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NXT UK results: Tyler Bate vs. Noam Dar


Big takeaways --

  • Two TakeOver matches edged ever closer to being booked as Eddie Dennis and Trent Seven clashed in the ring, and Tyler Bate challenged Jordan Devlin after Devlin almost cost Bate his match against Noam Dar.
  • Amir Jordan returned from injury to pick up the win for his team when he and Kenny Williams defeated Pretty Deadly. 

Full recap --

Nigel McGuinness and Tom Philips welcomed us to Hull, England for this episode of NXT UK. 

Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan defeated Pretty Deadly (Sam Stoker & Lewis Howley)

Williams and Jordan started well with Jordan knocking Stoker down with a clothesline and Howley down with a strong crossbody. Jordan was making his return here after a shoulder injury, and that didn't stop him hitting a suicide dive to Howley early on. 

Howley distracted the referee while Stoker pulled Jordan off the middle rope, draping his previously injured arm over the top rope. Pretty Deadly took control from here, focusing on Jordan and his shoulder. McGuinness liked the look of Stoker and Howley, calling them handsome throughout the match. 

Jordan fought back when a double team flapjack went wrong for Pretty Deadly. Williams got the hot tag and flew with a flying clothesline and a double suicide dive to the outside. A slingblade to Howley shortly after got a two count when Stoker broke up the pin. 

Howley got a close two count when he rolled up Williams and grabbed the tights, then Williams had to dig deep and kick out again after a double team gutbuster. Williams fought back with a springboard double back elbow, and Jordan picked up the win moments later with a Swanton Bomb-ay. 

- We had an exclusive from last week with Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner. They think it is a disgrace they need to fight in a ladder match at TakeOver: Blackpool II for the NXT UK Tag Team titles. 

- Ligero was backstage talking about Kassius Ohno, saying he has had nothing but respect for him since they met years ago. He talked about them fighting earlier this year in New York and Ohno cheating to win that match. Ligero said it didn't matter how much respect he had for Ohno because Ohno had none for him. They will meet in two weeks. 

- Trent Seven then came to the ring for a promo. He talked about Eddie Dennis and the recent situation with Michael May. This brought out Dennis, who stood on the stage and stared at Seven while he talked about Dennis' time off with an injury.

Dennis got closer to the ring while Seven talked about the early days of NXT UK. But when Dennis slowly got into the ring, he sucker-punched Seven with the microphone right in the forehead, cutting him open. Dennis then said, “I'll see you at TakeOver: Blackpool."

- We then had a video package for the Kay Lee Ray vs. Toni Storm vs. Piper Niven triple threat NXT UK Women's Championship match for TakeOver. Niven doesn't like what her friends have become, and both Ray and Storm promised to leave with the title. 

Jinny (w/ Jazzy Gabert) defeated Amale

Jinny made short work of the “French Hope," pummeling her from the get-go and locking in a rowing boat submission that nearly got the job done after only a minute. Amale just got to the ropes, but Jinny continued her onslaught with stomps to the chest.

Amale briefly fired back with a dropkick and a kick in the corner, but Jinny fought her off and hit the Makeover for the win.

Gabert flattened Amale with a short-arm clothesline after the bell. Jinny demanded another... and another, but Gabert had second thoughts after Jinny demanded the third and walked out on her so-called accomplice. 

- WALTER announced that in two weeks time Alexander Wolfe will face Ilja Dragunov for the psychological advantage going into TakeOver. 

Tyler Bate defeated Noam Dar

A fantastic match that went back and forth right until the end. They had a good technical start that eventually migrated into both going for their signature moves but neither connecting with any. A good tease of what these two can do together. 

Bate made Dar put on the brakes with a headstand in the corner and then sent the Scotsman to the outside. Back inside, while applying a headlock, Bate grabbed his boot and hit Dar over the head with it, but then ate a dropkick to his face when he tried a second headstand in the corner. 

Dar took control but couldn't put Bate away, frustratingly calling the referee a “dafty." Bate fought back but was caught with a penalty kick to the leg, a running dropkick while on the apron, and then a running snapmare into the steel steps on the outside. Bate just got in at the referee's count of nine but went straight into some stiff kicks to the chest until catching one and firing up. 

Bate pummeled Dar with right hands and a knee lift. He then came flying off the middle rope with a back elbow. He charged the corner with uppercuts and hit an exploder suplex. He eventually nipped up to hit a standing Shooting Star Press for a close two count. 

Dar caught Bate out of nowhere with an ankle lock but rolled through for a pinfall attempt. They then exchanged various pin attempts before Dar locked in an omoplata stretch on the mat.

Back on their feet, Bate hit a belly-to-back suplex for another two count but got caught again when he went for another standing Shooting Star. Dar reversed the Bop-Bang into a flatliner, but Bate kicked out at the last moment. 

Bate caught Dar with a kick and then hit the ropes shoulder-first looking for his big clothesline, but Dar caught him coming off the ropes with his Champagne Super-kneebar. Bate just got to the ropes in time. 

Dar looked like he had the match wrapped up with two big kicks to the head, but Bate kicked out again. Bate hit his rolling kick, then knocked Dar to the outside and followed up with a big dive over the top rope to the floor. 

They exchanged forearms inside the ring as the toll of the match was showing on both. Dar went for kicks again. Bate ducked and hit his big clothesline this time, but he only got another close two count. 

Jordan Devlin then appeared and distracted Bate. Dar rolled him up -- but Bate still kicked out. After a big right hand, Bate hit the Tyler Driver 97 and picked up the win.

Devlin immediately slid right into the ring after the bell, but Bate stopped him in his tracks. As Devlin backed away up the ramp, Bate challenged Devlin to a match at TakeOver. Devlin didn't respond, but this will probably be added to the card. 

Next week --

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Two weeks time --

  • Alexander Wolfe vs. Ilja Dragunov
  • Ligero vs. Kassius Ohno