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NJPW Road to The New Beginning results: Six-man tag main event

njpw 1 19 2021

Recommended matches --

  • Will Ospreay & Great-O-Khan (w/Bea Priestley) vs. Satoshi Kojima & Yota Tsuji 
  • Shingo Takagi, Hiromu Takahashi & BUSHI vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi, SHO & Master Wato

Report --

This was the quickest show of this loop at roughly 110 minutes. 


Will Ospreay & Great-O-Khan (w/Bea Priestley) defeated Satoshi Kojima & Yota Tsuji (8:36)

There was some good action in this one as Ospreay worked the bulk of the match for his team. 

Kojima and Tsuji attacked before the opening bell. Tsuji was quickly cut off when O-Khan grabbed an anaconda vice. O-Khan worked Tsuji over with his wacky offense. Ospreay tagged in and continued the attack. 

Kojima got a tag and hit machine gun chops to Ospreay. O-Khan blocked a top rope elbow attempt from Kojima. Ospreay hit Kojima with pip pip cheerio. Kojima blocked a Storm Breaker attempt and took Ospreay down with a cutter. 

Tsuji tagged in and hit a back bodydrop and a vertical suplex on Ospreay for a near fall. He followed with a splash for another two count as O-Khan made the save for Ospreay. O-Khan and Kojima exchanged Mongolian chops and rolled outside. 

Ospreay hit a bloody sunday on Tsuji. Kojima broke up the ensuing pin attempt. Tsuji connected with a spear to Ospreay. Ospreay blocked a slam attempt and hit a hook kick and an Oscutter for the pin. 

O-Khan did his United Empire roll call promo after the match. 

Taiji Ishimori, El Phantasmo, Gedo & Jado defeated Minoru Suzuki, El Desperado, Yoshinobu Kanemaru & DOUKI (10:42)

This was the third garbage brawl between these teams in as many nights and the worst match of the bunch.  ELP's loaded boot was again the story of the bout. 

Kanemaru fell victim to the loaded boot after Bullet Club attacked before the bell rang. Bullet Club isolated Kanemaru and worked over his abdomen. Suzuki tried to save but got sent outside by Gedo and Jado. 

ELP and Ishimori did a lot of their comedy offense. Kanemaru managed a low dropkick to Gedo and tagged Suzuki. Suzuki hit a penalty kick on Gedo for a near fall. 

Jado saved for Gedo. Suzuki put Jado in a Fujiwara armbar. ELP saved for Jado. Suzuki blocked a shot from ELP's boot and put him in a kneebar. ELP rolled outside. Desperado tagged in and got hit with a kendo stick from the floor. 

Ishimori tagged in and hit a seated senton on Desperado. Kanemaru jumped in for a double team. ELP got a tag and stomped on Desperado with the loaded boot. DOUKI tagged in to set up the closing sequence. 

DOUKI hit Daybreak for a near fall, but Ishimori made the save for ELP. Gedo jumped in with brass knuckles. Jado entered with a kendo stick. DOUKI brought his pipe into the ring. 

ELP hit a superkick with the loaded boot for the pin. 

Suzuki put Jado in an armbar on the floor after the match, just for giggles. ELP and Ishimori briefly posed with the IWGP Jr. Tag belts after the win. 

EVIL, Yujiro Takahashi & Dick Togo defeated Kazuchika Okada, Hirooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI (11:51)

This was a fine little brawl. Goto looked especially good here. 

Bullet Club used a jumpstart attack and sent Okada and YH outside while they worked on Goto. Goto made a heck of a comeback and beat on all three Bullet Club guys. Togo tripped him from the outside to shift the momentum back in Bullet Club's favor. 

They brawled around ringside. EVIL used a chair to choke Okada. Goto was worked over for several minutes. Goto and Yujiro hit simultaneous lariats into a double down. Okada got a tag and hit some signature offense on Yujiro. EVIL tagged in and got hit by an Okada air raid crash. 

YH tagged in. YH and Goto hit EVIL with some tandem offense, including a thrust kick into an ushigoroshi. The match broke down and everyone jumped in for a big move. YH used a lariat and a butterfly lock on EVIL. Togo jumped on the apron with a chair for the distraction save. 

