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MLW Underground results & video: Sabu vs. Mikey Whipwreck


The Big Takeaway:

  • Hints of a new faction were given as the end of the main event between Sabu and Mikey Whipwreck (with the Sinister Minister) when chaos ensued with the arrival of Christopher Daniels and Jerry Lynn.

Show Review:

We opened with a video package of new MLW World Heavyweight Champion Steve Corino and the Extreme Horsemen, highlighting their recent dominance over both the tag team and singles division. We saw CW Anderson and Simon Diamond capture the tag titles, a Horsemen beatdown on Terry Funk, and Corino capturing the title last week with a shocking upset over Mike Awesome.

Joey Styles then delved into more detail of last week's double title switch as Awesome halted the near one year reign of Satoshi Kojima, but then Corino cashed in on a title shot with a little help from the Horsemen. 

Christopher Daniels (w/ Jerry Lynn) defeated Billy Fives (4:55 televised)

Daniels and Lynn entered to Marilyn Manson's "Disposable Teens" -- a nice change to hear some licensed entrance music. Fives seemed to be quite popular with the local audience but Styles said this was his first look at him in the ring. Fives, who still wrestles once a year after a five year stretch of no activity, played up to the fans before slapping Daniels across the face as we went to an early commercial break.

After the short break, Fives was firing up on a comeback and hit a backdrop, clothesline and a running leg lariat into a leg drop for a two count. Daniels stopped him in his tracks with a face first drop (Last Rights) to completely change the momentum. Daniels then hit the Best Moonsault Ever, but only got a two count.

Fives then came close to winning after a reverse DDT. He then hit Daniels' own Last Rights finisher on him, but Lynn got on the apron and distracted both Fives and the ref. This gave Daniels just the right opening he needed to hit another Last Rights for a second time to pick up the win. 

After the match, Styles said Paul London challenged Lynn to a Young Lions two out of three match challenge where London must win two matches to earn his spot on the MLW roster.


- We cut to the parking lot where the Extreme Horsemen's stretch Hummmer pulled up and they disembarked, along with two bikini laden models.

- We saw footage from the closing moments of the recent Steve Corino vs. Terry Funk barbed wire match and the return of the Sandman who came to Terry Funk and Steve Williams' aid. Metallica's "Enter Sandman" played in full as Sandman took his time to rescue his friends. Funk was wrapped head to toe in wire and stuck in the corner of the ring while Williams was being repeatedly beat down and choked with a steel chair as Sandman drank and smoked his way through the crowd before eventually taking out the Extreme Horsemen.

- We went back to more recent footage with Williams arriving at the building and getting jumped by CW Anderson and Simon Diamond while getting out his car. They busted him open and hit him with trash cans before ramming him headfirst into a wall.

- Backstage, CM Punk ran into Simply Luscious and asked her what it feels like to be disappointed in Raven losing his focus. She looked pretty disgusted having to talk to Punk as he rambled on before asking her to think about the future and think about straight edge. Styles connected the dots for the viewers and said that Luscious has some history with someone in the locker room. Could it be Punk? Could it be Raven? Styles then recapped the Punk vs Raven feud.

- The heavyweight title rankings were back this week. Jerry Lynn remained in #10, Michael Shane was back at 9 (falling one place from last week), CM Punk dropped a spot to #8 as did La Parka at #7, Raven at #6, and Sabu at #5, Masato Tanaka jumped right in at #4, and after losing the title last week, Kojima is now #3 ranked behind both Terry Funk and Mike Awesome who are both #1.

- We heard from Homicide who told us he was locked up ten years ago and now he feels like he is locked up again...but he likes it. He is bringing some damage and ruckus to MLW.

- Awesome said that he is going for “two at Taboo” at the next set of tapings in Orlando and wants to challenge Corino to a match where the only way to win is to knock out your opponent.

- Corino had a chance to respond, but he also addressed Funk's recent challenge. Corino said Awesome gets the first shot and Funk will need to wait his turn. Corino respects Awesome, but his stupidity led him to lose his title last week. He then told Funk that he will sign the World title contract for a match against him after he beats Awesome in Orlando at the next tapings. 

Sabu defeated Mikey Whipwreck (w/Sinister Minister) (6:06 televised)

Styles said we were going to see the rubber match between La Parka and Sabu, but it was Whipwreck who entered with a black cloak and a La Parka mask before the Sinister Minister came out and unmasked Whipwreck. Styles questioned what Whipwreck and Minister had done with the real La Parka before we just moved on to the new match.

They exchanged single leg takedowns before Whipwreck took down Sabu with an armbar. Whipwreck then connected with a dropkick before Bill Alfonso made his heroic comeback to ringside after his beating from La Parka.

Sabu locked in a camel clutch, but Whipwreck threw him to the outside. Moments later, Sabu hit the Air Sabu chair assisted plancha from the top rope into the crowd.

After a quick break, it was Whipwreck's turn to take to the sky as he dove over the top rope onto Sabu on the outside. There was now also a table set up in the corner of the ring which Sabu used as he set Whipwreck against it and hit a chair assisted leg lariat to put Whipwreick through it. A triple jump legdrop was followed by a chair assisted camel clutch, given Sabu the submission win.

After the match, Sinister Minister went face to face with Alfonso, but Sabu came to his manager's aid and pulled out a spike. Before he could use it, Sabu was jumped by Daniels and Lynn. Whipwreck, Minister, Daniels and Lynn then left together as MLW Underground went off the air.