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NXT UK results: Heritage Cup contender tournament finals


Report --

The show opened with a video highlighting Noam Dar and Wolfgang and their path to the tournament finals

Jinny defeated Emilia McKenzie (07:30)

McKenzie started by working over Jinny's arm and showed some good aggression. Jinny eventually took over with a leg lock and held onto Emilia's hair. McKenzie staged a comeback, but Jinny quickly took back over and locked on an octopus hold. She transitioned into a single-leg Boston crab, but Emilia made the ropes.

Joseph Conners looked to get physically involved, but Meiko Satomura ran out and kicked Conners down. McKenzie hit a German suplex and a butterfly driver, but Jinny kicked out at 2.9.

McKenzie missed a spear into the corner, allowing Jinny to hit a ripcord Liger kick for the pinfall victory.

After the match, Jinny cut a promo on McKenzie and Satomura, saying that she defeated Meiko's protege. She then challenged Meiko to a title match and Meiko accepted.


Sha Samuels gave Noam Dar a pep talk backstage.

Blair Davenport had a meeting with Sid Scala, claiming she was banned from competing, not having a meeting. Scala told her she was being reinstated next week at the request of her opponent, Stevie Turner. He also warned her that future misbehaving would not be tolerated. She told him good, but informed him that she always got what she wanted.

A video on A-Kid aired, he said he would beat Ilja Dragunov next week


Sam Gradwell defeated Mark Andrews (08:47)

Gradwell dominated early, but Andrews wiped him out with a dropkick. Gradwell was sent to ringside, but evaded a dive by Andrews. Andrews slowed down, but still got slammed on the outside. Gradwell took over in the ring as well and hit a butterfly suplex for a near fall.

Andres came back with a wheelbarrow bulldog, a kick and a double foot stomp onto Gradwell's back. Gradwell held onto Andrews' leg as he ran the ropes and hit him with a forearm for another near fall. Gradwell caught Andrews in mid-air, but he turned it into Stun Dog Millionaire. Gradwell went to the outside and Andrews hit a moonsault off the second turnbuckle to the outside.

Andrews went for a springboard move from the apron, but Gradwell caught him and hit a fireman's carry slam for the win.


Flash Morgan Webster waited for Sha Samuels backstage. Samuels berated him and Webster slapped him and ran away

Wolfgang warmed up with the rest of Gallus backstage

A graphic plugged Ilja Dragunov vs. A-Kid for the NXT UK championship for next week. Dragunov was then shown doing some crazy workouts as he is wont to do. He reiterated that he would defeat A-Kid next week.


NXT UK Heritage Cup number one contender tournament finals: Noam Dar (w/Sha Samuels) defeated Wolfgang (w/Mark and Joe Coffey) in Round 6 (15:48)

Round 1

Dar evaded Wolfgang early, then forced a break off the ropes. Wolfgang had Dar's number, but Dar managed to hurt his arm when Wolfgang put him on the top rope. Dar kept working over Wolfgang's shoulder but Wolfgang hoisted him up for a powerbomb just as the round ended.

Round 2

Dar dropkicked Wolfgang's head, but Wolfgang came back with a crossbody in the corner and an axe handle off the top. Suddenly, Jordan Devlin ran out and attacked Joe Coffey. Officials ran out to break things up, but Wolfgang was distracted, allowing Dar to roll him up for the first fall at 1:26 of the round. Dar 1-0

Round 3

Wolfgang hit a spear right away and got the pin at 0:05 of the round. Wolfgang 1-1

Round 4

Wolfgang attacked early and Dar tried evading him. They went to ringside, but Dar whipped the middle rope into Wolfgang's crotch as he entered the ring. The ended up outside again, where Dar kicked the ring post and Wolfgang speared the barricade just as the round ended.

Round 5

Wolfgang hit a running backbreaker for a near fall. Dar got an armbar on Wolfgang, then transitioned into a leg lock, but Wolfgang eventually escaped. Dar went for the Nova Roller, but Wolfgang hit a spear. The time ran out a second before the referee made the three count, so Dar was saved by the bell.

Round 6

Dar hit leg kicks early, but Wolfgang no-sold his offense and hit a suplex. Dar took out Wolfgang's leg, then attacked it once more from the top rope. Dar got a near fall off a rollup, then another one after a head kick.

Dar hit the Nova Roller with one minute left in the round, but Wolfgang got back up. Dar hit a second one as Wolfgang was on his knees to gain the victory at 2:20 of the round. Noam Dar wins 2-1

After the match, Tyler Bate came out with the Heritage Cup trophy and posed with it as the show went off the air.

Final thoughts --

The McKenzie vs. Jinny match built to the next title match.

Andrews vs. Gradwell was nothing too exciting.

The Heritage Cup final was really good and may have been one of Wolfgang's better matches. Dar winning surely will lead to an exciting match down the line.

Next week --

  • Ilja Dragunov vs. A-Kid for the NXT UK Championship
  • Blair Davenport vs. Stevie Turner