EVIL hit a low blow and Everything is EVIL on YH for the pin. 

SANADA & Tetsuya Naito defeated Kota Ibushi & Tomoaki Honma (13:07)

Ibushi and SANADA began by locking up. Ibushi broke cleanly against the ropes. Ibushi gained the advantage with a mid kick, then tagged Honma. Ibushi jumped back in for a double team. Honma and Ibushi missed a double kokeshi, allowing LIJ to take control of the bout. 

Naito tagged in and toyed with Honma. He hit a series of back elbows to the neck, softening up Honma for a later Destino. Naito and SANADA exchanged tags and kept the pressure on Honma. Naito used a kravate on the mat and hit a basement dropkick for a near fall. Honma came back with a diving kokeshi. 

SANADA and Ibushi got tags. Ibushi hit a back elbow and a standing moonsault for a near fall. SANADA hit a dropkick to Ibushi's left knee. Ibushi tried a sunset flip, but found himself stuck in the paradise lock. SANADA used a dropkick for a near fall. 

Ibushi avoided a moonsault attempt and a TKO attempt, but SANADA hit a magic screw to reset the match. Naito and Honma got tags to set up the finish. 

Honma hit a vertical suplex for a two count. SANADA interfered. Honma hit a combination complete shot/DDT on both and used a kokeshi for a near fall. Ibushi entered to double up on Naito. Honma hit a lariat for another near fall. 

Honma teased a top rope kokeshi, but SANADA cut him off at the pass. Naito teased a reverse frankensteiner, but Honma blocked, thank goodness. SANADA and Naito hit double dropkicks on Honma. Ibushi tried to save but SANADA threw him out of the ring. 

Naito hit a step-up enzuigiri. Honma hit a headbutt. Naito blocked a lariat and hit Destino for the pin. 

Naito threw Honma into the barricade after the match. He legitimately seemed angry that he had to work with Honma on a third straight show. 

SANADA and Ibushi did some crowd work after the match. 

Shingo Takagi, Hiromu Takahashi & BUSHI defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi, SHO & Master Wato (14:45)

This was another fun main event. The finish was awesome and very creative as well. 

SHO and Hiromu started out. Hiromu hit an immediate shotgun dropkick. They traded tackles. SHO used two misdirection spots to hit another shoulder tackle. Tanahashi tagged in and used a cobra twist on Hiromu. 

SHO tagged in for a strike exchange. BUSHI entered for the illegal double team and LIJ took control of the match. They cut SHO off and all three worked him over. Hiromu tagged back in for another nice exchange with SHO. SHO managed a spear and a tag to Wato. 

Wato peppered BUSHI with kicks. They traded strikes. BUSHI hit a rewind kick and a swinging neckbreaker into a double down. 

Shingo and Tanahashi tagged in. Tanahashi avoided a combination of strikes and hit a second rope crossbody. Shingo fought off three dragon screw attempts. Tana ducked a sliding lariat. Shingo came back with his own dragon screw. Tana fought off a cloverleaf attempt, but Shingo answered with a sliding lariat. 

They traded strikes. Shingo blocked a slingblade and hit a suplex. Tanahashi popped up and hit slingblade into a double down. These guys are incredible. 

Wato got a tag and cleared the LIJ apron. Wato hit a dreamcast on Shingo. SHO jumped in for a double team. Shingo hit a double lariat. Wato ducked a short lariat. Shingo got the short lariat on his second attempt. 

SHO entered. Hiromu tried a hurricanrana on him, but SHO blocked and hit a lariat. BUSHI hit a step-up enzuigiri on SHO. Tanahashi hit a slingblade on BUSHI. Shingo hit a lariat out of the corner on Tanahashi. 

With the deck cleared, Shingo and Wato were set for the finish. Wato hit a crucifix bomb for a two count. Wato used another crucifix for a near fall. 

For the finish, Wato tried a dreamcast. Shingo caught the kick and plucked Wato out of the air, then hit Last of the Dragon for the pin. 

Shingo closed the show with a promo.