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Bellator 179 live results: Rory MacDonald debuts


Bellator MMA is back in London tonight night with a show airing stateside via tape delay on Spike TV at 9 p.m. ET.

The show features the company debut of former UFC title challenger Rory MacDonald as he takes on fellow UFC alumnus Paul Daley in the main event.

McDonald is perhaps the most high-profile of Bellator's free agent signings of the last couple of year and is likely just entering the prime of his career. He has publicly stated that his goal is to become a two-division champion. A win here would earn him a shot at division kingpin Douglas Lima.

The card is stacked by Bellator standards as the main event is a bigger marquee matchup than a lot of UFC shows on FS1. In addition, the second and third matches from the top could easily headline any other Bellator show. Former light heavyweight champion Liam McGeary will again fight in his home country as he hopes to pick up his second straight win since dropping his title to Phil Davis as he goes up against another UK fighter in Linton "Swarm" Vassell.

Also on the card is 42-year-old Cheick Kongo, who is shooting for his fifth consecutive victory at heavyweight as he takes on the unbeaten Brazilian Augusto Sakai. The main card debut of Kevin Ferguson Jr., aka Baby Slice, is also on the show. Ferguson is, of course, the son of the late Kimbo Slice.


This is the last show before the Bellator PPV next month and the hard sell begins right away. 

They open by mentioning that it's been a year since the passing of Kimbo Slice and also that he was scheduled to headline a show right here in London at the time of his passing. They pretty much came out and said that the reason Baby Slice is on this card is because of who his father was and Jenn Brown interviewed him backstage. He didn't have much to say other than that he's a different type of fighter than his father and he didn't mind the pressure of being on a main card so early. 

Kevin Ferguson Jr. (0-1) vs. DJ Griffin (pro debut) (165 lb catchweight)

Announcers and graphic have completely dropped the "Kevin Ferguson" part of his name so from here on in, he's Baby Slice. 

In terms of skill, this was easily the worst fight you'll ever see on a national TV broadcast. Baby Slice has a lot of work to do on his ground game, particular submission defence. The guy they brought in normally fights at featherweight, so this was a setup fight and it went as it should've. Slice overpowered him on the feet. He was in trouble a few times on the ground but ended up punching out of it for a first round TKO win. Announcers put him over strong but he's not even close to being ready for this.

WINNER - BABY SLICE (1-1) by TKO at 3:40

Jimmy Smith asked Baby Slice how it felt to pick up his first win a year after his Dad passed away. Slice just said he was happy to get the win and thanked his team but never mentioned his Dad at first. He did go on to say that he loved his Dad and misses him and he was proud to win where his Dad was supposed to fight. 

Dan Edwards (14-14) vs. Alex Lohore (11-1) (welterweights)

Dan Edwards has a nickname as well, so he's known as Dan Vinni on the broadcast and , I guess, this report. Lohore is coming off an upset win over former UFC fighter Colin Fletcher in February. This isn't quite as obvious as the last fight but clearly seems like a showcase fight for Lohore.

Weird first round. Vinne got it to the ground right away and was going for all kinds of submissions. Lohore was struggling to get out of them but never seemed in danger of getting caught. Whenever it got back to the feet, Lohore dominated but it would quickly go to the ground. In the last 30 seconds, Lohore got off some ground and pound and that may have been enough to steal the round. 

Early in the 2nd, Lohore dropped Vinni with a punch and then started walking away like it was a walk-off. When the ref didn't step in right away he landed a couple more shots before the ref stepped in. 

WINNER - ALEX LOHORE (12-1) by KO at 56 seconds of the 2nd round

Lohore brought his mom into the cage and hugged her. He said he wouldn't be fighting if it weren't for her and he owes her everything. 

Rafael Cejrowski (2-0) vs Fabian Edwards (2-0) (middleweights)

This was from the prelims. Slow start and I was starting to wonder why they showed this fight. Edwards was the better standup fighter but didn't look like a killer or anything. And then out of nowhere he nailed Cejrowski with a high kick and then a flying knee to the head for the KO.


More PPV hype and between this and showing that last fight, it's looking like the big fights probably had early finishes. 

