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Bellator 206 live results: Rory vs. Mousasi, Rampage vs. Wanderlei 4


Preview by Josh Nason

Wih no UFC on the slate, Bellator has the MMA world focused on their big show in San Jose, CA, Saturday night, but on a new broadcast partner, sports streaming app DAZN.

We're looking for your thoughts on the show, as well as last night's ROH Death Before Dishonor and tomorrow night's New Japan show, so you can leave a thumnbs up, down or middle along with a best and worst match to

The main event features an interesting champion vs. champion bout as welterweight champion Rory MacDonald challenges middleweight champion Gegard Mousasi. The two have made great traction since Bellator signed them away from UFC and for MacDonald, a win here puts him, and Bellator, in an interesting position with the upcoming welterweight tournament. For Mousasi, a win helps increase his value and growing respect among fans.

Also on the card, Wanderlei Silva and Rampage Jackson fight for the fourth time, Douglas Lima and Andrei Koreshkov battle for the fourth time to kick off the aforementioned welterweight tourney, Aaron Pico faces his toughest challenge to date in Leandro Higo, and more. 

The prelims can be seen on with the entire main card available on DAZN. 


By Dave Meltzer


First round:  Head kick by Bolanos.  Bolanos threw a kick, was taken down but got back up.  Good right by  Bolanos.  Gutierrez with some punches.   Head kick by Bolanos.  Knees by Bolanos.  Bolanos just threw him down.  Bolanos then let him up.  Bolanos missed the spinning elbow.  Takedown by  Bolanos.  Head kick Bolanos didn't hit solid.  Bolanos 10-9

Second round:   Takedown by Bolanos.  He let Gutierrez back up.  Bolanos landed a left hook behind the ear that put him down.  He's landing punches on the ground and it was stopped.  There were ten hard puches on the ground that landed and a few that missed. 

1:37 of round two. 


First round:  Melendez got a big reaction.  Front kick to the face by Melendez and a takedown.  Melendez with a stuff power bomb.  Another short power bomb by Melendez.  Melendez with a hard elbow.  Zimemeran is working for a triangle.  Zimmerman also has the armbar.while working the triangle.  Melendez survived  the submission attempts but they were dangerous.  10-9 Zimmerman

Second round:  Both swinging.  Knee by Melendez.  They're in a clinch.  Melendez seems tired.  Zimmerman trying for a takedown.  Nothing much is happening.  Melendeza landed knees to the body.  They're back in the clinch.  Melendez brought her to the corner in front of Gilbert Melendez.  Knees to the body by Melendez.  Melende took the round with the knees to the body.  19-19 after two.

Third round:  Melendez landing punches now.  Left by Melendez.  Zimmerman shot in looking for a takedown.  Zimmerman got her down.  Zimmerman in side control.  Melendez reversed to the top.  Zimmerman tried for an armbar but didn't have it.  Zimmerman landed an up kick and got to her feet.  Both are landing.  Melendez's punches lack the zing becuase hse's tired.  She's still the better striker and is landing.  Zimmerman shot in again.  Melendez got a takedown.  Melendez 29-28.

Scores:  29-28 Melendez 29-28 Zimmerman 29-28 Melendez


First round:  Freddy Roach is in Pico's corner.  Pico laned a few punches.  They traded low kicks.  Knees by Higo.  Trading punches.  Low kick by Higo.  Pico with a nice body shot.  Low kick by Higo.  Uppercut by Higo.  Pico dropped him and is unloading with shots.  Higo stayed up.  Low kick by Higo.  Pico with big shots.  Pico dropped him and landing hard punches on the ground.  The ref is letting it go way too long.  Higo got up and Pico landing more big punches and put him down again and it was finally stopped.  This was a great three minutes.  Pico came across like a superstar.  But that referee, he really blew it on this one.

After the fight, Pico said to Patricio Pitbull that you're time wil come.  



First round:  Koreshkov came out to the Nikolai Volkoff Russian national anthem.  Lima with a head kick.  Low kick by Lima.  Ric Flair whoo's all over the joint.  Koreshckov shot in for a takedown.  Lima  blocking it and  landed some elbows.  Koreshkov lifted Lima off his feet twice but Lima kept his balance.  Lima got a momentary takedown.  Neither can take the other down.  The crowd is booing heavily now.  Elbow by Koreshkov.  Very hard round to judge.  10-9 Lima but could easily be 10-10.

Second round:  Body kick by Lima.  Nothing happening again.  Body kick by Lima.  Koreshkov's left shin is swelling up bad from low kicks.  Lots of clinching but the crowd isn't as restless.  Another boring round.  Lima  20-18

Third round:  Front kick by Lima.  Lima stumbled.  Body kick by Lima.  Body kick by Lima. Lima continues to land low kicks.  Koreshkov tried a takedown.  Lima landed a knee after a momentary takedown.  Crowd booing heavily at the end of the round.  Lima 30-27.

Cormeir just got the biggest pop of the show by far.  Pretty much a standing ovation.

Fourth round:  Lima accidentally kicked him low.  Lima with a few punches.  Crwod booing heavily. Knee by Lima.  Koreshckov with a left.  Lima has him in trouble with punches as the round ended.  Lima 40-36

Fifth round:  Lima with a body kick.  Lima with a big right.  Lima took him down landed punces on the ground and has a choke and Koreshkov went out and it was stopped.



First round:  People see Jackson as a big star.  Silva looks old, like much older than his chronological years.  Looks late 50s.  Jackson is much heavier than the past at 254 pounds but looks like a guy who still trains.  The crowd is still really hot for this.  Both traded and Jackson rocked him.  Silva threw a kick to the head.  Both swinging.  Silva landed a wild punch and Rampage closed the distance.  Jackson landed a right on the break.  Front kick by Silva.  Both landing punches.  This was actually a hell of an exchange.  The people really liked the ending of the round.  10-9 Jackson

Second round:  Both swingig wildly.  Silva almost went down but came back.  For 15 secons it was 14 yeas ago.  Jackson with a right.  Jakcson hurt himn with a right that just cracked him.  Silva swinging swing wildly back.  Theyr'e in a clinch.  Jackson with a knee to the body.  Jackson with upperucts.  Knee by Jackson to the body.  Both are swinging wildly again.  Both are in a clinch again.  Both trading again.  Jackson with a right.  Jackson dropped him with a right and was landing punches on the ground and it's over.  Fans loved this fight.  It was much better than expected.



First round:  Mousasi landed  a left.  Mousasi does look a lot bigger in the cage far more than two days ago when he had cut weight. Mac Donald with a low kick and punch.  Mousasi wih a left.  MacDonald with a right.  Mousasi back with jabs.  Nice low kick and jab combo by Mousasi.  Head kick by MacDoanld just missed.  Big right by Mousasi.  MacDonald with a right.  Mousasi landing jabs.  Mousasi 10-9

Second round:  MacDonad dove for an Imanari roll and Mousasi ended up on top.  MacDonald is bleeding heavily from the nose from punches.  Mousasi landing punches.  Mousasi moved to mount.  Mousasi landing elbows to the head.  He's landing more elbows and continued to hammer the elbows until it was stopped.