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NXT UK results: Joe Coffey vs. Alexander Wolfe


Quick results --

  • Rampage Brown defeated Saxon Huxley
  • Aoife Valkyrie defeated Aleah James
  • Joe Coffey defeated Alexander Wolfe
  • The Hunt defeated Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster

Full rundown --

- The show opened with a graphic paying tribute to Pat Patterson.

- A graphic plugged tonight's Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews vs. The Hunt match. A video then recapped the history of their feud.

Rampage Brown defeated Saxon Huxley

Huxley provoked Brown last week at the NXT UK Performance Center, leading to this match.

This was a clash of big men and Huxley looked good with a bunch of offense. In the end, Huxley came off the top but got caught with a powerslam and fell victim to Brown's Doctor Bomb.

- During media day at the Performance Center, Joseph Conners was interviewed while Jinny also gave an interview in the background. Piper Niven stormed in and attacked Jinny until things were broken up by a bunch of officials.

- Another video looked at the Andrews & Webster/Hunt rivalry.

- Saxon Huxley came backstage where he was told "better luck next time, bro," which he kept muttering to himself.

Aoife Valkyrie defeated Aleah James

After a fast opening sequence, James looked flustered. She used some creative offense, but Valkyrie hung with her and kept outwrestling her. Valkyrie won with a top rope guillotine leg drop. 

- Pretty Deadly interviewed each other in a fun segment, talking about how they had victories over The Hunt and Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith. They challenged Gallus and said they would be the new NXT UK Tag Team Champions.

- Another video hyped Andrews & Webster vs. The Hunt for later.

Joe Coffey defeated Alexander Wolfe

The rest of Gallus and Imperium were banned from ringside for this match.

They traded holds and counters on the mat early on, with Wolfe getting the better of the exchange. Coffey came back with jabs and punching combinations. Wolfe worked over Coffey's arm. Coffey hit a suplex, but he further injured his arm in the process.

They kept stiffing each other until Coffey launched himself over the top rope from the apron with a shoulder block, hit the Glasgow Sendoff into the corner, and followed with a lariat to the back of Wolfe's head and All the Best for the Bells for the pinfall victory.

After the match, Gallus came out to celebrate with Coffey.

- Jordan Devlin cut a promo on why he wanted Sid Scala to find him challengers for his NXT Cruiserweight Championship. He quoted Ric Flair, saying "to beat the man, you got to beat the man." Devlin said starting next week, he would offer an open challenge to all comers.

- A graphic announced the debut of Noam Dar's Supernova Sessions interview segment for next week.

The Hunt (Wild Boar & Primate) w/ Eddie Dennis defeated Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster

Webster & Andrews stormed to the ring and attacked The Hunt, then they brawled around ringside before the bell had even rung.

When it finally did, Webster and Andrews hit a double enzuigiri on Boar. Webster then wiped Boar out with a dive, followed by a moonsault onto his back by Andrews once Boar got back into the ring. Boar turned the tables and beat on Andrews. Andrews eventually tagged Webster, who ran wild on Boar, hitting a hurricanrana off the apron to the outside. Webster followed with a cannonball senton onto Primate. Webster and Andrews quickly tagged in and out and hit some creative offense on Primate.

Primate came back with a release German suplex, followed by Primate launching himself onto Webster in the corner. Andrews managed to tag in and hit a double DDT on both members of The Hunt. Webster and Andrews then hit stereo somersault dives onto The Hunt to the outside. Primate almost got pinned, but Dennis threw Boar into the ring to break it up.

Boar disposed of Webster and The Hunt began to dismantle Andrews. With some assistance from Webster, Andrews hit Stun Dog Millionaire on Primate. Andrews went to the top trying to finish the match off, but Dennis violently threw him off the top rope. Webster went to attack Dennis, but Boar took him out at ringside. Primate hit a vicious spear on Andrews, then The Hunt hit a Death Valley Driver/sit-down powerbomb combination for the victory.

Dennis celebrated with his team in the entranceway while Andrews and Webster were distraught in the ring.

Next week --

  • The Jordan Devlin open challenge begins and Noam Dar's Supernova Sessions debuts.