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NXT UK Women's title match announced for November 19


The NXT UK Women's Championship will be on the line in a falls count anywhere match later this month.

During this week's NXT UK episode, it was announced that NXT UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray will defend her title against Piper Niven in a falls count anywhere match on the Thursday, November 19 edition of NXT UK. This will be the second title match between KLR and Niven since NXT UK returned with new episodes in September. KLR retained her title against Niven in the main event of the September 24 episode of NXT UK.

Niven appeared on this week's NXT UK after being mentioned in a promo by Jinny. Jinny defeated Aleah James and then cut a post-match promo saying that she's the queen of NXT UK because she has something none of these other women will ever have -- a killer instinct. Jinny said people like Niven walk around thinking they're untouchable and believing they should be at the top of the division.

Niven confronted Jinny, but they were then interrupted by KLR. KLR said she likes to talk just as much as Niven and Jinny, but she has one important thing to back it up -- the NXT UK Women's Championship. KLR said Niven and Jinny will never be champion. 

KLR slid a steel chair into the ring. She said she knows Jinny would do anything to get a shot at the title, but she doesn't think Niven has what it takes. KLR said Niven had the perfect opportunity to take everything but threw it away. After being slapped by Jinny, Niven responded by giving Jinny a headbutt. Niven hit Jinny with the chair and gave Aleah James a Michinoku Driver when James tried to get her to stop. Niven then gave Jinny a Michinoku Driver onto the chair.

Niven attacking KLR backstage during a commercial break and them having to be separated by officials was later shown.

KLR has been NXT UK Women's Champion since winning the title from Toni Storm in August 2019.