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NXT UK results: Devlin vs. Seven Cruiserweight title match


Taped at BT Sport Studios in London, England

The Big Takeaways --

The episode had some nice storyline progressions, finished one long-building feud (Jordan Devlin vs. Trent Seven), and built up an intriguing challenge (WALTER vs. Rampage Brown). Nathan Frazer, the former Ben Carter, looked good in his match and Meiko Satomura picked up a win over newcomer Dani Luna.

The Devlin vs. Seven NXT Cruiserweight Championship main event was very good and told a good story of the aging underdog looking to score one final victory, which -- in the end -- he didn't get.

Full Rundown --

The show opened with the weigh-in between NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin and Trent Seven from this week's episode of WWE's The Bump. Devlin weighed in at 195 lbs, while Seven narrowly made weight at 204.25 lbs. This means their Cruiserweight title match is official for later tonight.

Nathan Frazer pinned Ashton Smith after a frog splash (7:03)

Frazer of course is the former Ben Carter. Smith waltzed him down with a shoulder block early, but Frazer then took Smith down with a headlock takedown off a suplex attempt. Frazer used his speed advantage to further dominate Smith. Smith came back by working the arm and hit a lariat on Frazer for a two count.

Frazer hit a springboard crossbody, but Smith rolled through, stood up with Frazer, and hoisted him up for a suplex for another near fall. Frazer came back with a running dropkick and a coast-to-coast dropkick from one turnbuckle to the other corner. He missed a senton and ate a sit-down powerbomb for another close near fall. Frazer finally came back with a quebrada and a top rope frog splash for the pinfall victory.

- Ilja Dragunov was joined by a camera crew backstage as he requested some time to make a statement. Dragunov said he wanted to apologize for his recent behavior during his matches and said that was just not the way he was. He said he did not know what overcame him there. Suddenly, Sam Gradwell walked up to Dragunov and told Dragunov that he is what happened. Gradwell said he beat Dragunov (well, he didn't) and that he would beat him in any kind of match.

Gradwell started rattling various match types off. As he came to "no DQ match," Dragunov calmly told him that he agreed to that one. For once, Gradwell was at a loss for words.

- Isla Dawn was back in her spooky room with her Ouija board and tarot cards. The first word that flashed across the screen was "anhoiy"and then she saw the card of "The Devil" as "diabolis" flashed on the screen. She finally encountered the card for "The Death." For some reason, this made her happy.

- WWE announced a special event called NXT UK: Prelude for WrestleMania week. It will air on Thursday, April 8 at 3 p.m. EST/8 p.m. BST. It was said there would be some matches with NXT UK superstars that would be some of the most talked about in NXT UK history.

- NXT UK general manager Johnny Saint announced one match for the NXT UK: Prelude special: Noam Dar vs. Tyler Bate in a Heritage Cup rules match, with the winner becoming the number one contender to A-Kid's Heritage Cup Championship. Dar originally requested a match with A-Kid, but Saint said he would have to earn a title shot.

- A video recapped Seven's preparation for tonight's Cruiserweight title match.

Meiko Satomura pinned Dani Luna after Scorpio Rising (6:03)

Satomura started with leg kicks, but Luna quickly overpowered her. They traded holds on the mat, then Satomura took back over with kicks. Satomura used a judo throw off a test of strength and threw more kicks off an extended headlock.

Luna hit a superplex off the top, but she ate some head kicks afterwards. Luna hit a lariat for a near fall and then went for a German suplex, but Satomura blocked and hit a Pele kick. Satomura then hit Scorpio Rising for the win.

Satomura shook Luna's hand after the match.

- Jinny and Joseph Conners cut a promo. They complained that Piper Niven & Jack Starz only won their mixed tag team match last week because of an illegal move (Niven hitting a Piper Driver on Conners, which is against mixed tag rules). Jinny considered the loss null and void and Conners said he'd face Jack Starz in a singles match next.

- A video recapped Devlin's NXT Cruiserweight Championship reign, from winning the title at Worlds Collide to issuing and winning all his open challenge matches thus far.

- Dani Luna was interviewed backstage and said she lost, but Satomura is the best in the world. Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster came up to Luna to talk as she left.

WALTER speaks

WALTER said he was standing here before us as the longest reigning NXT United Kingdom Champion in history. He said he's dominated ever since his arrival and ran down the list of the wrestlers he's defeated: British Strong Style, Joe Coffey, Dave Mastiff, Ilja Dragunov, and the list goes on and on. But WALTER said he's still here for competition. WALTER told Johnny Saint to look the world over and find the next challenger for him. WALTER said he wants someone who is worthy.

