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NJPW G1 Climax 30 night ten results: KENTA vs Tanahashi


Report --

Yuya Uemura and Yota Tsuji went to a time limit draw

Both men tried and failed to gain an upper hand in the early going, both upright and on the mat. An Uemura headlock and takedown allowed him to temporarily pull away, but Tsuji’s superior power permitted him a quick slam to reverse the match into his favor. Tsuji tried to maintain this lead with various strikes but fell victim to the headlock again. 

The same gaining and loss of momentum played out once more, this time featuring a Tsuji back body drop before Uemura’s speed proved to be too much. Uemura locked in a deep Boston crab that forced Tsuji into the ropes.

Uemura then slowly tried to chop Tsuji into further weakness but was leveled with a spear. Tsuji locked in a Boston crab of his own, which after an extended struggle, forced Uemura into the ropes.

Uemura withstood Tsuji strikes and regained control with a forearm. Uemura tried two quick cradles, but was interrupted by the bell, signifying a time limit draw.

This was really strong. This was a match packed full of energy and passion, drama and theatrics. 

G1 Climax 30 B Block: Hirooki Goto defeated Toru Yano

This set a record for the quickest match in G1 history. 

Yano threw his towel in the face of Goto before being leveled with a lariat. Goto then folded Yano up, pinned him, and left victorious. 

This match was over before it started. Goto wore a serious face of determination during his entrance that was still there during his exit. 

G1 Climax 30 B Block: SANADA defeated Zack Sabre Jr.

Sabre followed the bell with a burst of energy. A scramble left both struggling for a pin in the opening minute. After they separated it was Sabre who gained control once the two met again.

Sabre worked SANADA on the mat, but SANADA trying for a pin scared Sabre back into standing. The standing only lasted long enough for Sabre to pull SANADA to the mat with an armbar. SANADA escaped the submission attempt, grabbing the arm of Sabre at the same time, but found himself in it again. 

SANADA fought to his feet only to be dropped again by Sabre headscissors. SANADA worked his way free but Sabre immediately exited the ring, extinguishing any SANADA momentum.

Once the match continued, a test of strength led into Sabre strikes and a SANADA dropkick. Sabre again retreated to the outside.

While outside, Sabre was joined by SANADA who was stretched for his trouble. Once back in, Sabre tried to twist his leg to torque the arm of SANADA but fell after putting weight on his taped appendage. A SANADA dragon screw to the target leg made it clear Sabre was still hurting. 

Sabre landed a few kicks but found himself tied up in the dragon sleeper. Sabre rolled free which triggered a sequence of pin attempts. SANADA was able to place Sabre in dragon sleeper position, land a rope assisted DDT, and connect with a moonsault.

SANADA then pinned Sabre, clean in the middle. 

This match was good enough but at no point felt great. The technical displays from Sabre were par for the course, there was not enough emotion to make them anything more. 

G1 Climax 30 B Block: EVIL defeated Juice Robinson 

EVIL jumped an unsuspecting Robinson as soon as the bell sounded. Robinson fought free and landed a crossbody which he followed with a sequence of chops. Dick Togo grabbed the leg of Robinson to prevent any further offense. EVIL then distracted the referee, allowing Togo to beat down Robinson with no repercussion.

After Robinson was driven into the barricade EVIL traveled to the outside himself, creating a platter of chairs that he drove Robinson’s back into.

Back in the ring, EVIL locked in a single-leg Boston crab which left Robinson's back in worse shape. Robinson tried to show signs of life but found himself falling victim to more of EVIL’s shenanigans. An eye rake and an unprotected turnbuckle shot allowed Robinson to fall further behind. 

EVIL was caught by a Robinson kick on a rebound. Robinson unloaded strikes on EVIL before landing a huge spinebuster. Togo was also taken out by a Robinson crossbody leaving Robinson alone with EVIL.

A cannonball and a crossbody left Robinson with a near fall. EVIL freed himself from a full nelson and, with unwilling aid from the referee, landed a kick. EVIL was unable to follow up as Robinson avoided his attempt at a senton. Robinson lifted EVIL to the top rope and connected with a huge suplex. 

Robinson was interrupted by the chair of Togo.

EVIL landed a lariat and a powerbomb once back in the driver’s seat. Robinson continued to struggle against EVIL’s advances, landing a big right hand.

The camera pulled away, revealing Togo distracting the referee. EVIL landed a low blow, Everything is EVIL, and pinned Robinson. 

This match was hurt by the constant interference. Robinson, try as he may, couldn't save a match stranded in Togo land. 

G1 Climax 30 B Block: Tetsuya Naito defeated YOSHI-HASHI 

YOSHI-HASHI gained early control on the mat but this was short-lived. A calm Naito taunted him in his typical fashion. YH landed a shoulder tackle and a rana, which left Naito on the outside. YH’s followup in the ring was over in moments. Naito landed an atomic drop and neckbreaker, his first display of offense thus far. Naito at this point had an extended offensive stint.

