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WWE NXT live results: Halloween Havoc fallout


The fallout from Halloween Havoc takes place on tonight's episode of NXT.

After hosting Halloween Havoc last week, Shotzi Blackheart will face Toni Storm on tonight's show. In storyline, William Regal allowed Blackheart to pick her opponent for tonight after liking the job she did hosting Halloween Havoc.

Blackheart got involved in last week's Tables, Ladders & Scares main event for the NXT Women's Championship after someone in a Scream costume tried to help Candice LeRae win the title from Io Shirai. Blackheart laid out the person in the costume and Shirai retained her championship.

The person in the Scream costume also appeared earlier in the night and helped Johnny Gargano win the NXT North American Championship from Damian Priest. LeRae and Gargano recently became aligned with Indi Hartwell.

Gargano should make his first appearance as champion tonight.

WWE will also follow up on Pete Dunne returning to NXT at Halloween Havoc and aligning with Pat McAfee, Oney Lorcan, and Danny Burch. They beat down Kyle O'Reilly last week.

Plus, three additional matches have been announced for tonight's show. Tommaso Ciampa will face Velveteen Dream, Ember Moon will take on Dakota Kai, and Kushida will face Cameron Grimes. Grimes lost a Haunted House of Terror match to Dexter Lumis at Halloween Havoc.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


The show is opening with one of two matches announced last week.

Dakota Kai (with Raquel Gonzalez) defeated Ember Moon

Kai pinned Moon after a draping GTS and a distraction by Gonzalez.

They grappled at the start until Moon fired up with a flurry of moves. She looked in control, until being posted shoulder first. Kai targeted the shoulder, and she worked over Moon. Kai applied an armbar, but Moon powered out to deliver a deadlift powerbomb.

Moon then made a comback. That built to Moon launching herself through the ropes with a tope. She crashed and burned on a second attempt. Moon was down selling just before the show cut to a commercial break. Moon was back in control when the show returned from the break.

Kai countered Moon to get a close near fall. Moon a moment later with a flying codebreaker got a near fall of her own. They began to trade strikes, and Moon caught Kai in a crossface. Kai countered into a crucifix for a several two counts.

Kai went back to targeting the injured arm, which Moon had continued to sell despite her comebacks. Moon soon hulked up, and she proceeded to unleash a flurry of offense. 

As Moon was climbing the ropes, Gonzalez caused a distraction. That allowed Kai to trip up Moon. Kai executed a draping GTS kick, and then she covered Moon for a pinfall.

Cameron Grimes was jumpy backstage. MzKenzie Mitchell spooked him when she approached him for an interview. Grimes dismissed his haunted house match, saying it was not really a match. He was noticeably on edge, but he tried to play it cool.

A referee came up to Grimes to tell him his match was up next. It was the same ref who in the haunted house was a zombie. So Grimes was frightened, and he ran away in terror. 

After a commercial break, Mitchell was interviewing Shotzi Blackheart. They informed us Shotzi chose Toni Storm as her opponent tonight.

Kushida defeated Cameron Grimes

Kushida submitted Grimes in good match that had a gaga finish. The zombie referee from earlier played into the finish after a ref bump.

Grimes begged off from the start, while Kushida looked to ground him with mat wrestling. Grimes with dirty tactics to counter Kushida. The pace soon quickened, and Kushida with a hip toss transitioned into applying an armbar. Grimes fought to block it.

Kushida targeted the arm, and he further punished it with running shoulder breaker. Grimes was able to counter with another dirty tactic. Kushida soon countered him to regain control. They fought through a commercial break.

Grimes cut off Kushida during the break, and he was working over Kushida as the show returned from commercial. Kushida rallied into a comeback, but he was cut off. Grimes with a sit-out powerbomb for a two count.

They fought on the ropes, and Kushida came off the middle rope with an avalanche shoulder breaker. Grimes went on to counter Kushida for an O'Connor Roll. During the spot, the referee was bumped. A second ref bump sent him rolling out of the ring. 

Kushida appiled his Hoverboard Lock, and Grimes tapped. No ref to see it. Grimes caught Kushida with a running one-man Spanish Fly, but no ref to count. Another ref ran in, but he was the one that was a zombie last week. Grimes was freaked out, and he ran around flailing his hands in the arm. Kushida trapped him in a Hoverboard Lock, and Grimes tapped out.

