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NXT UK results: Gallus vs. Pretty Deadly Tag Team title match

Gallus vs. Pretty Deadly

The Big Takeaways:

Pretty Deadly ended Gallus' 510 day reign as NXT UK Tag Team champions, winning the titles in a fun main event after using some dirty tactics. Nina Samuels lost to Xia Brookside and has to be her personal assistant for the next 30 days. Bailey Matthews, the son of William Regal, looked great in his debut match against Tyler Bate.

Show rundown:

Xia Brookside defeated Nina Samuels in a loser becomes the winner's personal assistant for a month match (5:45)

They brawled early and ended up at ringside where Samuels threw Brookside into her bags and then rolled her back into the ring at nine. Samuels worked Brookside over for a while and locked in a number of submission attempts. Brookside eventually escaped and hit a neckbreaker for a near fall.

They ended up at ringside again with Brookside in control until Samuels caught her off a hurricanrana attempt and slammed her into the barricades. Back in the ring, Samuels demanded that Henry, the production assistant who carried her bags to the ring for the past few weeks, hand her a handbag. He refused and eventually left after Samuels grabbed the purse from him. This gave Brookside time to recover and she kicked the purse out of Samuels' hands and scored a double leg takedown and a bridging pin for the win.

Samuels looked to attack Brookside, but the referee stopped her. Samuels threw a fit when she realized that she now would be Brookside's personal assistant for the next month.

-- A nice video looked at Trent Seven training for his upcoming match against Jordan Devlin. He got up in the morning, went running with his dogs, and eventually ran up a mountain top overlooking parts of England where he posed.

-- Ilja Dragunov was asked about his match with Tyson T-Bone where he lost control once again. He said he didn't know what happened, but it wasn't easy as someone (Sam Gradwell) was standing next to the ring, calling him out. Gradwell then walked up and talked some more trash and they agreed to have a match.

-- A graphic plugged Kay Lee Ray defending her title against Meiko Satomura next week in addition to Gradwell vs. Dragunov.

Tyler Bate defeated Bailey Matthews (5:43)

Matthews is the son of William Regal and first appeared on the wrestling scene in late 2018. He had a few dark matches for PROGRESS and EVOLVE in late 2018 and also toured with wXw in Germany for a month in March 2019 including an appearance at the indie showcase #WrestlingDeutschland II at that year's 16 Carat Gold weekend. He actually started training as a Young Lion at the NJPW Dojo in early 2020 and was briefly seen ringside in that role at Wrestle Kingdom 14.

Bate cut a promo on a split screen during his entrance, asking for a challenge and for Johnny Saint to find him an opponent.

Bailey looked good early on, taking Bate down with an arm drag and holding on to the wrist despite the Big Strong Boi's best efforts to shake him. They kept mat wrestling and trading holds. Bailey held his own and even managed to score a very close near fall off a bridging pin off a backslide.

Bate stopped Bailey with a kick to the head off the mat followed by an exploder, the running shooting star, and airplane spin. Bailey actually escaped and scored another near fall. Bate finally hit a rolling kappa kick off a European uppercut and followed up with the Tyler Driver '97 for the win. Bate helped him up and shook his hand after the match.

-- A video aired for the upcoming debut of Metehan, the former Lucky Kid. It showed his hometown of Berlin, Germany, as he narrated the story of his youth. His family grew up in one of the poorest parts of town. As the oldest kid, he took it upon himself to go out and provide for his family. He said that you either needed money or friends and that this kid had none. All he knew was that one day, everyone out there would honor, respect and fear him. The video then concluded with the words "to be continued" in German, Turkish and English.

-- Joseph Conners was being interviewed when Piper Niven interrupted. She called him "glass jaw" and he told her that now she was sticking her nose in his business. He talked about how Jinny was a real woman and when Niven looked into the mirror, all she saw was "a common ... " at which point, Niven slapped him, but got attacked by Jinny from behind. They briefly brawled, but were quickly broken up.

