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NXT UK results: Gallus vs. Imperium Tag Team title match


Taped at Bonus Arena in Hull, England on November 16, 2019

Quick results --

  • Kay Lee Ray pinned Isla Dawn after hitting the Gory Bomb. Piper Niven and Toni Storm then came out -- and after Storm attacked KLR, Storm and Niven got in each other's faces. Sid Scala then made a triple threat Women's Championship match for NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II.
  • Jordan Devlin made fun of Tyler Bate in another one of his video presentations.
  • Trent Seven vs. Michael May never got started due to Eddie Dennis attacking May before the match.
  • Noam Dar sought out Johnny Saint backstage to talk about being on TakeOver and learned that he would be facing Tyler Bate next week instead.
  • Ridge Holland destroyed Jack Starz in an impressive squash.
  • Amir Jordan surprised Kenny Williams at the NXT UK Performance Center and announced he was back from injury.
  • A Tag Team title match between champions Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) and Imperium (Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner) went to a no contest when both The Grizzled Young Veterans and Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster interfered. Scala and Johnny Saint then announced that all four teams would compete for the titles in a ladder match at TakeOver: Blackpool II.

Full rundown --

The show opened up with a graphic for our main event, pitting Gallus against Imperium with the NXT UK Tag Team titles on the line.

Non-title match: NXT UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray pinned Isla Dawn after hitting the Gory Bomb

They grappled for position early, then Dawn hit a running crossbody, evaded a dropkick, and rolled KLR up with a cradle. KLR went for the Gory Bomb, but Dawn countered out of it with a Destroyer for a near fall.

Dawn missed a flying knee in the corner, and KLR immediately went to attack the knee. KLR kept on the offense with a chop and a front suplex for a near fall of her own. Dawn got out of the way of a KLR kick in the corner and hit a back drop driver, then followed with a meteora from the top for another two count.

KLR came back with a kick, a super kick, and the Gory Bomb for the victory.

KLR cut a promo after the match and talked about her dominance. She talked about beating Toni Storm and having Piper Niven rattled. Niven's music played and she entered in a jacket, which she slowly took off. As she was doing so, Toni Storm stormed right past her and attacked KLR, who quickly fled to ringside.

Niven and Storm then jaw-jacked in the ring as KLR was about to slink to the back. Sid Scala's music played and the assistant GM came out with a mic in hand. He announced that Kay Lee Ray would defend her title against Niven and Storm in a triple threat match at NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II.

- Jordan Devlin had another video presentation. After the last one only being about himself, he was now about to present the rest of the very talented NXT UK roster. Devlin then showed clips of Tyler Bate getting beaten up, first losing to the Grizzled Young Veterans alongside his "elderly father" Trent Seven. The next clip was of WALTER powerbombing him into the ring post at Download Festival and Trent Seven carrying him to the back.

The final clip was from the "five star classic" between WALTER and Bate, but featured only clips of WALTER beating Bate up. Devlin then concluded that Bate was a loser.

- Joe Coffey was interviewed on his way to the NXT UK Performance Center. He said that WALTER attacked him at the last TakeOver Blackpool, leaving a mark on his face after kicking him with his size 14 boot. He said that when he beats WALTER, this would be Gallus' kingdom.

Trent Seven vs. Michael May never got started

As Seven was making his entrance, Eddie Dennis suddenly appeared, pulled May out of the ring, and slammed him into the steps. He beat May up some more, then rolled him into the ring, all the while smiling at Seven. Seven tended to May and helped him up as Nigel McGuinness and Tom Phillips talked about the situation.

- Radzi Chinyanganya talked to Noam Dar backstage. Radzi wanted to discuss the contractual claims Dar made before TakeOver: Cardiff. Dar told him to follow him to Johnny Saint's office. As Scala and Saint emerged, Dar told them that he knew they'd announce his match last, but he was going to take a holiday.

Scala told him not to pack his bags yet, as next week he would face someone with plenty of TakeOver experience in Tyler Bate. Dar was livid at that.

Ridge Holland pinned Jack Starz after hitting Northern Grit

Holland immediately launched Starz halfway across the ring, then took him down with a shoulder block and hit an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. He stomped and kicked away at Starz, who briefly tried fighting back, but quickly got stopped in his tracks with a hard knee.

Holland hit a double underhook into another overhead belly-to-belly. He missed a charge into the corner, then Starz flipped out of a back suplex off a side headlock and hit a number of European uppercuts. Starz then quickly got pounced high into the air on an attempted charge, and Holland hit Northern Grit for the victory. Holland looked like an unstoppable monster here.

- A camera filmed Kenny Williams at the NXT UK Performance Center and told him it was "for a surprise." Amir Jordan then came up to him and told him his shoulder was all healed up and they'd be tagging again next week. Williams was excited about that, but not that excited about Jordan wanting to dance again.

- A graphic confirmed Tyler Bate vs. Noam Dar for next week.

NXT UK Tag Team title match: Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) vs. Imperium (Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel) ended in a no contest

Both teams got into it even before the bell rang, with the referee having trouble separating the parties. Wolfgang and Aichner started out, but Wolfgang quickly tagged in Coffey. Barthel tagged in and took Coffey down with an arm drag. Barthel stayed in control with another quick takedown and armbar. Aichner tagged back in and Coffey finally came back with a shoulder block, then tagged out to Wolfgang.

Gallus isolated Aichner in their corner for a while, then sent him to ringside before hitting some unique double-team moves on Barthel. Barthel managed to trap Coffey in a tree-of-woe position and he and Aichner hit stereo dropkicks.

Now it was Imperium's turn to isolate Coffey. Barthel went wild on Coffey and had to be restrained by the referee. The ring doctor and Wolfgang checked on Coffey, but he wanted to continue. He managed to hit Barthel with a hard right, but quickly got beaten down once more. Aichner hit a number of hard lariats on Coffey, but Coffey finally came back, clotheslining Barthel off the apron and throwing Aichner after him. He then back body dropped an intercepting Aichner and finally made the hot tag.

Wolfgang hit a crossbody into the corner on Aichner and a double axe handle off the top on Barthel. He press slammed Barthel onto Aichner, then hit a suplex on Aichner for a near fall.

Coffey was back and hit a slingshot/Samoan drop combo on Aichner for another two count, but Imperium quickly was back in control with some fast teamwork, ending in Aichner hitting a spinebuster on Wolfgang. Imperium went for the European Bomb on Wolfgang, but Coffey grabbed Barthel's leg. Barthel hit a flatliner on Wolfgang, followed by a deadlift German suplex by Aichner.

Coffey came back in and traded shots with Barthel. Aichner hit a rolling senton and moonsault, but Wolfgang prevented the cover with a spear.

As all four men were down, the Grizzled Young Veterans suddenly ran out and attempted to steal Gallus' NXT UK Tag Team title belts. Just as they were about to run to the back, Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster came out to stop them. The two teams brawled into the ring and the referee threw the match out. Chaos ensued as all four teams went at it, including Webster diving on top of everyone.

At this point, Scala and Saint came out and were livid with everyone. Scala took physical control of the belts and then told everyone that the next time they would see these titles again would be at NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II, when they would be suspended over the ring and the four teams would compete for them in a ladder match.

Next week --

Noam Dar faces Tyler Bate. Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan will also be in action for the first time as a team in six months.