Drake Maverick & Killian Dain defeated Ever-Rise (Chase Parker and Matt Martel) via disqualification

Pat McAfee and his new heel stable ran in to cause the DQ. 

Heat on Maverick during the match. Meanwhile, Pat McAfee and company arrive at the building. They soon run into the ring. Pete Dunne, Oney Loracn, and Danny Burch jump into the ring to attack Maverick & Dain.

McAfee was filming with a handheld camera like he's on the production crew. The heel faction beat down Maverick & Dain. The show went to a commercial break after the heels wreaked havoc.

McAfee cut a great promo saying they are the best four-man group in wrestling. What makes them different than other factions is they are not a "bunch of scumbags." They are men of class, and they are professional. 

McAfee sarcastically said tonight they honor Undisputed Era, the group that came before them that they ended. McAfee says they will hang the UE banner in the arena. 

The promo continued with McAfee burying UE. They went to raise the banner, but McAfee said this a democracy. So they had a vote. Instead of raising the banner to the rafters, they voted to put it in a trash can. They then lit the banner on fire. Great promo, and great segment.

McAfee and company then went to leave the building, but they Killian Dain attacked them. He was vastly outnumbered, and Dain had his head slammed into a car door. The heels then fled the scene. McAfee left with a reminder that "we're the greatest, and you suck. Cheers!"

Next came a comedy skit with the new NXT North American Champion, Johnny Gargano. Now Gargano loves wheels, and he was playing board games with the person in the Scream costume. Gargano was great here.

Toni Storm defeated Shotzi Blackheart

Storm pinned Blackheart after a distraction by Candice LeRae. Although not fully explained, Blackheart accused Storm of stealing her mini tank. It was apparently missing. Spoiler: It wasn't Storm.

Early on in the the match, Blacheart slipped on the ropes and fell into the ring. They were soon going again after the botched spot. The match went through a commercial break, and Blackheart was making a comeback. 

They traded near falls in the closing moments. Shotzi springboarded off the ropes into a tornado DDT on the apron. Another crazy bump on the apron in a Shotzi match. It looked scary.

Suddenly, Candice LeRae appeared on the TitanTron. She was talking to Shotzi. LeRae said she found her tank somewhere on a road. LeRae said she would look after the tank for her.

Storm rolled up Blackheart and bridged into a cradle to pin her.

LeRae after the match sarcastically told Blackheart that she was unsure how long she could protect the tank. A jacked-up Hummer arrived, and LeRae stopped the vechile. She then got in the driver's seat, and she ran over the tank. It was smashed, and LeRae said they were now even.

The person in the Scream costume was also in the SUV with LeRae. Blackheart was in tears over her tank being destroyed.

A live edition of Thatch-As-Thatch-Can was next, and it was great as usual. Today's lesson was reversals. Timothy Thatcher again stretched a student. Thatcher was attacked by Anthony Greene, who Thatcher stretched in a segment last week. This seems to set up a match.

NXT Women's Champion Io Shirai earlier in the show challeneged Rhea Ripley to a title match. Ripley accepted the challenge. 

Announced for next week on NXT is tag team title match with Lorcan & Burch defending against Breezango. Johnny Gargano defends his North American Championship against an unnamed opponent. 

Tommaso Ciampa defeated Velveteen Dream

Ciampa pinned Dream clean in a hard-hitting match.

Ciampa pummeled Dream from the start, and Ciampa attacked the hand in a cast. Dream tried to fight back, but Ciampa ran roughshod.

Dream took a Harley Race bump over the ropes, and then he acted as if he was leaving the match. Ciampa rolled him back into the ring. Back to targeting the cast, and Ciampa went back to work.

After a commercial break, Dream cut off Ciampa with a spinebuster. Ciampa with a rally delivered a flurry of offense. Ciampa then gave Dream a superplex, but Dream kicked out at two.

Dream with a plancha to the outside. They got back into the ring for a spot where Dream suplexed Ciampa over the ropes and out of the ring.

Dream threw a chair into the ring, but he didn't use it. Instead, he jumped off the top rope, where Ciampa hit him with a jumping knee strike. Ciampa followed a moment later with Widow's Bell, and then a Fairy Tale Ending. Ciampa would cover Dream for a pinfall.