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NXT UK results: Ilja Dragunov vs. A-Kid title match


Report --

The show opened with a new, generic theme song and opening video. Andy Shepherd welcomed us to BT Sports Studios where, for the first time since March of 2020, there were fans in attendance for an NXT UK taping.

Blair Davenport defeated Stevie Turner (04:42)

Davenport attacked Turner right away. Turner came right back and floored Davenport with a running kick. Davenport hit a running dropkick and scored a near fall. Turner hit three rolling neckbreakers for a two count of her own. Turner hit a mass effect for another close fall, before falling victim to an enzuigiri.

Davenport then followed with a knee strike to the face and the Falcon Arrow for the pinfall victory.

Davenport cut a short promo, putting all the women in the locker room on notice.


Sha Samuels was looking to surprise Noam Dar with a victory celebration for his tournament win, but the banner said Happy Birthday instead. Samuels was upset, but Dar told him this could just be the rehearsal celebration for when he wins the NXT Heritage Cup.

A video of Teoman and Rohan Raja at a dinner table aired. Teoman looked mad. Rohan apologized for things not going their way in the Heritage Cup contenders tournament. He said they had been outnumbered. Teoman said he was the babo of NXT UK and it was his responsibility. He said their family would grow.

Sid Scala was on the phone when Jinny interrupted. He told her that she would face Meiko Satomura in three weeks. Jinny was pleased, then told Scala to burn his clothes.


Sha Samuels defeated Flash Morgan Webster (08:17)

Samuels dominated early, then clotheslined Webster to the outside. Webster narrowly made it back into the ring at nine, then quickly fell victim to a lariat. Webster came back with a moonsault block from the turnbuckles, then sent Samuels to the apron and hit a springboard dropkick, followed by a running dive.

After some action in the ring, Samuels was at ringside again and got wiped out by a top rope somersault by Webster, leading to a near fall back in the ring. Webster then went for another springboard attack, but Samuels turned it into a spinebuster and scored the win.


Nina Samuels interviewed Xia Brookside for her show. She asked Xia how it felt losing to a Amale, Blair Davenport and Dani Luna? Xia said that Samuels had lost to all of them too. Samuels then asked Xia why she didn't face Aleah James, trying to stir something up. Xia called Aleah over and they casually agreed to have a match and work out together. Samuels played it up like there had been some kind of big drama.

Gallus walked in on a meeting with Sid Scala and Jordan Devlin. Devlin said he had just talked to Scala about setting up a rematch with Joe Coffey with the rest of Gallus banned from ringside. He also said an Ace always beats a king and how Coffey had two TakeOver main events and came away with nothing, while Devlin had one shot at a title and won it.


NXT UK Championship: Ilja Dragunov defeated A-Kid to retain the title (19:21)

A-Kid used submissions early, but Ilja escaped. This quickly turned into a battle of chops versus leg kicks, before Ilja hit a big German suplex takedown. Ilja hit the Konstantin Special (seesaw lariat), sending A-Kid to the mat. Ilja tried working over A-Kid's shin, which took some damage after Dragunov had checked one of his kicks.

Dragunov intensified his strategy, repeatedly targeting the leg and weakening his challenger's base. A-Kid managed to apply an armbar, which Ilja quickly turned into a pinning combination, but it was obvious that his arm had take some damage. A-Kid targeted the arm, then hit a knee to the face and German suplex that left the champion glassy eyed. It turned once more into a battle of kicks and strikes, with Dragunov catching a kick, but A-Kid going after the shoulder.

A-Kid hit another kick, then hit a fisherman's suplex. but couldn't put pressure on both legs, allowing Ilja to narrowly kick out. Ilja managed to hit two German suplexes, with A-Kid looking to apply an armbar after each. Ilja followed with elbow strikes, then hit a high-angle amateur takedown. Ilja went for a top-rope senton, but A-Kid moved out of the way.

A-Kid applied a sleeper, but Ilja escaped just long enough to eat a running kick. A-Kid reapplied the sleeper, but Ilja backed him into the corner. A-Kid went to the top with Ilja looking to stop him, but ending up with another arm bar in the ropes. Ilja then hit a leg-capture superplex off the top that had both men down. Ilja went for Torpedo Moscow, but A-Kid hit a flying superkick in mid-air, scoring a near fall with Ilja kicking out at 2.9.

They traded strikes and A-Kid went for an arm bar and eventually a triangle. Ilja powerbombed him twice, but couldn't break the hold. A-Kid went for the omaplata with Ilja narrowly escaping.

Ilja came back with a Torpedo Moscow to the leg, then followed up with another one for the pin and his first title defense.

Ilja posed with the belt, then offered his hand to A-Kid in respect.

Final Thoughts:

  • The first two matches were mostly basic squash matches.
  • The main event was really good with a great story of both men working over their opponent's injuries.

Next week:

  • Symbiosis vs. Jack Starz & Dave Mastiff
  • Meiko Satomura defending against Jinny was announced as taking place in three weeks