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NXT Level Up results: Edris Enofe & Malik Blade in action



Dante Chen defeated Myles Borne

This was painfully stale. The work was mostly smooth, but nothing memorable happened in its entire runtime.

Chen and Borne opened the match with some mat wrestling. The men traded control on the mat for quite some time. After maintaining a headlock for a large portion of the match, Borne landed a rope-assisted DDT. Chen then transitioned into a pin, taking a quick win.

Arianna Grace defeated Yulisa Leon

I absolutely loved this. It was far from perfect, but these women carried themselves like stars and delivered a compelling match. Bravo.

Leon opened the match by gaining control of the head and maintaining it after connecting with a slam. Leon tried for a quick pin, giving Grace a moment to breathe after the kick-out.

Leon retook control of the head but paused her lead to taunt Grace. Grace was frustrated by the barb and launched a rally of strikes. Momentum shifted into Grace's favor entirely as she transitioned into working the arm on the mat.

Leon powered off Grace the mat, landing a slam to buy herself some time. Leon landed a series of moves, ending with a nice missile dropkick and a beautiful bridging overhead slam to win the match.

Edris Enofe & Malik Blade defeated Bryson Montana & Damaris Griffin

This was a typical tag team match, until it wasn't. Strange.

Blade and Enofe gained an early lead with quick tags and tandem offense. Montana ended the early onslaught by catching Blade and landing a colossal toss. Griffin and Montana then worked together to isolate Blade, hitting him with various power moves.

Once getting the tag, Enofe fought back into the match. When things were looking promising for Enofe, Quincy Elliott walked out. Elliott distracted everyone as he seductively rubbed his tookus on the ring post. Enofe and Blade came to their senses first, opening the door for a top rope elbow from Enofe, bringing this match to a strange end.