At that point, the Ring General's address was interrupted by the music of Rampage Brown, who walked down to ringside with a microphone in hand. Brown entered the ring and told WALTER that Mr. Saint didn't have to search the world over -- he just had to look into his own backyard. Brown told WALTER that he was a dominant champion, but he's never faced Rampage Brown. Brown told WALTER to let him know when he was ready. WALTER smirked and turned away, but Brown shoved him.

WALTER told Brown not to touch him in German as he shoved back, but Brown shoved the big man down and told him that when they face off, his reign will come to an end. WALTER rolled out of the ring and backed down the ramp while staring Brown down and telling Brown (in German) that he wasn't a champion.

- Xia Brookside and Nina Samuels were at the gym. Brookside made Samuels do all kinds of chores, then told her to get a chalk bucket and fill up her water bottle. Brookside told her the bottle was very wet and when Samuels mocked her, Brookside kicked over the chalk bucket. Brookside told Samuels to clean up and not to forget to work out herself.

- A graphic once more plugged tonight's main event.

- Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams were at the UK Performance Center working out. Jordan still complained about Williams cheating, but Williams told him it was a knee-jerk reaction, which Jordan didn't buy. Williams told him they'd face Pretty Deadly for the NXT UK Tag Team titles in two weeks. Jordan was overjoyed, but told Williams they would not have to cheat to win that match.

- Ilja Dragunov faces Sam Gradwell in a no disqualification match next week.

- At NXT UK: Prelude in three weeks, WALTER defends his NXT United Kingdom Championship against Rampage Brown.

NXT Cruiserweight Championship match: Jordan Devlin retained against Trent Seven after a 450 splash to the lower back (17:37)

Devlin attacked right away, but Seven blocked his attack, hit a number of chops, and threw Devlin to ringside. Seven then followed and threw Devlin on top of the barricade. Devlin briefly got the upper hand, but he quickly was overpowered again. Seven hit a snap dragon suplex on the outside and threw Devlin into the ring, but his cover only got a two count.

Seven was a house of fire, using a hip toss and leg drop. He went for a snap DDT, but Devlin escaped and hit the uranage/standing moonsault combo. Devlin then hit a Saito suplex-style backbreaker over the shoulder. He kept working over Seven's back, bending it around the ring post from the outside. Devlin was in control for a few more minutes, grinding Seven down.

Devlin went for his Four Leaf Cloverleaf, but Seven slapped his way out of it. Seven then hit a DDT that had Devlin rattled. Seven hit a somersault stunner from the turnbuckle, then hit the Emerald Frosion for a two count.

Seven sent Devlin to the outside and then hit a dive that bent Devlin backwards over the barricade. Seven went for a twisting somersault senton from the top, but Devlin moved and locked in the Four Leaf Cloverleaf. Seven fought and grabbed the ropes, then rolled Devlin up in a small package for a near fall.

Seven went for a single-leg Boston Crab, but Devlin made the ropes quickly. Seven went for the Seven Star Lariat, but Devlin hit a vicious headbutt and held onto Seven's arm, looking to hit the Devlin Side, but Seven grabbed the ropes. Seven hit a number of slaps and chops, but Devlin never released the wrist. Devlin hit some Kawada-style kicks and then went for Devlin Side, but Seven countered into the Seven Star Lariat for a near fall. Seven went for the Burning Hammer, but Devlin escaped and hit a suplex for a near fall of his own.

Seven stopped Devlin on the top rope and then hit a top rope dragon suplex. Seven hit a Burning Hammer, but Devlin got his foot under the rope at 2.5. Seven looked spent but forced himself up. He went for a Seven Star Lariat once more as Devlin was in the ropes, but Devlin thumbed his eye as the referee was out of position. Devlin hit Devlin Side, but Seven very narrowly kicked out.

Devlin then hit a 450 splash off the top onto Seven's injured lower back for the pinfall victory and successful title defense.

Final Thoughts --

This was a fun show with a great main event. it will be interesting to see where Seven goes from here and if there maybe is a heel turn in his future to make things interesting for him again. Devlin seems to be on a collision course with Santos Escobar over at NXT to unify the Cruiserweight titles.

Nathan Frazer, the former Ben Carter, looked good against Ashton Smith and Meiko Satomura started her path of redemption after losing to NXT UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray two weeks ago. 

Next Week --

  • No DQ match: Ilja Dragunov vs. Sam Gradwell

In Two Weeks --

  • NXT UK Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly defend against Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan

In Three Weeks (NXT UK: Prelude) --

  • NXT United Kingdom Champion WALTER defends against Rampage Brown
  • Heritage Cup rules match: Noam Dar vs. Tyler Bate (winner becomes the number one contender to A-Kid's Heritage Cup Championship)