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NJPW Lion's Break Collision results: Tom Lawlor vs. Rocky Romero


Clips from TJP vs. Danny Limelight aired from last week’s episode. Limelight lost to TJP in his NJPW debut.

Karl Fredericks and Clark Connors defeated The DKC and Misterioso

This was Misterioso’s Lion’s Break Collision debut.

Good match. Fredericks and DKC started things off for their teams. The two pummeled themselves into the ropes for a break. Fredericks slapped DKC hard, then tagged out to Connors. DKC landed a high kick and tagged out to Misterioso, who tore through a series of high flying moves, finishing with an Asai Moonsault to the floor.

Connors countered later with a powerslam and followed up with some loud chops. The small studio setting for this show really shines in that it lets the audience hear a lot more of the details coming from the ring.

DKC fired up and at one point took out both Connors and Fredericks. He landed his version of La Mistica on Fredericks for a submission attempt, but couldn’t put Fredericks away.

Fredericks eventually got the win by locking in a sleeper, then planted DKC with an implant DDT. 

When he and Connors were celebrating their win, Jeff Cobb ran out and planted Fredericks with a German suplex, a little revenge for what happened in the first episode.

Cobb then cut a backstage promo on Fredericks explaining his actions. He showed a lot more energy here than usual.

Fredericks and Connors were next up for promos. Karl walked off without saying anything. Connors said he didn’t have anything to do with what happened just now, referring to Fredericks and Cobb.

Tom Lawlor defeated Rocky Romero

Good technical matches like this actually benefit from no audience. There was a lot of hold-for-hold grappling in the beginning, lots of hard low kicks exchanged. Romero locked in a cobra twist midway through.

Lawlor caught Romero later in a choke sleeper. Rocky was able to break free and fight on for a few more minutes, but Lawlor went back to the sleeper one more time. He used Romero’s right arm to choke while grapevining his left. Romero had no choice but to tap out.

Lawlor masked up in the post-match interview, then explained how Rocky Romero was ”one of many” who thought they could hang in the ring with him. Lawlor said he’ll be the only survivor once this is all done because he’s the filthiest.

Final thoughts:

Another solid show. The opener was short, but good. The Karl Fredericks/Jeff Cobb build is working because of how simple and well executed it is. Both Romero and Lawlor looked excellent in the main event. I’m sure anyone who watched this will immediately start fantasy booking “Filthy” Tom against whomever is available from NJPW later this year. I can get behind that.

Next week Lion’s Break Collision: Tom Lawor vs. Alex Coughlin and Misterioso vs. Danny Limelight.