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NXT post-TakeOver conference call audio with Paul 'HHH' Levesque



After Saturday's well-received NXT TakeOver show, WWE COO Paul "HHH" Levesque held a conference call to discuss the show, one he was extremely happy with.

The full audio of the call can be heard below.

He said the only thing he was upset about was having to deal with his arm brace as he was getting excited all night for the show. 

Levesque said that Tommaso Ciampa Is "operating at a whole new level" right now while he has to "remind myself Dream is 23 years old. It's scary to think where he is now and where he will be.".

When asked about why he said there were going to be four matches instead of the five that ended up happening, he joked, "I lied to you." They wanted to create a shocking moment with the match itself and the flash KO.

He was asked about the experimentation NXT is using by having the Content Experimentation Lab and how/why they are trying new things like the wristbands used by fans during the show and the Virtual Reality footage they shot tonight.

He gave updates on how Bobby Fish and Pete Dunne are doing after a physically taxing WarGames match.

Hear that and more by clicking below:

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