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NXT UK results: A-Kid vs. Charlie Dempsey Heritage Cup rules match

Two of the most promising young stars in NXT UK faced off in this week's main event.

Mark Coffey defeated Saxon Huxley (4:13)

They went back and forth early until Huxley hit a Thesz Press and rammed Coffey's head into the mat a few times. Coffey came back with strikes and got a near fall off a suplex.

Huxley scored a near fall of his own with a sit-down slam, but Coffey hit a back drop driver, followed by a sliding forearm for the win.

- Ivy Nile cut a promo on Meiko Satomura, who she will face in two weeks. Nile vowed to take the NXT UK Women's Championship home to the Diamond Mine.

- Von Wagner and Sam Gradwell watched each other's highlights and talked about their match next week.

Lash Legend defeated Emilia McKenzie (6:07)

Legend evaded and blocked McKenzie's offense early. She ragdolled McKenzie around and hit an elbow drop. Legend caught McKenzie when she came off the turnbuckles with a crossbody and threw her around some more.

McKenzie finally came back and hit a spinning neckbreaker that sent Legend to the outside, where she got wiped out with a dive. McKenzie hit the crossbody this time for a near fall, then followed up with a spear seconds later for another two count.

McKenzie went for her flipping spear off the turnbuckles, but Legend hit her with a big boot for the pinfall victory.

- Kenny Williams was looking for the "masked bozo" who was "stalking" him. Williams talked to a few guys backstage, urging them to let him know if they saw the masked man. Mark Andrews entered the room and told Williams to worry more about him. They will meet in two weeks.

Sha Samuels defeated Damon Kemp (5:43)

Kemp dominated Samuels using his amateur wrestling prowess. Samuels eventually hit an elbow to the face and a lariat for a near fall. Samuels kept pressure on the rookie for a few more minutes until he missed an elbow off the turnbuckle and got suplexed around a few times.

Kemp was in control until Noam Dar wrapped his scarf around Kemp's leg, which distracted the big man. This allowed Samuels to hit a spinebuster and pick up the victory by pinfall.

- A great video segment looked at next week's triple threat match for the NXT UK Tag Team titles. Moustache Mountain, Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith, and Die Familie all talked about how they would win next week's match. Teoman said Trent Seven was a desperate man and would make mistakes.

- Wolfgang gave Damon Kemp a pep talk and told him that if he wanted to beat Sha Samuels and Noam Dar, he had to learn to do things "the Glasgow way."

Heritage Cup rules match: Charlie Dempsey defeated A-Kid in round six (18:10)

Round One --

They went back and forth with some great mat work and submission attempts for the first few minutes. A-Kid eventually hit a running dropkick for a two count late in the round before they went for more submissions. A-Kid got a bridging pin just as the round was ending and Dempsey kicked out right at the bell.

Round Two --

There were more submission attempts by both men as they used some unique offense and beautiful transitions. Dempsey hit a unique backbreaker just as the round ended.

Round Three --

Both men had locked in kneebars and leglocks at the same time, then both made the ropes. Dempsey was bleeding from the nose by this time.

Dempsey hit a running European uppercut for a two count. After some back and forth, Dempsey hit a wheelbarrow German suplex for two. Dempsey locked in a bow-and-arrow submission on the mat and A-Kid quickly tapped out to prevent further damage. Dempsey 1-0

Round Four --

A-Kid went to strike but Dempsey hit a dragon screw. They traded strikes until A-Kid hit a German suplex, followed by a Northern Lights suplex. A-Kid caught Dempsey with a sleeper in mid-air and then went for a guillotine, which Dempsey turned into a suplex. A-Kid hit a half-and-half suplex, followed by a flying superkick for the pin. A-Kid 1-1 

Round Five --

A-Kid hit a crossbody off the top early, then hit a fisherman's suplex for a two count. A-Kid hit a hard knee and a kick for another near fall. A-Kid went for an armbar, but Dempsey Gotch-lifted him and hit a powerbomb for a two-count of his own.

A-Kid connected with a few punishing kicks. With just seconds left in the round, A-Kid hit the moonsault DDT off the top rope. He would have scored the pin, but time ran out before the referee could count to three.

Round Six --

A-Kid started with a running dropkick into the corner, then hit a suplex that dropped Dempsey on his head and neck. A-Kid followed with a German suplex.

Dempsey reached for his towel but got German suplexed before he could unwrap it. As the referee took the towel away, Dempsey had pulled brass knuckles from the towel, threw them to A-Kid, and flinched in hopes of the referee disqualifying A-Kid. A-Kid threw the brass knucks to the ref but ate a hard right cross from Dempsey in the process. Dempsey hit a bridging suplex for the deciding pinfall. Dempsey wins 2-1

Final Thoughts --

This was mostly a one-match show, but what a match it was! A-Kid vs. Dempsey was just plain fantastic and spectacular. If you like the British style or just plain submission/shoot-style wrestling like the old UWFI, AMBITION, or Bloodsport, go out of your way to check this match out. It was unreal and you basically only see these kind of matches within the WWE umbrella on NXT UK. Both men absolutely have the talent to headline PPVs on the main roster right now.

Coffey vs. Huxley was okay. Legend vs. McKenzie was basically a Lash Legend showcase and totally devalued McKenzie as a serious contender for the future. Kemp looked good against Samuels, and this sets up a tag match with Kemp & Wolfgang vs. Samuels & Dar.

Next Week --

  • NXT UK Tag Team Champions Moustache Mountain defend against Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith and Die Familie in a triple threat match
  • Sam Gradwell vs. Von Wagner

In Two Weeks --

  • NXT UK Women's Champion Meiko Satomura defends against Ivy Nile
  • Mark Andrews vs. Kenny Williams