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NXT UK results: Ilja Dragunov vs. Jordan Devlin empty arena match

The NXT UK title was on the line in this week's main event.

Die Familie (Teoman, Rohan Raja & Charlie Dempsey) defeated Gallus (Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) (11:19)

Teoman and Joe Coffey started with Coffey getting the better of things. Subsequently, all three members of Gallus worked Teoman over before he tagged out to Raja, who didn't fare much better. Eventually, Dempsey distracted Mark Coffey, allowing Die Familie to take over. 

Teoman hit a missile dropkick to the back of Mark's head to score the first near fall of the bout. Mark Coffey got further worked over by the opposing team before finally making the hot tag to Wolfgang, who ran wild for a bit.

His momentum was eventually stopped by Rohan Raja He still managed to tag in Joe Coffey, who immediately attacked. 

Things ended up with Wolfgang and Charlie Dempsey in the ring, while the rest of Die Familie took out Gallus. Dempsey locked in a modified STF, and Wolfgang tapped out.


Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter and Dave Mastiff & Jack Starz cut promos on each other before their NXT UK Tag Team Championship #1 contenders tournament final next week. 


Jinny defeated Amale (06:31)

Jinny attacked, but Amale took her down with a headlock takeover. Jinny came back and worked over Amale's arm, but the French Hope quickly was back on offense. They went back and forth, with Amale scoring a two count off a sunset flip.

Jinny locked in an octopus hold but Amale escaped. She rammed Jinny's head into the bottom turnbuckle, then followed up with a running kick in the corner. She hit a Northern Lights suplex for a two count and went for the Hopebreaker, but Jinny escaped by grabbing Amale's hair.

Jinny took Amale down in the corner, went for a pin and put her legs on the ropes for leverage to secure the win.


A graphic announced a Japanese Street Fight for the NXT UK Women's championship between Meiko Satomura and Blair Davenport. A video then recapped their previous encounter with Davenport attacking Satomura post-match. They cut promos on each other and Satomura said last time was competition, but this time it would be a fight. Last time she beat her but this time, she would destroy her.

Nathan Frazer was asked about losing to WALTER a few weeks ago when Die Familie entered the room, asking what he was doing in "their locker room". Frazer told Dempsey that Teoman just kept him around so he would not be a loser. Teoman got in his face and called him a dog in German, then told him to leave. Die Familie celebrated with drinks.


Empty arena match for the NXT UK Championship Ilja Dragunov (c) defeated Jordan Devlin to retain the title (21:45)

Devlin headbutted Dragunov during introductions, sending the Russian to the mat hard. After the bell rang, Dragunov immediately came back with two high-angle German suplexes.

Devlin retaliated, then trapped Dragunov's arms in the ropes and grabbed a chair from the outside. Dragunov managed to kick the chair from his hands, but Devlin rained down blows. Devlin then grabbed a screwdriver from the outside. Ilja managed to kick that away as well and freed himself. 

He sent Devlin to the outside with a clothesline and went over the top with him. They fought at ringside with Dragunov mostly in control. Devlin eventually came back and rammed Dragunov into the steel steps hard. He slid one segment into the ring before Dragunov suddenly flew into frame and tackled Devlin through the ringside barricade.

The champ threw Devlin into some chairs, then threw a bunch of them into the ring. He also laid out a few on the arena floor, then suplexed Devlin into them for a near-fall. Ilja threw Devlin into a table set up with computer equipment. He went for a Gotch lift, but Devlin raked his eyes. Dragunov went for Torpedo Moscow, but Devlin evaded him and Dragunov crashed through the table. Devlin covered for another two count.

Devlin rolled an equipment case into Dragunov, crushing him between the crate and  another box. Devlin ended up on top of the box, stuck his thumb into Dragunov's eye and hit a moonsault off the box.

Devlin got a table from under the ring, but Dragunov attacked him as he was about to set it up and slid it into the ring himself. Devlin hit him with a chair, then propped the table up in the corner. Devlin went for Devlin Side through the table, but Dragunov countered the move. He hit a Gotch lift into a suplex onto a chair for another close two count.

Dragunov went to the top rope but Devlin smashed a chair into his knee, then hit a twisting Samoan drop for a 2.9. 

Dragunov countered another Devlin Side into a fireman's carry. Devlin hit elbows to the head and even raked the eyes, but Dragunov still gave him a Death Valley Bomb into the table in the corner.

Ilja went for Torpedo Moscow, but broke down due to pain in his eye. Devlin mocked him, then hit a headbutt and brainbuster for another super-close near-fall. Devlin rolled to ringside and grabbed a bunch of cable ties. He tied Ilja's hands behind his back. He rained down blows, then smashed him with a chair. He placed Ilja's head on the steel steps, then went to hit him with a chair but Ilja moved out of the way.

Ilja hit a pump kick, then hit Torpedo Moscow, with his hands tied behind his back, springboarding off the steel steps in the process to score the pin and defend his championship.

Final Thoughts:

  • The main event was a crazy, brutal brawl and a fantastic match between the two. Devlin did everything in his power and every devious thing he could come up with and Dragunov took it and still prevailed.
  • The tag and the women's matches felt more like another chapter in the respective stories and may lead to more matches down the line.

Next week --

  • Japanese Street Fight for the NXT UK Women's Championship: Meiko Satomura (c) vs. Blair Davenport
  • NXT UK Tag Team Championship #1 contenders finals: Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter vs. Dave Mastiff & Jack Starz