Niven demanded a match with Jinny and Conners from Sid Scala who told her he couldn't make that match. Niven asked why everyone around here got what they wanted except her. She then grabbed Jack Starz and told Scala that he was her tag team partner for the match. Starz then nodded to Scala that this would be fine by him.

Aoife Valkyrie defeated Lana Austin (4:08)

This was Austin's first match back since a January 2019 loss to Nina Samuels.

Valkyrie was in control early on until Austin caught a kick, got her to the mat, and hit a basement dropkick. Valkyrie came back with a swinging neckbreaker, but Austin scored a number of near falls off rollups and backslides. Valkyrie finally came back with a spin kick and the flying axe kick off the top for the win.

-- A graphic plugged Tyler Bate vs. Dave Mastiff (seemingly the challenger Saint found for Bate) and a mixed tag team match between Niven & Starz vs. Jinny & Conners in two weeks. Bate will also be a guest on Noam Dar's Supernova Sessions next week.

-- Brookside was asked about her win and said she felt great, but wasn't so sure about "this one." She told Samuels that "you asked for it." Samuels then came out carrying Brookside's bags and suitcases but stumbled, lost a high heel, knocked over a suitcase, and looked close to having a nervous breakdown.

-- Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan were interviewed about tonight's main event. Williams revealed that he had been cleared earlier in the day and they would face Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith next week

Pretty Deadly (Lewis Howley & Sam Stoker) beat Gallus (Wolfgang & Mark Coffey) to win the NXT UK Tag Team titles (15:04)

Stoker and Coffey started, but quickly tagged out with not much happening early. Gallus gained control, but PD used quick tags to stay on top. Howley got thrown to ringside and PD regrouped. Stoker pulled Howley out of the corner as Wolfgang charged, resulting in a standoff between both teams.

PD worked well together, allowing Stoker to throw Wolfgang out of the ring off a distraction by Howley and allowing them to wear the bigger man down with a number of double team attacks. Wolfgang hit a splash onto Howley's back and managed to tag Coffey, who ran wild on both members of PD. Coffey stayed on offense until he missed a blind tag and got caught with a double team assisted gutbuster.

He still managed to tag Wolfgang and Gallus almost had the match won, if not for Stoker making the save. Stoker got chokeslammed on the apron by Coffey while Howley managed to get a small package on Wolfgang for another near fall. He then got wiped out by a spear afterward.

Wolfgang chased Stoker around ringside, but got tackled into the barricades by Howley, taking him out of the match. Back in the ring, Stoker turned a double corner whip by Coffey into a codebreaker for a near fall. Howley went to throw the title belts into the ring and Stoker distracted the ref while Howley looked to clock Coffey with the belt.

Coffey thwarted the attack, but still got DDT'd onto the belt by Stoker for another close near fall. PD eventually hit Spilled Milk (their Hart Attack-style running neckbreaker) on Coffey with Howley pinning him for the title win.

Final Thoughts:

The main event was fun and Pretty Deadly will breathe some fresh air into the NXT UK tag team scene which still is one of the best in the world with a number of very good teams. This will also lead to a number of fresh matches, both for the new champions and those looking to contend for the championship.

Bailey Matthews looked amazing for someone who has only had a handful of matches ever seen as he debuted just over two years ago. He looked good working a mat-based British style and should be a great addition to the growing NXT UK roster. With A-Kid, Ben Carter and Matthews all looking strong in recent weeks, the future looks bright for the brand.

Next week:

  • NXT UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray vs. Meiko Satomura
  • Ilja Dragunov vs. Sam Gradwell
  • Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan vs. Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter
  • Tyler Bate on Noam Dar's Supernova Sessions

In two weeks:

  • Piper Niven & Jack Starz vs. Jinny & Jospeh Conners in the first-ever mixed tag team match in NXT UK
  • Tyler Bate vs. Dave Mastiff