to the crowd to move before he launched himself through the ropes with a cannonball that took both men into the guardrail. He then came close to winning by coming off the top with a tornado DDT.

The Sinister Minister caused a distraction, allowing Lynn to land a low blow and hit a running sit out powerbomb out of the corner. Homicide then kicked out of a twirling face first slam and reversed Lynn's cradle piledriver, but could not reverse a big TKO which he just barely kicked out of.

Homicide reversed a tombstone and Lynn reversed a Cop Killa but ate a big boot as the action kicked into a new gear as we made our way to the finish. Lynn crotched Homicide on the top rope and hit a hurricanrana, but Homicide rolled through, got Lynn's shoulders on the mat and picked up the flash pin to the delight of the crowd.

Afterward, the cameras caught up with Lynn, Sinister Minister, and Mikey Whipwreck. Lynn was complaining that MLW never give him the opponents they advertise, but Whipwreck told them both “don't worry, be evil” which caused them all to change their tune and laugh hysterically as we jumped to Homicide's locker room. Homicide said he stepped in while London stepped out. He said he is going to beat Lynn for a second time and Lynn isn't the evil f'n show anymore as he is “The Show” now.

-- From their locker room, Bill Alfonso and Sabu warned Christopher Daniels that they will spike him in the eye during their upcoming match at the next tapings.

-- Styles was closing out the show when he was told they were cutting to the ring for an impromptu match.

The Sandman and "Dr. Death" Steve Williams defeated Tag Team Champions CW Anderson, Simon Diamond and Steve Corino (01:59) in a no DQ match to earn a future title shot

We were told Sandman had challenged the Horsemen and said if they don't win, they would leave MLW forever. However, a win would get them their tag title shot back. Corino was out there as well, so the no disqualification match was 3-on-2.

Anderson hit Williams with a spinebuster before Sandman ate a triple superkick. Funk then appeared at ringside and hit all three Horsemen with stunners before Sandman hit Diamond with a senton from the top rope to pick up the quick win and title shot.