YH fought free with a float-over neckbreaker after a failed attempt at a Naito Destino. YH connected with a dropkick that sent Naito crashing to the outside. YH followed up with a diving somersault senton. YH’s offense was temporarily stopped after Naito turned a powerbomb attempt into a rana. YH’s grit pulled through as he landed the powerbomb after Naito ascended to the top rope. 

Naito connected with a DDT to regain his footing. A knee to the back, Gloria, and a spinebuster followed. YH reversed a lariat attempt to reset the match.

A strike exchange allowed YH to pull ahead. YH drove the head of Naito into the mat and locked in a sleeper. From the sleeper, YH connected with a backbreaker and locked in the butterfly lock. Naito was in the hold for a long time before finding the bottom rope.

Once standing, Naito connected with multiple elbows to the head but was caught, by a YH headbutt. A dragon suplex and a lariat left YH with a near fall. YH hoisted Naito up, only for Naito to fall into a partial Destino. Naito tried for a second but YH connected with a bunker buster. The near fall that followed was exquisite. 

Once standing, Naito hit a surprise enzuigiri. Naito had a short show of offense before landing Destino for the pinfall victory.

This match had me bite on a YH near fall over the double champion. Naito’s lack of credibility paid to YH nearly and believably led to a career-defining upset. Instead, we had a match that was way better than what could be expected. 

G1 Climax 30 B Block: Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated KENTA 

A collar-and-elbow tie-up in the opening sequence allowed KENTA to mess up the beautiful hair of Tanahashi and escape to the outside. Tanahashi interrupted the games of KENTA with a dropkick before dragging him back between the ropes. 

KENTA turned his attention to the leg of Tanahashi with a chop block, boots, and a pair of slammings into the ring post. Tanahashi was held down by his leg in the middle of the ring before struggling into the bottom rope. A figure four from KENTA resulted in the same.

KENTA took the action outside where he drove the leg into the barricade. Back inside, KENTA delivered more of the same. Tanahashi, with pain across his face, began to fight to a standing position. Tanahashi would then land a dragon screw and a sunset flip, but a quick powerslam allowed KENTA to continue his offense. 

KENTA locked in the figure four again. After Tanahashi found the bottom rope, an apron struggle would determine the next phase of momentum. Tanahashi was beating KENTA down when he was interrupted by a dropkick to his knee. Still on the apron, KENTA landed a leg whip, leaving Tanahashi stranded on the outside. Tanahashi just barely beat the referee's count to return to the ring.

KENTA landed a double foot stomp that nearly scored the fall. KENTA locked in the figure four again. This time Tanahashi took to slapping at his opponent. KENTA became irate, dropped the hold, and hit forearms from full mount.

KENTA lifted Tanahashi to his feet and hit the ropes. Tanahashi caught KENTA on the rebound with a slingblade, resetting the match.

KENTA and Tanahashi began trading strikes. Tanahashi hit a dragon screw into the ropes. Another dragon screw, a cloverleaf, and a dropkick left Tanahashi ahead for the first time. 

KENTA stopped Tanahashi by throwing him into the referee. With Tanahashi laying on top of the referee KENTA landed a splash. KENTA grabbed his briefcase and flattened Tanahashi. A drive-by kick and a running knee from KENTA landed just as the referee returned to consciousness. Tanahashi kicked out the pin attempt that followed. 

KENTA began to strike Tanahashi before turning to the GTS. Tanahashi slipped free from the finish and landed a neck whip. Tanahashi connected with a sling blade before climbing for High Fly Flow.

Instead of trying for a pin on KENTA, Tanahashi locked in the cloverleaf submission in the middle of the ring. KENTA tapped out moments later.

This was a great outing from both men that played entirely to their strengths. KENTA was the perfect foe for the undeniable hero, Hiroshi Tanahashi. A fantastic way to close the show. 

G1 Climax 30 Standings

A Block

  • Kota Ibushi -- 8 points (4-1)
  • Kazuchika Okada -- 6 points (3-2)
  • Jay White -- 6 points (3-2)
  • Will Ospreay -- 6 points (3-2)
  • Minoru Suzuki -- 6 points (3-2)
  • Taichi -- 6 points (3-2)
  • Tomohiro Ishii -- 4 points (2-3)
  • Shingo Takagi -- 4 points (2-3)
  • Jeff Cobb -- 4 points (2-3)
  • Yujiro Takahashi -- 0 points (0-5)

B Block

  • Tetsuya Naito -- 8 points (4-1)
  • Juice Robinson -- 6 points (3-2)
  • Toru Yano -- 6 points (3-2)
  • EVIL -- 6 points (3-2)
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi -- 6 points (3-2)
  • Zack Sabre Jr. -- 4 points (2-3)
  • Hirooki Goto -- 4 points (2-3)
  • KENTA -- 4 points (2-3)
  • SANADA -- 4 points (2-3)
  • YOSHI-HASHI -- 2 points (1-4)