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NXT UK results: Finn Balor vs. Alexander Wolfe


Taped at Coventry Skydome in Coventry, England on March 6, 2020

Quick results:

  • Former ring announcer Andy Shepherd is the new color commentator for NXT UK alongside Nigel McGuinness
  • Finn Balor appeared in NXT and called out WALTER, then thwarted an attack by Imperium
  • Piper Niven vowed to do something about Kay Lee Ray, who she called 'evil'
  • Pretty Deadly beat Dan Moloney & Dereiss Gordon; all four men looked good
  • Alexander Wolfe demanded a match with Balor for tonight and got it approved by Johnny Saint; Jordan Devlin also was told he's defend his cruiserweight title against Travis Banks in two weeks in the same segment
  • Dave Mastiff, Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster got set up for next week
  • Noam Dar beat Ligero
  • Travis Banks promised to become cruiserweight champion
  • Dani Luna vs. Amale went to a no contest when Kay Lee Ray attacked both women
  • Finn Balor pinned Alexander Wolfe after a 1916 and survived another attempted attack by Imperium mid-match

Full rundown:

Nigel McGuinness and newly appointed NXT UK play-by-play announcer Andy Shepherd welcomed us to the show. Shepherd is the former NXT UK ring announcer and previously called some early UK Tournament shows. They were interrupted by the lights going out and Finn Balor's music playing.

Balor came out, said his name and that he wasn't hear to pop ratings but to call out WALTER. The champion's music played and he came out and stared Balor down from ringside. The rest of Imperium appeared and Alexander Wolfe welcomed Balor to NXT UK, said this was Imperium's domain and vowed to give Balor a welcome. Balor quickly disposed of Aichner and Barthel, then escaped a German suplex attempt by Wolfe and gave him a sling blade before ducking a clothesline by WALTER and escaping to ringside.

Piper Niven was interviewed earlier in the week. She talked about her and Toni Storm being like sisters and she had to come out during the Storm/Kay Lee Ray I Quit Match to talk some sense into Toni before she'd get crippled.

She said she never could have interfered in the match, as Toni would never have talked to her. She said when she comforted a sobbing Toni, she looked up at KLR and saw that she was evil. She vowed to do something about her.

A highlight video on Tyler Bate aired.

Pretty Deadly (Lewis Howley & Sam Stoker) beat Dan Moloney & Dereiss Gordon

Pretty Deadly threw their shirts at their opponents and beat them down. Moloney made a brief comeback against Howley and tagged Gordon, who showed some good athleticism. Stoker tagged back in and together, Pretty Deadly attacked Gordon once more. 

An assisted uppercut had Gordon down for a near-fall as Pretty Deadly tagged in and out in quick succession. Gordon finally got the hot tag and Moloney ran wild on both members of Pretty Deadly. Pretty Deadly came back with Deadly Pretty (an assisted Codebreaker) on Moloney for the win.

Alexander Wolfe walked up to Johnny Saint and Sid Scala all agitated and demanded a match against Finn Balor. Saint just looked at him and nonchalantly said "OK".  Jordan Devlin then walked up and declared he was back in the UK. Scala informed him that he would defend his NXT Cruiserweight title against Travis Banks in two weeks.

Dave Mastiff, Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster were at the UK Performance Center when Gallus walked up to talk trash. They agreed to face off in a six-men match next week.

Noam Dar pinned Ligero

Ligero took over early after Dar tried evading him. Dar came back with a dropkick through the ropes onto Ligero on the apron, that sent Ligero to ringside. Dar worked over Ligero's hand back in the ring, then applied a chinlock. and tugged away at Ligero's mask. 

Ligero threw Dar to ringside, then followed up with a plancha. After Ligero took over for a bit, he went for a handspring armdrag, but got caught in a Fujiwara armbar. Dar attacked Ligero's legs, then hit the Nova Roller for the win.

Travis Banks was being interviewed about meeting Jordan Devlin for the Cruiserweight title. He promised to be the first ever Kiwi champion in NXT history.

Dani Luna and Amale went to a no contest

Luna threw Amale halfway across the ring, then took her down repeatedly. Amale came back with a hammerlock, but Luna lifted her up with one hand and hit a fall away slam. Just as Luna looked ready to deal out more punishment, Kay Lee Ray ran out and attacked both women for the no contest.

Kay Lee Ray said that now that she had successfully got rid of Toni Storm, she was here to let every girl in NXT UK know that this division belonged to her. Luna briefly attacked her but quickly got taken out with a Gory Bomb. KLR reiterated that the division belonged to her.

A video on Aoife Valkyrie aired, where she claimed every feather she wore stood for a battle she won to become who she was. 

Finn Balor pinned Alexander Wolfe

Balor quickly took over with a hammerlock on the mat, then followed with a dropkick off a sunset flip roll-through. He followed up with a sitting cobra clutch but got backed into the corner. He kicked away at Wolfe and hit some chops. Wolfe came back with a backbreaker, then hit some punches. 

As Wolfe locked in a waist lock, the rest of Imperium slowly walked to ringside. Wolfe rammed his shoulders into Balor in the corner, then locked in a bear hug. Balor came back with a double chop to the chest, then hit a running basement dropkick on Wolfe. 

Balor repeatedly stomped Wolfe while locking eyes with WALTER. He hit a sling blade and went to attack out of the corner, but Barthel came in and grabbed his leg while Aichner looked to attack. Balor fought him off as the referee then ejected Imperium from ringside.

Wolfe hit an enzuigiri and went for a sit-down power bomb, but Balor escaped and hit a double foot stomp on Wolfe, who came back with a bridging German suplex. Balor escaped a fireman's carry into a slop drop, then hit a running drop kick and hit the coup de grâce, followed by the 1916 for the pinfall victory.

Next week:

Dave Mastiff, Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster will face Gallus in six-men action.