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NXT UK results: Ilja Dragunov vs. Joe Coffey


Taped at York Barbican in York, England on January 18, 2020

Quick results --

  • Tyler Bate pinned Joseph Conners in a very good match.
  • WALTER and Dave Mastiff were told they would face off in a title match in two weeks.
  • Jinny announced that Jazzy Gabert was no longer her associate.
  • Noam Dar defeated Joseph Morrell in a fun little match.
  • The Hunt challenged Grizzled Young Veterans for next week.
  • Also next week, Kay Lee Ray and Toni Storm will meet in an I Quit match for KLR's NXT UK Women's title. If Storm loses, she can't challenge for the title again as long as KLR is champion.
  • Jordan Devlin said he'll be back in NXT UK when he's ready to be.
  • Ilja Dragunov's "debt" is now paid after he defeated Joe Coffey in a good main event.

Full rundown --

The show started with Joe Coffey watching his loss to WALTER at NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II, where Ilja Dragunov inadvertently bumped Alexander Wolfe into Coffey's knee. A video package then aired to build up Coffey vs. Dragunov in tonight's main event.

Tyler Bate pinned Joseph Conners after the Tyler Driver '97 (11:40)

Conners repeatedly claimed he was TakeOver-worthy in the past and was critical of Bate. They got into it right away, with Bate getting the better of their encounter. Bate hit a hurricanrana and threw Conners to ringside. Conners grabbed a chair, but threw it down in frustration.

Back in the ring, Bate came back with arm drags and armbars, followed by a monkey flip out of the corner. As Bate sat on the ropes, Conners threw him to the outside this time. Conners then took over, repeatedly beating Bate down and scoring a number of pinfall attempts. Bate came back off a backslide attempt and hit a running uppercut.

Bate hit an overhead suplex and followed with the running Shooting Star Press. He got another near fall shortly after off a roll-up, even though Conners evaded an airplane spin in the process. Conners ducked the rebound clothesline, hit a slingblade for a near fall of his own, but then missed a moonsault.

Bate was on offense, but Conners caught him with a tilt-a-whirl slam. He followed up with a dive to the outside on Bate and then hit a slingshot flatliner. Conners kept stomping away on Bate in the corner, but Bate came back with a koppu kick and a dive over the top rope.

Conners hit a drop toe hold on the outside that saw Bate crash into the chair Conners had dropped earlier. Conners scored another close near fall and went for Don't Look Down, but Bate countered into a DDT, then followed up with the rebound clothesline and finally hit the Tyler Driver '97 for the win.

- A video package on next week's Kay Lee Ray vs. Toni Storm Women's title I Quit match aired, featuring statements from both women. Storm said KLR was like the worst person you could know and said how this was her one final shot to win back the title.

- A video from earlier today aired. WALTER and Dave Mastiff sat down backstage with Johnny Saint and Sid Scala, with Scala announcing that WALTER will defend his NXT UK Championship against Mastiff in two weeks.

Mastiff thanked them both. WALTER accused them of doing "their guy" a favor and told Mastiff that --- while Mastiff may think he's the best heavyweight wrestler -- WALTER is in fact the best heavyweight in Europe.

- Tom Phillips and Aiden English talked about the match but were interrupted by Jinny. She had English help her up on the announce table, mic in hand. She said that the queen of NXT UK would now address the crowd.

Jinny said that ever since she was a little girl, her commands had been carried out. So when her "previous associate" (Jazzy Gabert) disobeyed her, this was the end of her career. She said she doesn't tolerate insolence or disobedience.

Jinny claimed that she gave Gabert an opportunity and a platform, but she wasted it. She said maybe in the future, she would give someone else that platform -- if they were lucky enough to be associated with her. But until then, it was only about her -- the queen of NXT UK -- and no one would ever disrespect her again.

This was done to write off Gabert, who opted not to re-sign with WWE over the last set of tapings and had also been in a car accident leading up to the tapings, so was not cleared for anything physical either.

Noam Dar pinned Josh Morrell after the Nova Roller (5:30)

Dar repeatedly pushed Morrell into the corner until he pushed back. Dar went for some mat wrestling, then played some mind games with him. Dar slapped Morrell, but got slapped right back.

Morrell displayed some athletic ability, including landing on his feet off a standing moonsault attempt. He hit a triple-jump slingshot moonsault on Dar for a pinfall attempt, then followed with a cradle off a suplex attempt.

Dar came back by kicking Morrell's knee. He locked in a sleeper on the mat, but Morrell made the ropes. Morrell evaded Dar with a corkscrew backflip off the ropes, but seconds later was hit by the Nova Roller for the finish.

- The Hunt found a chain link fence backstage to cut a promo behind. They took offense to what the Grizzled Young Veterans said about them last week. They claimed that they were The Hunt and the GYV were the hunted. A match between both teams was announced for next week, along with the KLR vs. Storm I Quit match for the NXT UK Women's title.

- Due to Super ShowDown airing on the WWE Network next Thursday, NXT UK will air at 10 a.m. ET/3 p.m. GMT next week. Also, as announced during TakeOver: Portland, the next NXT UK TakeOver will take place in Dublin on April 26. We should get an idea of the card for that show over the upcoming set of NXT UK tapings in March.

- Jordan Devlin was interviewed earlier in the week. He said his phone had been blowing up, asking him to come back to NXT UK -- but he would be back when he was ready to be.

Ilja Dragunov pinned Joe Coffey after Torpedo Moscow (14:52)

Coffey started off with jabs, but Dragunov mostly avoided them. They ended up on the mat, trading holds. They eventually came to a standoff and posed in front of each other. Dragunov hit a crossbody, then hit a kick that sent Coffey to the outside.

Dragunov then hit a jumping body press off the top to the floor and rolled Coffey back into the ring. He missed a double foot stomp and was hit by the Glasgow Sendoff in the corner. They ended up outside once more, where Dragunov was sent into the ring steps, then was clotheslined to the knee and off the apron.

Coffey kept targeting Dragunov's knee, as Dragunov had inadvertently taken out Coffey's knee at TakeOver. Coffey hit a second-turnbuckle kneebreaker, then went for a Boston crab, but Dragunov made the ropes.

Dragunov escaped an electric chair into a German suplex attempt and hit the Konstantin Special (previously called the Six One Line by the announcers on NXT UK), then evaded Best for the Bells and hit a hard left of his own. Dragunov hit his Russian suplex for a near fall, but his knee gave out on the bridge.

Dragunov followed up with a senton off the top rope, then tried to go for a Coast-to-Coast, but his knee buckled once more. They battled on the top rope until Coffey hit a top-rope overhead belly-to-belly.

Dragunov came back with a knee to Coffey's face, but fell victim to a clothesline. Dragunov then side-stepped another Glasgow Sendoff, sending Coffey shoulder-first into the corner. Dragunov hit a DVD into the corner, then finally hit the Coast-to-Coast.

Dragunov set up for Torpedo Moscow. Coffey got back on his feet and went for Best for the Bells and screamed "My Kingdom," but Dragunov hit his finish a split-second earlier and took out Coffey for the win.

The rest of Gallus then came to the ring, ready to attack, but Coffey held them back and told Dragunov that "he paid the debt" and they were now square.

Next week --

Kay Lee Ray defends her NXT UK Women's Championship against Toni Storm in an I Quit match. If Storm loses, she can't challenge for the title again as long as KLR is champion. The Hunt will also face The Grizzled Young Veterans.