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HHH NXT TakeOver media call: Undertaker, Tuesday move, Jericho


Prior to next week's busy schedule before WrestleMania, Paul "HHH" Levesque talked to the media about the impending two nights of TakeOver, the move to Tuesday nights, the Undertaker's recent comments about the current day product, and more.

Full audio is available below.

Levesque said he didn't know about Chris Jericho doing the Steve Austin podcast until today, but wasn't surprised as Vince McMahon has always said they are open for business.

Asked about Undertaker's recent comments about the product being "soft," Levesque said everyone is welcome to their own opinion and that he respects Undertaker's opinion and will take it into account. He is looking forward to working with him again and elevating things on a variety of levels.

He said Wednesday's TakeOver simulcast on WWE Network/Peacock will not feature ad breaks on the Peacock side of things. They are still working with USA and Peacock to figure out how it's going to work logistically.

He talked positively about the move to Tuesday nights and about how they progressing in moving from WWE Network to USA, maintaining the audience, and being in this for the long term.

He put over how hard Omos and Bad Bunny have been working at the Performance Center, noting their daily appearances and work ethic in getting better.

He answered a question about AJ Styles pestering him for a WrestleMania match and that he views his in-ring days as a bonus and doesn't have the time to commit to the preparation for such a match. He was flattered at Styles asking and didn't completely shut the door on an in-ring return, adding Ric Flair bugs him all the time about getting back in the ring.

For more, including his thoughts on some amateur wrestling prospects for WWE, the Heritage Cup being defended in NXT, and more, click below.

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