Cheick Kongo (26-10-2) vs. Augusto Sakai (9-0-1) (heavyweights)

Speaking of the fights ending early, they've also been airing all of the walkouts, even for guys like Sakai and the two guys in the last main card fight, who were basically unknowns. It would be nice if we saw a finish in a Kongo fight, who's had decisions in each of his last 5 fights. 

First round almost put me to sleep. Neither guy even threw a strike for the first two minutes, let alone landed one. Sakai landed about 4 leg kicks during the round and Kongo may have landed a knee in the clinch. Just awful.

Kongo managed a couple of takedowns but Sakai was usually able to get back up. When they were on the feet, Kongo just held him against the cage. He landed a couple strikes and Sakai did nothing. Just a horrible, horrible fight that is probably tied after 2. 

There was a stretch in the third round where Kongo just laid Sakai against the cage for what felt like an hour and did nothing. It was probably closer to 2 minutes. Kongo did land a couple kicks and punches in the middle of the round and may have taken it. 

WINNER - CHEICK KONGO (27-10-2) by split decision (29-28 x 2; 28-29)

Jimmy Smith joked that he put up his scorecard before the fight even started cause he knew it would be 29-28 Kongo. 

Liam McGeary (12-1) vs. Linton Vassell (18-5) (light heavyweights)

Both guys are promising an early finish here.

First round saw Vassell get a knockdown 2 minutes in and he held McGeary down for the rest of the round. McGeary was far more active from his back, landing punches and elbows and working for submission. Vassell didn't do much at all and, while the round was tough to score, I thought McGeary took it. 

Vassell dominated the 2nd, taking McGeary down 1 minute in and holding him the rest of the way, doing a lot more damage and with several submission attempts. He even obtains mount 3 times, although obviously McGeary escaped twice. I had it 10-8 Vassell and up 19-18 overall.

Vassell took him down right away to start the third and immediately moved into mount. He patiently moved into position for the arm triangle and eventually secured it and got a quick tap, 

WINNER - LINTON VASSELL (19-5) by submission at 2:28 of the third round

That was the first time anyone has every finished Liam McGeary who really needs to work on his takedown defence. Vassell called out the winner of next month's Ryan Bader-Phil Davis for a world title fight next time they're in London and that fight pretty much has to get made. 

Yet more hype for the PPV and they interview James Gallagher, who fights on the Spike portion of that show. He tries hard but in terms of promo ability, he sounds more like Finn Balor than Conor McGregory, who they are obviously positioning as their version of. Gallagher faces Chinzo Machida, Lyoto's brother, in what will be his debut in the US. He predicted a first round stoppage and then hyped up a potential fight with fellow prospect AJ McKee. 

A funny moment as he said he would stop Machida in the first round on June 14th and then Jenn Brown politely corrected him by saying June 24th, which is the actual date of the show. 

Rory was interviewed backstage in what seemed to be live but he was still in his suit. He showed the charisma of a carrot but that's never really been his strong suit anyway. 

In the pre-fight video package, which was great, both guys promised knockouts. Daley said he'd leave him effing dribbling. Except he didn't say "effing". 

Rory MacDonald (18-4) vs. Paul Daley (39-14-2) (welterweights)

Rory McDonald fought on the undercard of Chuck Liddell vs Rich Franklin......and he's only 27 years old. Something about that just seems wrong. 

Just complete dominance by McDonald. He got him down about a minute into the first. He held him down the whole way and was constantly advancing and/or landing strikes. Enough for a 10-8 in my book.

The scores didn't matter anyway as he took Daley down again after a head kick to start the second. He quicly moved into side control and held Daley down until he had an oppornity to secure his back and quickly secure a rear naked choke for the tap.

WINNER - RORY MCDONALD (19-4) by submission at 1:45 of the 2nd round. 

Jimmy Smith explained that Rory was VERY VERY happy, Glad he clarified that as Rory had the exact same expression (none) on his face as he did in the pre-fight interview. He promised more to come and to the surprise of no one, he challenged the winner of next month's welterweight title fight between Douglas Lima and Lorenz Larkin.

Daley got some mic time and put Rory over as a safe fighter who did just enough to get the win. He called Michael Page a type of cat and repeated that P word about 10 ten times before the end of the promo so that looks to be his next fight. 

If this is on your PVR do yourself a favor and skip ahead to the last two fights. Do that and it was a pretty good show. 

MVP just happened to be at cageside and they got into a tussle on Daley's way back to the locker room.