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NJPW G1 Climax 30 night 18 live results: B Block finals


Recommended matches --

  • Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

Report --

Gabriel Kidd defeated Yuya Uemura (8:16)

They went the technical wrestling route for most of the contest. Uemura was incredible here. 

Uemura used a knuckle lock, then a short arm scissors which he used to roll Kidd around the ring. Kidd used a chancery to soften Uemura up for his buttefly suplex. 

Uemura tried to strike with Kidd. That was his downfall. Kidd hit a forearm, a dropkick, then used the butterfly suplex for the pin. 

G1 Climax B Block: YOSHI-HASHI defeated Toru Yano (6:11)

This was absolutely horrendous. I'm a fan of Yano comedy but this didn't work. 

YH tried taping Yano to the barricade and his bo staff. Yano tried to spray hand sanitizer in YH's face. There were two ref bumps. Yano exposed a buckle. 

For the finish, YH blocked a low blow and used Yano's arm to cradle him for the pin. 

G1 Climax B Block: Juice Robinson defeated Hirooki Goto (12:09)

Goto got a couple of hope spots but the bulk of this was Juice going after the bad shoulder.

They came out firing off strikes. Juice sent Goto outside and hit a plancha. Goto sold his taped shoulder after the impact of the plancha and that became the story of the match. 

Juice blocked an ushigoroshi and hit a superplex. He maintained neck control on the landing and went for a jackhammer. Goto blocked and hit a neckbreaker. 

Goto finally connected with an ushigoroshi. A series of counters and teases ended with Goto blocking Pulp Friction and locking on a sleeper. Goto used the sleeper to set up a pair of cradles for near falls. 

Juice connected with a Left Hand of God. He followed with an awkward-looking Pulp Friction and pinned Goto. 

Goto really sold this as a big deal in the post-match with his facial expressions. A pro's pro job by Goto. 

***** Intermission *****

G1 Climax B Block: Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Zack Sabre Jr. (12:02)

This was a fun match. These two have great chemistry, but they have had more crisp matches. 

Sabre scored early with a couple of quick cradles. Tanahashi took a second to regroup, then used a side headlock takeover. He maintained the hold for a long time. Sabre eventually transitioned to a headscissors. They traded these two holds for quite a while. 

Sabre went after Tanahashi's neck with neck cranks and a triangle. Sabre used an octopus. Tanahashi reversed into his own octopus. Sabre went for a Euro clutch. Tanahashi reversed into his own clutch hold for a near fall. 

Tanahashi focused on Sabre's right knee with a low dropkick and inverted dragon screw. Sabre used an inside cradle and a guillotine. Tanahashi reversed the guillotine into twist and shout. 

Tanahashi went for a slingblade, the first time either guy hit the ropes in the match. Sabre blocked. Tanahashi got it on his second attempt. 

Tanahashi hit a standing High Fly Flow. Sabre rolled through on the landing. Tanahashi trapped Sabre in a cradle and got the flash pin. 

Tanahashi held the cradle for a few extra seconds and Sabre threw a tantrum as a result. 

G1 Climax B Block: KENTA defeated Tetsuya Naito (21:06)

I was not a fan of this match. I thought they had a good eight minutes laid out and stretched that into 21:06. The finish was very clever. 

Both stalled at the outset. KENTA stole a near fall off a cradle. Naito went for a walk around the ring and stalled some more. 

They tied up. Naito went after KENTA's bad shoulder with a hammerlock. KENTA rolled to the floor and grabbed his briefcase. KENTA shoved the ref down and Naito ate a briefcase shot. KENTA went to work from there. 

KENTA used a chinlock, a headscissors and a headlock at the 10 minute call. Naito hit his combinacion cabron in the corner and a crucifix. KENTA responded with a top rope clothesline for a two count. 

The match finally picked up as Naito made his comeback. Naito hit a poison rana and a series of back elbows, looking to soften up KENTA's neck for Destino. Naito hit Gloria for a two count. 

KENTA blocked Destino and went for a GTS at the 20 minute call. Naito reversed into a Destino but could not follow up with a cover. 

Naito rang up the arm and went for Destino. KENTA hit two spinning back fists. Naito answered with Valentia. 

Naito went for Destino. KENTA caught Naito's legs and cradled him for the flash pin. 

