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NXT UK results: Heritage Cup contender tournament continues


Report --

Blair Davenport vs. Nina Samuels never officially started

Davenport attacked Samuels as she was on the turnbuckles during her entrance and Samuels tumbled to ringside. Davenport followed, rammed her into the apron and the barricades, then hit the Falcon Arrow on her. She set up for her V-Trigger but the referee stopped her and another referee and Sid Scala ran in to check on Samuels. Scala screamed at her to go backstage.

Davenport then hit the V-Trigger on Scala and planted him with the Falcon Arrow. She left as Scala writhed on the mat in pain.


Highlights aired from last week's match between Aoife Valkyrie and Jinny. It was announced that Valkyrie had suffered an knee injury during the match and would be out for an indefinite amount of time. Jinny then cut a promo on her, saying she may have won the match, but Jinny was the woman still standing.


Symbiosis were in a video where they talked about how next week, there would be a six-men tag team match between the three of them and Saxon Huxley and two partners of his choosing. Eddie Dennis said Symbiosis was greater than the sum of its parts and how Huxley may have beaten him, but even a broken clock was right twice a day. He sarcastically told Huxley "better luck next time."


"Bomber" Dave Mastiff & Jack Starz  defeated Andy Wild & Dan Moloney (05:48)

Mastiff and Wild started out, with Mastiff hitting a Northen Lights suplex on Wild for a near-fall. Starz and Mastiff quickly tagged in and out and had their opponents under control, until Moloney got a backslide against Starz and worked over his arm. Starz then made his own comeback and tagged Mastiff, who hit a senton on Moloney.

Starz was back in and got distracted by Wild, allowing Moloney to take back over. Starz eventually got the hot tag and Mastiff ran wild on both opponents. Starz then hit a diving headbutt onto Moloney who hung in the turnbuckles, followed by somersault senton into the corner by Mastiff for the pin and the win.


Pretty Deadly were posing and dancing in a fountain for WWE's TikTok account when Gallus (Joe & Mark Coffey) walked up. They said the tag team titles would look better on them and Mark pushed Howley over, sending him splashing into the water, which he sold great. Gallus laughed as they left while the champs were pouting.


Emilia McKenzie defeated Amale (06:44)

Amale backed McKenzie into the corner, but she came back with a takedown and started working over Amale's legs. Amale briefly came back, but McKenzie hit a few suplexes before getting overwhelmed. McKenzie was on the apron and Amale hit a running knee to send her to ringside. Amale kept beating McKenzie down, until she came back with a belly-to-back suplex.

They went back and forth and Amale locked in a cobra clutch. Emilia then caught her with a small package for near-fall, but Amale went back to the cobra clutch. McKenzie came back with a backslide and a La Magistral cradle for more near falls. Amale hit a running kick in the corner, then set up for her finishing maneuver, but McKenzie rolled her up for the win.


A clip recapped Blair Davenport's attack on Nina Samuels and Sid Scala earlier tonight. Scala, wearing a neck brace, was being checked out in the trainer's room backstage.


Earlier in the week, Oliver Carter and Ashton Smith came to the arena and Carter told Smith he had a surprise for him. They opened a door and Saxon Huxley was doing Saxon Huxley things. Smith was shocked, but Carter was elated and told Saxon they'd back him up against Symbiosis.


Sam Gradwell and Wolfgang talked about their Heritage Cup tournament match next week. Last time they clashed, Gradwell busted open Wolfgang hardway, while Wolfgang cracked one of Gradwell's ribs. They both were good here.


NXT UK Heritage Cup number one contender tournament first round: Teoman (w/ Rohan Raja) defeated Nathan Frazer (14:08)

Round 1 --

They battled in a along lock-up spot early and Teoman worked over Frazer's arm. Frazer came back at the end of the round and hit a dropkick right at the bell.

Round 2 --

Frazer hit a flying forearm that sent Teoman to the outside, then followed with a dive that only wiped Raja out. This allowed Teoman to throw Frazer into the steps and pin him back in the ring at 1:04 of the round. Teoman 1-0

Round 3 --

Teoman attacked Frazer right away, then beat him down. Frazer came back with some head scissors that sent Teoman to ringside, but he trapped Frazer under the ring skirts and beat him down some more. Frazer came back with a springboard dropkick as Teoman was on the top turnbuckle, then hit a springboard hurricanrana, but the time in the round ran out just as he made the cover.

Round 4 --

They traded blows as the round started, until Teoman went for the crossface but couldn't get Frazer down. Teoman hit a missile dropkick to the back of Frazer's head for a very close near-fall. Frazer then it a sort of snap/power small package for a quick pin at 1:49 of the round. Frazer 1-1

Round 5 --

Frazer started with a sling blade and a swinging neck breaker for another near-fall. They did an impressive spot where Frazer evaded a back handspring elbow by Teoman, went for a quebrada, bu got countered into a Falcon Arrow for a near-fall. Teoman fell to ringside and Frazer hit a dive on him, as Raja was on the other side of the ring. Teoman narrowly kicked out of a springboard flying elbow. Frazer then missed a phoenix splash as Raja briefly distracted him, allowing Teoman to hit an inverted headlock driver for the deciding pinfall at 2:47 of the round. Teoman wins 2-1


Final Thoughts --

  • The Blair Davenport beatdown of Samuels and Scala came as a surprise and will undoubtedly have some repercussions for her down the line. It established her as a monster though.
  • The tag match was fine and McKenzie vs. Amale was a nice match that further established McKenzie as the underdog babyface.
  • The Teoman vs. Frazer Heritage Cup match was fantastic as both men continue to shine. I can see Teoman having great matches with both Tyler Bate and Ilja Dragunov down the line.

Next week --

  • a special replay of the NXT UK championship match of WALTER vs. Ilja Dragunov from NXT TakeOver 36
  • Symbiosis (Eddie Dennis, T-Bone & Primate) vs. Saxon Huxley, Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith
  • Heritage Cup number one contender tournament: Wolfgang vs. Sam Gradwell