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NXT UK results: Heritage Cup contender tournament begins


Report --

Taped at BT Sports Studios in London, England

Wolfgang defeated Flash Morgan Webster (07:31)

They first showed a recap of Webster slapping Wolfgang to set up the match this week.

Webster used his speed to his advantage early and agitated Wolfgang with some quick offense. Wolfgang used his size to finally cut Webster down, but then got sent to the outside and was hit by a tope by Webster. Wolfgang came back and eventually posed over a fallen Webster.

He caught Webster coming off the ropes and hoisted him on his shoulders, but Flash hit a poison rana, then hit an elbow for a near fall. Webster came off the top with a senton bomb but Wolfgang got his knees up, then speared Webster into oblivion for the pin and the win.


Sid Scala announced that in two weeks, Joe Coffey will face Rampage Brown in the final match of their ongoing rivalry. The only way to win will be via submission or knockout.


Dani Luna and Mark Andrews were asked about Webster's match tonight. Isla Dawn crept up from behind and acted creepy. Luna told her to get lost.


Moustache Mountain walked around backstage with some training equipment. Bate said he will become a Grand Slam champion by beating Pretty Deadly next week and Seven said ho they can call themselves the best team in NXT UK when they never beat Moustache Mountain.


Sid Scala told Jinny and Joseph Conners that Jinny will have a rematch with Aoife Valkyrie in two weeks and it will be no disqualification. Also, Joseph Conners will be locked in a cage at ringside.

Jinny threw a fit, threw a chair, and Conners said this wouldn't change the outcome.

Amale defeated Nina Samuels (04:52)

Samuels ran wild on Amale early on, attacking her and throwing her around by the hair. Amale came back with a lariat and some ground and pound, then hit a bulldog for a two count. Samuels took back over, threw Amale face first into the turnbuckle then hit her with double knees to the back.

Amale came back with stomps and a running kick into the corner, then scored a near-fall with a swinging neckbreaker. Samuels came back and hit two spinning backbreakers. Amale hit a northern lights suplex, followed by the Heartbreaker (a spinebuster variation) to pick up the victory.


An amazing video about the upcoming WALTER vs. Ilja Dragunov match aired.

Ilja talked about how WALTER had become his nightmare and now the nightmare was back. He said he was broken inside after their match but he is different now. He said that he lost all respect for WALTER. He said he will now become WALTER's nightmare. His choice of words and delivery were much better than this synopsis, so go watch the clip yourself if you are looking forward to this match.

A video then recapped what happened between Dragunov, Pete Dunne and WALTER on NXT in the U.S. this week


A video from two weeks ago was shown, as Symbiosis made their way backstage after their loss to Moustache Mountain. 

As Dennis was about to cut a promo, Saxon Huxley stormed into the room with his chain, screaming "Better luck next time!" over and over again. Dennis asked if he was talking about them. He repeated screaming the phrase into Dennis' face, then stormed off again, as Symbiosis looked on and were puzzled.


Meiko Satomura talked about facing Stevie Turner next week. She said that Turner had to learn about respect and it was her role as a champion to teach her. Turner said she was the future of NXT UK and that she would win.


Pretty Deadly were at a WWE Warehouse and said they were surrounded by history, but would have to make space for their own history. They threw down some pictures of Moustache Mountain and said next week, Moustache Mountain would be the best team that Pretty Deadly has ever beaten.


Heritage Cup Number One Contender Tournament Round 1: Noam Dar defeated Mark Andrews two falls to one (15:30)

Round 1 --

They felt each other out and exchanged holds, with Andrews getting the better of things by holding on to a headlock

Round 2 --

Dar took over and beat Andrews down, then threw him to ringside and rammed him into the barriers. Andrews made a comeback just as the round ended.

Round 3 --

Andrews hit a sunset flip right at the bell, but got kicked off the turnbuckle and sold his leg. Teoman and Rohan Raja walked out at this point and looked on from the aisle. They went back and forth until Andrews hit Stun Dog Millionaire, then hit a dive to Dar on the outside. Andrews missed a springboard move, selling his leg but still went for the Pelè kick, but Dar caught his leg and applied the ankle lock for the submission win at 2:43 of the round. Teoman and Raja left again. Dar 1-0

Round 4 --

Andrews caught Dar's leg on a kick through the ropes and hit a dragon screw on the leg in the ropes. Both men sold their legs at this point. Dar went for the ankle lock again, but Andrews rolled through for a rollup pin to pick up the fall at 1:38 of the round. Andrews 1-1

Round 5 --

Andrews almost picked up the win with another pinning combination. Dar hit a back elbow that almost got him a three count. Dar went for the Nova Roller but Andrews caught him with an enzuigiri. He went up top, but Dar kicked his leg away and sent him crashing to the mat. Dar hit a mule kick to the leg, then hit the Nova Roller to score the final fall at 2:38 of the round. Dar wins 2-1


Next week:

  • NXT UK Women's Champion Meiko Satomura defends against Stevie Turner
  • NXT UK Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly defend against Moustache Mountain

In two weeks:

  • Rampage Brown vs. Joe Coffey in a submission or knockout match
  • Jinny vs. Aoife Valkyrie in a no disqualification match with Joseph Conners locked in a cage at ringside