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NXT Level Up results: Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Briggs & Jensen

Trick Williams, Ivy Nile, and the debuting Brookyln Barlow also competed on this week's show.

Trick Williams defeated Guru Raaj

This was a nothing match in a non-offensive kind of way. It wasn’t good or bad; it just happened.

Williams and Raaj went back and forth for a while before Williams used a scoop slam to take the lead. Williams tried submitting Raaj with a standing stretch, but Raaj endured. Once escaping Williams's submission attempt, Raaj launched a short rally, but a quick spinning kick from Williams cut him off. A swinging neck breaker brought this match to an end.

Ivy Nile defeated Brooklyn Barlow

I am quite the Nile fan, but this match didn’t come together at all. Barlow’s offence was less than stellar throughout this match, and her control sequences were not convincing.

Nile opened the match with a pair of leg kicks and a massive takedown. Barlow answered with a hip toss takedown into arm control. Nile took her time before escaping but turned things around on a dime with a quick strike. Nile then led an extended offensive sequence, complete with a suplex and some strikes.

Barlow fought back into the match with a swift sequence. A sneaky pin almost scored her a win, but Nile kicked out. Then, almost as quickly as it started, Nile cut off Barlow with a punch to the midsection and kick to the head. Nile then locked in a dragon sleeper, resulting in the submission victory.

James Drake and Zack Gibson (Grizzled Young Veterans) defeated Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen

This was not great.

Gibson took control early but fell to double team offence. Drake helped Gibson retake control with some GYV tandem work.

Drake couldn’t keep control while facing down Briggs, but a sneaky tag let Gibson take the lead. GYV then singled out Jensen in classic tag-team fashion. Jenson grew progressively more desperate after multiple failed tag attempts; once Briggs actually tagged in, he ran through GYV, scoring a near fall after a backbreaker.

GYV retook control after Gibson jumped Briggs while he was occupied with Drake. GYV hit a combination dropkick/facebuster, resulting in a near fall. The pair then taunted Briggs, buying him enough time to dodge a dropkick and tag out.

Jensen tried to start a rally, but he was distracted by a woman in the crowd. Drake kneed Jensen in the head then covered him while Gibson held his feet, leading to a GYV victory.

After the match, Fallon Henley confronted GYV as they were walking up the ramp. Briggs and Jensen then came in and beat down Gibson. Commentary said it looked like “a bar fight in Alabama” and a “good ‘ole country ho-down”. Good lord. The show ended with Brooks & Jensen standing tall.