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NXT UK results: Gallus vs. The Hunt tag title match


Quick results --

  • Kay Lee Ray beat Isla Dawn in a non-title match
  • Ben Carter will make his debut soon
  • Ilja Dragunov is looking to start all over on is path to the championship
  • Levi Muir & Jack Starz beat Saxon Huxley in a handicap match; after the match, Huxley attacked them and was in turn attacked by Dave Mastiff
  • Piper Niven will face Jinny in a #1 contender's match in three weeks
  • A-Kid called out WALTER and challenged him for the NXT UK championship; the match as later confirmed for 2021
  • Kenny Williams is seemingly still hurt and will support Amir Jordan as a single
  • Trent Seven seemingly will take a break from the ring
  • Rampage Brown beat Josh Morrell
  • Gallus beat The Hunt, when Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster interfered; also interfering were Eddie Dennis and Joe Coffey; after the match, both Pretty Deadly and Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter got involved

Report --

Non-title match: NXT UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray pinned Isla Dawn (04:18)

Isla comes off a victory over Xia Brookside, who was distracted by Nina Samuels last week. This also was KLR's first match since her brutal title defense in a falls count anywhere match against Piper Niven a few weeks back.

KLR dominated the early portion of the match, but Dawn took over with a knee strike into the ropes and a running meteora. Dawn scored a close near fall off the Saito suplex she beat Brookside with last week.

KLR came back with a Tornado DDT, then locked in a Koji clutch, which Dawn only narrowly escaped. KLR then hit a super kick and the Gory Bomb for the victory.

After the match, KLR cut a quick promo and said she'd be champion for a long, long time.


A video highlighted NXT UK's newest signee, Ben Carter.

William Regal, Nigel McGuinness, Ashton Smith, Gallus and Sid Scala all sang his praises. Clips aired of Carter, courtesy of SCWPro in Iowa.

Carter, 22 from Jersey in the UK, started out two years ago and went to the U.S. to train under Seth Rollins at his Black & Brave wrestling school.

He has had matches on AEW Dark, Impact, GCW and Beyond, and will make his debut on NXT UK soon.


A tremendous video of Ilja Dragunov aired.

It was shot in black and white and saw Dragunov sit on a chair in an empty ring, talking about his match with WALTER. He called it probably the match of the year 2020 in WWE and that it was a lion fighting a tiger. He said he promised to redefine violence with this match and he did. But he lost.

He said now, he had to start all over again. The only thing shot in color in this video were his red contact lenses, which he then removed in a close up shot. This was just amazing from an emotional and cinematographic point of view.


Handicap match: Levi Muir & Jack Starz beat Saxon Huxley (05:21)

Huxley attacked both men at the NXT UK Performance Center last week and left them laying.

Starz started out with Huxley, but got manhandled and looked worried. Muir was in next, who seemed to have the strength advantage, but got pounced out of mid-air off a leapfrog attempt. Starz hit a dropkick-assisted body press for a two count.

Huxley hit an impressive gorilla press slam on Starz, then smashed into both opponents on a run around ringside. Starz kicked out of a pin after a gutwrench powerbomb.

Muir briefly was on offense and the team even took Huxley off his feet with a double dropkick.

Starz hit a sunset flip on Huxley who held on to the top rope, but Muir slapped his hands away from the apron, allowing Starz to score the deciding pin for his team.

Huxley attacked both men after the match, but Dave Mastiff ran out to make the save and clotheslined Huxley over the top.


Piper Niven stormed into Sid Scala's office and demanded that he watch a video on her phone.

It looked like from a CCTV camera at the Performance Center. Niven was seen lifting some weights, then took a quick break, while someone wheeled a chest into the room. Niven looked into it and it contained a steel chair with a piece of paper attached to it.

She gave it to Scala and it looked like a signed contract. Niven demanded a match with Jinny (the chair seemingly was the one Jinny attacked Niven with to cost her the match against Kay Lee Ray a few weeks ago).

It was confirmed Niven and Jinny will meet in a #1 contender's match in three weeks.


Dave Mastiff was shown walking backstage when he met Rampage Brown. Brown asked him about his interaction with Huxley and Mastiff told him he doesn't like bullies. This looked like a friendly encounter between friends.


A-Kid in-ring segment --

A-Kid was in the ring with the NXT UK Heritage Cup trophy and talked about how he was the first-ever Heritage Cup champion, won the tournament and eventually even beat his mentor, Tyler Bate.

He said his next step was very clear, and he challenged WALTER for the NXT UK championship.

WALTER walked out and told A-Kid that the next time he stepped into his ring, he must wipe his dirty feet on the ring apron.

He said it was great watching A-Kid in the tournament and he can clearly see he is very proud to be a professional wrestler. But how dare he claim to represent the heritage of this great sport. He said A-Kid was nothing special and like everyone else, his fairy tale will end once he steps into the ring with WALTER.

He said one thing will never change, and that is that WALTER is the NXT UK champion.


Kenny Williams was in the NXT UK Performance Center. He said his health update wasn't too good.

Amir Jordan walked in all happy and asked him if he was good to go so they could go for the tag team titles eventually. Williams told him he'd support him in his singles career instead.


Trent Seven did a sit-down interview, talking about the Heritage Cup. He said he thought he did enough, but he didn't.

He was caught up in what the Heritage Cup meant and was looking backwards at all the great men that came before him, when he should have been looking forward.

He said he needed to become better and it sounded like he will be taking a break from active competition, as he stated that he will be gone for a while, but not forever.

Rampage Brown pinned Josh Morrell (03:12)

Brown hit a huge back body drop on Brown, then kicked him out of the ring. Brown kept dismantling Morrell, but the youngster briefly came back with a dropkick and a corkscrew plancha.

Seconds later, Brown hit a devastating clothesline, followed by a dead lift powerbomb and the Doctor Bomb for the victory.


Sid Scala had a breaking news announcement and said if all parties agree, WALTER would defend his NXT UK championship against A-Kid in the new year.


NXT UK Tag Team Championship: Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) defeated The Hunt (Wild Boar & Primate) w/Eddie Dennis to retain the titles (07:59)

The Hunt attacked Wolfgang right away and took turns beating him down. He eventually managed to pick up Boar and drive him into his corner, allowing Coffey to tag in.

Dennis briefly distracted Coffey, allowing his guys to take back over. The Hunt were firmly in control as Eddie Dennis played his part at ringside to ensure his team stayed on top of their opponents.

Coffey finally made the hot tag to Wolfgang, who ran wild on both opponents. Dennis freely interfered behind the referee's back, until Joe Coffey ran out and drove him into the ring steps.

As Joe Coffey argued with the ref, The Hunt went to the top in order to deliver their double flying headbutts. Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster then ran out and pushed The Hunt off the turnbuckles, allowing Gallus to hit their powerslam/head kick finisher on Wild Boar for the successful title defense.

As Gallus celebrated, Pretty Deadly walked out, looking to challenge the champions.

As the teams had words back and forth, Asthon Smith & Oliver Carter came out, attacked Pretty Deadly and threw them into the ring, where Gallus promptly beat them up and threw them to the outside again.

The tag team division in NXT UK certainly looks stacked going into 2021.

Next week --

A special Christmas Edition of NXT UK.