This loss eliminated Naito. 

G1 Climax B Block: SANADA defeated EVIL (27:00)

Lots of Bullet Club-style interference in this one but a good main event with a good story. 

Hiromu Takahashi was at the commentary table and played an important role. 

Nothing of consequence came from the opening volley. EVIL teased an Everything is EVIL. SANADA teased a Skull End. 

EVIL rolled to the floor. SANADA teased a plancha but flipped to his feet on the apron, then pulled himself back into the ring to pose. 

After a trip from Togo, EVIL used a snap suplex on a stack of chairs on the floor to take control of the match. 

Back inside, EVIL used a scoop slam and a cocky, one-foot cover. Red Shoes refused to count the pin due to the underhanded tactics used on the floor. 

EVIL took the ref. Togo pulled SANADA to the floor and sent him into the barricade, then tossed SANADA back in. EVIL used a single-leg crab. SANADA responded with a dropkick to the knee and a back suplex. 

SANADA hit his trademark plancha. He put both EVIL and Togo in paradise locks, then broke the holds with a single dropkick. 

EVIL gouged the eyes and hit a ref-assisted mid kick, avoiding a TKO in the process. A clever sequence ended with SANADA avoiding a misdirection lariat and hitting a springboard dropkick. 

SANADA used the threat of a TKO to set up a Skull End but EVIL powered out. SANADA hit a magic screw and a tiger suplex for a two count. The crowd really got into the match at this point. 

SANADA used a spinning Skull End as a precursor to a moonsault attempt. EVIL rolled out of the way and SANADA crashed to the mat. Togo exposed a buckle. SANADA missed a charge into the corner and got sent into the exposed steel twice. 

EVIL hit a superplex to set up a scorpion deathlock. SANADA fought to the bottom rope to force a break. EVIL hit Darkness Falls for a two count at the 20 minute call. 

SANADA blocked Everything is EVIL and hit a TKO. They did a lengthy double down, prompting Red Shoes to check if both men wanted to continue. They did. 

SANADA avoided the exposed buckle and used a moonsault to transition to Skull End. EVIL slid out but SANADA immediately got the hold applied agai and locked in the body scissors. EVIL pried his head free, but SANADA popped up and hit two moonsaults. 

Red Shoes went to count the pin. Togo pulled the ref out of the ring. Togo used a chair on SANADA and peppered him with right hands. 

EVIL and Togo hit a Magic Killer. Hiromu Takahashi jumped up from the commentary table to come to SANADA's aid. Hiromu hit a superkick to Togo. EVIL hit a low blow on Hiromu. EVIL and Togo hit a Magic Killer on Hiromu at the 25 minute call. 

Togo revived the ref. SANADA stole a near fall off a cradle. EVIL planted SANADA with a lariat. EVIL hit a second big lariat and called for his finisher. 

SANADA reversed Everything is EVIL into Skull End. EVIL grabbed the ref. Togo choked SANADA from the apron. Hiromu superkicked Togo and SANADA recovered. 

SANADA then used a Japanese clutch and got the pin. 

SANADA wins B Block.

SANADA closed the show with a quick promo and said he'll see us tomorrow. 

G1 Standings --

B Block

  • SANADA -- 12 points (6-3) *B Block winner* 
  • EVIL -- 12 points (6-3)
  • Tetsuya Naito -- 12 points (6-3)
  • KENTA -- 10 points (5-4) 
  • Zack Sabre Jr. -- 10 points (5-4)
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi -- 8 points (4-5) 
  • Juice Robinson -- 8 points (4-5) 
  • Hirooki Goto -- 8 points (4-5) 
  • Toru Yano -- 6 points (3-6) 
  • YOSHI-HASHI -- 4 points (2-7) 

A Block

  • Kota Ibushi -- 14 points (7-2) *A Block winner*
  • Jay White -- 12 points (6-3)
  • Will Ospreay -- 12 points (6-3)
  • Kazuchika Okada -- 12 points (6-3)
  • Tomohiro Ishii -- 8 points (4-5) 
  • Taichi -- 8 points (4-5) 
  • Jeff Cobb -- 8 points (4-5)  
  • Shingo Takagi -- 8 points (4-5) 
  • Minoru Suzuki -- 6 points (3-6) 
  • Yujiro Takahashi -- 2 points (1-8)