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NXT UK results: Heritage Cup finals


Quick results --

  • Jordan Devlin submitted Amir Jordan to retain his version of the NXT UK Cruiserweight Championship.
  • The Hunt were attacked by Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews, setting up a match for next week.
  • Jinny submitted Isla Dawn, then taunted Piper Niven. Jinny cost Niven her falls count anywhere match against NXT UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray last week.
  • Alexander Wolfe demanded and got a match against Joe Coffey next week, with both men's factions banned from ringside.
  • in an excellent main event, A-Kid defeated Trent Seven to become the inaugural NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion. They were tied at 1-1 after six rounds, leading to a sudden-death overtime period where A-Kid submitted Seven to win the tournament.

Full rundown --

The show opened with the same video that aired last week, with Trent Seven and A-Kid talking about what it would mean to them to win the NXT UK Heritage Cup.

NXT Cruiserweight Championship match: Jordan Devlin retained against Amir Jordan (9:40)

Jordan, with the blessing of his injured partner Kenny Williams, challenged Devlin for a title match last week.

They intensely fought for position early on. Jordan got the better of him for a moment, but Devlin returned the favor. Devlin scored a near fall off a moonsault and they brawled on the outside to the count of seven.

Devlin worked over Jordan's taped up shoulder, targeting it with strikes and kicks. Jordan wiped Devlin out with a dive, then hit an STO off a dive through the ropes back into the ring. Jordan hit a slam off an electric chair position for a near fall, but he eventually was caught in the Four Leaf Clover (Texas Cloverleaf) and was forced to tap out.

- Rampage Brown was training at the NXT UK Performance Center when Saxon Huxley, who was training at the rack next to him, started muttering Brown's name and walked up to him. Brown looked at him and said he was up for all challengers, no matter how crazy.

- A promo video revealed that Noam Dar will have his own chat show on NXT UK called Supernova Sessions. It was hyped that the segment will debut soon.

- A graphic plugged the Heritage Cup finals.

- Eddie Dennis and The Hunt walked into the arena. A reporter asked Dennis if he wanted to comment on what happened with Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster, but Dennis said no. Andrews and Webster then suddenly attacked The Hunt. Webster and Boar brawled into a table, while Andrews went to hit Primate with a trash can. The melee was quickly broken up by officials.

Jinny defeated Isla Dawn (4:27)

Jinny interfered in the Kay Lee Ray vs. Piper Niven falls count anywhere match for the NXT UK Women's Championship last week, causing Niven to lose. Jinny also has her eyes set on the Women's title.

Dawn started out aggressively, blasting the Fashionista with stiff kicks. Jinny came back with a rolling kick of her own and stomped Dawn in the corner. Dawn hit a backdrop driver that had Jinny at the edge of losing. She followed up with a Tarantula in the ropes. Dawn missed a top rope attack and quickly found herself at the end of a modified STF by Jinny. Jinny got the win via submission.

After the match, Jinny taunted Niven.

- Alexander Wolfe stormed into Sid Scala's office and demanded a match against Joe Coffey. Wolfe also wanted Gallus banned from ringside, to which Scala agreed, but also banned Imperium. After staring a hole in Scala, Wolfe finally agreed.

-Next week, Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster will face The Hunt. Wolfe will also take on Joe Coffey with the rest of Imperium and Gallus banned from ringside.

As a reminder, here are the rules of the NXT UK Heritage Cup:

  • All matches consist of six three-minute rounds with 20-second breaks between each round.
  • All matches are two-out-of-three falls.
  • Falls can be won by pinfall, submission, or countout.
  • Once a fall occurs, the round ends.
  • The match ends once a wrestler has won two falls.
  • In the event of a disqualification or knockout, the match instantly ends without the need for two falls.
  • If all six rounds are completed, whoever is ahead on falls wins the match.

NXT UK Heritage Cup finals: A-Kid defeated Trent Seven at 5:17 of the sudden-death overtime period (23:22)

This was an excellent match, telling a great story with Seven being the desperate veteran looking for one final big win to cement his legacy and A-Kid being the young up-and-comer looking for his first big win to make a name for himself. Seven, as the guy who helped put Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate on the map, both who have surpassed him at this point, was perfect for this role. A-Kid is an excellent worker and will go far in this business.

They went the full six rounds and were tied 1-1 at the end. A-Kid pinned Seven after a flying kick in round three, and Seven managed to turn a submission into a roll-up in round six. Therefore, the match went into a sudden-death overtime period for the deciding fall, which A-Kid scored by submission.

Round One:

Seven hit a gutwrench powerbomb as the first real offensive move of the match, but A-Kid kicked out of a pin right away. They traded submissions around the two-minute mark and kept it up until the round ended.

Round Two:

A-Kid firmly controlled Seven with holds and submission attempts throughout the round. Seven punched him in the face right at the end of the round.

Round Three:

A-Kid hit a running enzuigiri into the corner, smashing right into Seven's water bottle. They traded chops and kicks, including A-Kid hitting a Pele kick, followed by a flying kick that put Seven down for the pin at 1:35 of the round. A-Kid took a 1-0 lead.

Round Four:

A-Kid continued to lock in submission after submission and went for an armbar. Seven eventually slammed his way out of it, but A-Kid locked it in again and neither would let go, even after the round ended.

Round Five:

A-Kid went for more submissions, but Seven hit a DDT for a near fall. A lariat by Seven launched A-Kid onto the ropes and Seven tried to go for the Burning Hammer. A-Kid escaped and they battled on the top turnbuckle as time ticked away. A-Kid eventually landed on top of Seven and went for the pin with two seconds left, but the round ended in mid-pin at 2.5.

Round Six:

Seven went for a roll-up, hit a snap dragon suplex, and then hit an Emerald Frosion, but he couldn't get the pin. A-Kid went for a small package for another near fall. Seven hit the Burning Hammer and struggled to make the pin. A-Kid got his leg under the ropes.

Seven was exhausted around the 1:40 mark but hit a lariat for another near fall. Seven eventually rolled out of a submission and managed to pin A-Kid at 2:30 of the round to tie A-Kid at 1-1.

The match then went into sudden-death overtime.


A-kid went wild with kicks, but Seven turned him inside out with a lariat as he came off the ropes. They fought on the apron until Seven slammed A-Kid to the mats on the outside and both men struggled to make it back into the ring. A-Kid just barely made it back in to avoid being counted out.

Seven hit the Seven Star Lariat and then went for the Burning Hammer, but A-Kid flipped out, hit a super kick, and followed with a flying kick into the ropes. Seven went for an omoplata, but A-Kid countered into a submission of his own. A-Kid forced Seven's arms behind his back and locked them with his legs. Seven struggled but eventually had to submit, crowning A-Kid the first-ever NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion.

Scala was going to give the Heritage Cup trophy to A-Kid after the match, but Seven took the trophy from Scala and presented it to A-Kid himself. A-Kid celebrated as the show went off the air.

Next week --

Alexander Wolfe faces Joe Coffey in a match where the rest of Imperium and Gallus will be banned from ringside. Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster will also take on The Hunt.