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NJPW Strong results: Fred Rosser vs. Chris Dickinson

Tonight saw the next set of matches from NJPW Strong's Autumn Attack tapings in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ian Riccaboni and Alex Koslov were running down tonight's card when Young Lion Kevin Knight appeared, albeit briefly. He wanted to let both STRONG Tag Team champions Aussie Open and Team Filthy know that he was going to be scouting their match tonight, because Knight and his tag team partner, The DKC, are looking to challenge for the tag titles in the near future.

Doc Gallows defeated Che Cabrera

"Wild Rhino" Clark Connors was on commentary for a few of tonight's matches.

Cabrera's nickname is "Latino Meat" and the crowd sounded to have had a good time chanting "Beat That Meat!" at Gallows, who pinned Cabrera in a little over five minutes with an Anarchy Suplex.

STRONG Openweight Tag Team Championship match: Aussie Open (Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher) (c) defeated Team Filthy (JR Kratos & Danny Limelight)

This was really good.

When Kratos and Davis were in together early on, we had a mini-hoss battle on our hands. Davis is deceptively big and is about the same height as Kratos, actually. They crashed into each other with shoulder blocks. Team Filthy later stood over Davis and posed with "The Filthy Flex."

Kratos later held Fletcher in a stalling suplex before slamming him into the mat. Limelight tagged in and worked Fletcher over for a bit, at one point connecting with a flying lariat into the corner.

Davis and Kratos went at it again later in the match. Both traded forearms and palm strikes. Kratos tossed Davis with a big release German suplex; Davis answered back with a flying harpoon elbow smash in the corner to a seated Kratos.

Aussie Open attempted to hoist Kratos up for Coriolis, their double-team finisher, but they weren't able to get Kratos in the air. Limelight broke up the hold, and Kratos connected with a jumping back enzuigiri to Davis' head. Limelight then bounced off the middle rope and caught Fletcher with a springboard Canadian Destroyer, or the Puerto Rican Destroyer, as Riccaboni called it. I don't think I've ever seen one before, it looked wild. Kratos immediately dashed off the apron onto the floor, somersaulting onto Davis. We'll call this spot the "Liger XXL."

Limelight landed a frog splash back in the ring but only scored a count of two. The crowd ate this up and were chanting "This-is-awe-some!" by this point in the match.

Fletcher took Limelight out with a 360 tombstone piledriver. Aussie Open then used a creative double-team power offense to neutralize Kratos. Davis & Fletcher then locked the double-pumphandle clutch on Limelight and finally put him away with Coriolis; Aussie Open retains. Again, really good stuff from both teams.

STRONG Openweight Championship match: Fred Rosser (c) and Chris Dickinson wrestled to a count-out

Rosser was fired up before the match got underway. He even attacked Dickinson before the bell rang while he was still wearing his STRONG Openweight championship belt. Dickinson was able to throw Rosser with a release German suplex, which halted Rosser's sudden onslaught. Dickinson was away from NJPW for a few months and is now a bitter, nasty heel, which turned out to be the perfect complement to Rosser's no-BS-tough-guy approach. Dickinson paintbrushed Rosser's head while he was down and smack-talked him as he tried getting up. Dickinson threw a hard kick into Rosser's chest; Rosser ate it and went back for seconds. He threw elbows from the right and left side. He finally took Dickinson down with a running shoulder tackle.

Rosser tried backdropping Dickinson onto the apron, but Dickinson blocked the move, then caught Rosser with a running, diving lariat from the apron onto the floor.

Back in the ring, Rosser slapped on the cross-face chicken wing, but Dickinson countered it with a backdrop suplex. Dickinson connected with a big axe bomber for another two.

Rosser would answer back later with a running powerslam from out of the corner, reminiscent of the late, great Davey Boy Smith's finish. He tried locking in the chicken wing STF next, the submission hold that won him the title from "Filthy" Tom Lawlor, but he couldn't fully clamp down on it. Dickinson was able to inch his way to the bottom rope for a break.

Rosser returned to the ring apron and dropped Dickinson back-first onto it. Dickinson fought through the pain, flipped Rosser the double bird, kicked him in the chest, then took him over the guardrail with a big lariat. The two landed in the front row on the side of the commentator's table.

Both collected themselves after a few moments, though it was Rosser who'd be back on the attack first; he put his arms through the guardrail and grabbed Dickinson by the face and began yanking on it. Bar room brawl stuff. He landed more shots with Dickinson still against the guard, proof that the champ is willing to "go there" regardless of his opponent. Both men prevented one another from re-entering the ring, eventually causing the referee to call for a twenty count and ending the match via double count out. The crowd let out a loud "Boooo!"

The two continued going at it at ringside, enough that the ring staff had to break the two up. Rosser tried strangling Dickinson with a green video cable. Dickinson attempted to grab Rosser's title belt. Ring security would pull them apart, but they'd go right back at it a number of times. Rosser went back into the ring to pose for the crowd, but again Dickinson went after Rosser. He even looked to have bit Rosser's leg or boot while the two were being pulled apart.

This was great. It was short, but that's fine because these two are clearly building to a rematch. Both Rosser and Dickinson have distinct kinds of charisma and powerful presences. They could end up being perfect rivals down the road.

Final thoughts:

This was one of the better episodes of Strong in a few weeks. Both title matches are well worth going out of your way to see this week.

Next week sees Rocky Romero vs. Shingo Takagi in the main event.