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NXT UK results: Jordan Devlin vs. Ben Carter Cruiserweight title match


Image: WWE

Quick results -- 

  • Jinny defeated Piper Niven to become the number one contender to Kay Lee Ray's NXT UK Women's Championship. Jinny got help from Joseph Conners, who first took a somersault senton for Jinny and then pulled Niven's legs away from under her, allowing Jinny to roll her up.
  • Ben Carter was interviewed by Noam Dar on his Supernova Sessions talk show. After some shenanigans, Jordan Devlin interrupted and was eventually challenged by Carter
  • Pretty Deadly cut a promo on Gallus.
  • Tyler Bate cut a spiritual promo that was mocked by Sam Gradwell. Bate vs. Gradwell is set for next week.
  • Dave Mastiff defeated Saxon Huxley in a quick match.
  • In a tremendous main event, Jordan Devlin retained his version of the NXT Cruiserweight Championship against Ben Carter. Carter looked like a million bucks here in a star-making performance in losing and should have a great future on the brand, if not on NXT or even the main roster down the line.

Full rundown --

NXT UK Women's Championship number one contender's match: Jinny defeated Piper Niven with a roll-up after getting assistance from Joseph Conners (6:49)

They traded vicious strikes right away and ended up at ringside. Back in the ring, Jinny kept viciously attacking Niven and gained the upper hand, locking in the Iron Octopus. Niven eventually managed to power out. Joseph Conners walked down the aisle and started watching the match on the ramp.

Jinny went to ringside and Niven went for a somersault plancha, but Conners stepped in front of Jinny and got wiped out. Jinny went to the top rope, but Niven caught her. As Niven got ready to slam Jinny, Conners grabbed Niven's legs from the outside, allowing Jinny to roll through and get the win.

- Pretty Deadly cut a promo on NXT UK Tag Team Champions Gallus and said they knew Gallus didn't like them. Pretty Deadly said they had Gallus paint a target on their back -- almost as if that was what they wanted Gallus to do.

- A mysterious video narrated by Aoife Valkyrie aired. Valkyrie talked about birds having to be ready when they leave the nest. She said birds don't try to be perfect when they soar, they just are.

- Tyler Bate cut a very spiritual promo about losing to A-Kid. He quoted Bruce Lee, who said that you had to become like water and who inspired martial artists to change their style. Bate said he wanted to do that to professional wrestling. Sam Gradwell was then shown watching this video on his phone. Gradwell asked if that was supposed to be inspirational. Gradwell said the only Yogi he respects is the one running around stealing picnic baskets. Gradwell said being like water is terrible advice.

Supernova Sessions with Ben Carter

Noam Dar said this was New Year's resolution sessions and proceeded to read off his list. Dar's resolutions were:

  • NXT Cruiserweight Champion
  • NXT World Champion
  • NXT UK Champion
  • Superstar of the Year Award
  • Most Handsome Award
  • Most Funny Award
  • The Most Humble Award
  • The Lead Role in The Marine 475
  • To be an absolute legend (which he proceeded to tick off the list)
  • Trish Stratus' phone number (which he said was a joke, since he already got it)

Dar then introduced his guest, Ben "Carpenter," who will make his NXT UK debut next week. Dar proceeded to ask him about woodwork and if it had always been a passion. Carter took it in stride and told Dar his name was Carter, but that he knew all about Dar and knew he would pull off something like this. Dar pretended this was a mistake made by "his people" and said that he had prepared seven questions on shelf design.

Dar then asked Carter why he decided to join NXT UK and Carter said that he wanted to face the very best this industry has to offer. Dar said that's cool because he had the best in front of him and maybe they could have a match. At that point, NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin's music interrupted their talk and he walked onto the set.

Devlin asked Dar how he could have Carter on the show before him. Devlin was respectful to Carter, saying he had been in his place, being called a prodigy with unlimited potential. Devlin also said he has a standing open challenge every time he steps into the ring and since Dar shared a roster with him, he should have had him on the show first. Dar replied by saying that once Devlin becomes the "real" NXT Cruiserweight Champion and not just a substitute, his people would talk to Devlin's people and he could be on the show.

Carter interjected and said Dar had been surprisingly nice to him, but he sided with Devlin on this. Carter called Devlin the true, legitimate, undisputed NXT Cruiserweight Champion, the ace of this division, one of the gatekeepers of this entire brand -- and because of all these things, Devlin should have no problem defending the title against him. Dar got all giddy and Devlin said that he knows Carter was supposed to debut next week, but he should face the Irish Ace tonight instead.

Sid Scala then entered and said he would call Johnny Saint, but he was confident that they could move something around and make the match official as the main event for tonight.

- A graphic for next week's WALTER vs. A-Kid NXT UK Championship match was shown.

- Kay Lee Ray cut a promo, talking about Jinny becoming the number one contender to her title. KLR said usually Jinny's daddy would reach into his pocket and buy her what she wanted, but the NXT UK Women's Championship requires talent and could not be bought.

- A video recapped Dave Mastiff recently saving Jack Starz & Levi Muir from a post-match attack by Saxon Huxley.

Dave Mastiff pinned Saxon Huxley after hitting Into the Void (4:43)

Mastiff had the upper hand early, but Huxley came back and ran wild. Mastiff came back and after some more offense hit his Into the Void cannonball senton into the corner for the victory.

- A great video that included promos and match highlights of both men previewed WALTER vs. A-Kid for next week.

- Tyler Bate vs. Sam Gradwell was also announced for next week.

NXT Cruiserweight Championship match: Jordan Devlin retained against Ben Carter after hitting Devlin Side (12:44)

This was a star-making performance for Carter, who had probably the most impressive NXT UK debut in the brand's history.

Carter started out strong and controlled Devlin, showing off his speed, agility, and athletic prowess. Devlin eventually stopped him off a whip-in and hit the uranage/standing moonsault combo, then proceeded to beat the hell out of Carter.

Carter came back once more and got a near fall off a beautiful sunset flip that he seemingly hit from high up in the sky. Carter avoided a dropkick by Devlin as he paused mid-move on a springboard move, then hit a springboard dropkick of his own. Devlin regrouped and threw carter to ringside and then into the ring steps.

Devlin scored a near fall back in the ring. A welt formed on Carter's shoulder from the impact into the steel steps. Seconds later, they collided in mid-air off flying crossbodies, which grounded both competitors. Devlin then slid to ringside and Carter hit a moonsault reverse DDT off the apron. Carter followed up with a spinning neckbreaker in the ring for a very close near fall.

Carter missed a Phoenix Splash but rolled through, then got wiped out by a standing Spanish Fly from Devlin. Carter hit a Code Red for another near fall but then got his legs caught coming off the ropes. Devlin locked in the Four-Leaf Clover, but Carter would not tap, making the ropes twice and eventually forcing a break.

Carter was on his knees, with his back in bad shape. Devlin capitalized, hit a number of Kawada-style kicks, and then hit Devlin Side to get the win. This was a great match.

Next week --

  • WALTER defends the NXT UK Championship against Heritage Cup Champion A-Kid
  • Tyler Bate faces Sam Gradwell