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NXT UK results: Jordan Devlin vs. Joe Coffey


Report --

Aleah James defeated Xia Brookside (04:15)

James cut a split-screen promo on her way to the ring where she was working out backstage.

They shook hands as the match started and Aleah showed some athletic prowess to counter some wrist locks. Aleah locked in head scissors which took Xia some effort to escape from.

After some back and forth, Brookside hit the double knees to the back of Aleah's head, then put her on the top rope. Aleah kicked her off and hit a sunset flip off the turnbuckles for the surprise win.

Aleah was both happy and surprised, then offered her hand to Xia, who angrily slapped it away and then took out her frustration on the ring steps.


Meiko Satomura was working out with Emilia McKenzie. She was asked about her upcoming match with Jinny and said it was good timing for a title match.

Kenny Williams walked through the night. He said he never claimed he was unbeatable. He said people would be surprised about what he had planned next and would see how low the scum of the earth can go.


Dave Mastiff & Jack Starz defeated Symbiosis (Primate & T-Bone) (w/Eddie Dennis) by DQ (08:19)

Pretty Deadly were on commentary for this match.

Starz and T-Bone started, and Starz outwrestled and outran his bigger opponent, but eventually got overpowered.

Primate was in next, but quickly got thrown from the ring. Mastiff tagged in, hot a senton, then tagged Starz who hit a slingshot splash.

Starz eventually got overpowered and was attacked at ringside as the referee was distracted. T-Bone hit a huge sit-down powerbomb for a near fall. Later, T-Bone hit a vertical suplex on Starz and walked around the ring with him.

Starz eventually outsmarted Symbiosis and tagged in Mastiff, who ran wild on T-Bone. He hit a rolling fireman's carry, German suplex and Into the Void. As he was about to finish T-Bone, Eddie Dennis attacked Starz with a steel chair on the outside for the DQ.

Symbiosis attacked Mastiff and Starz further, until Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith made the save.


A video on Amale aired. She talked about how a loss like she had recently may never happen again. She will be in action next week.

Charlie Dempsey was interviewed at the NXT UK Performance Center. He talked about wanting to build a legacy. Mark Coffey and Wolfgang interrupted and told him not to get in their way with his legacy, but encouraged him to build one. Dempsey then said he wanted to get back to training. A commotion broke out and Galleu got into it with Teoman and Rohan Raja as Dempsey looked on and officials separated the four men.


Supernova Sessions with Tyler Bate

The show took place in the ring, as there were some fans back at the studio

Bate came out with Trent Seven, who Dar said wasn't invited. He kept insulting Seven, saying he rode Tyler's coat tails. Dar gave Bate the opportunity to relinquish the Heritage Cup before their match next week, which Bate teased, but of course didn't do. Bate said every time they fought, the outcome was the same and Bate beat Dar.

Dar then shoved Tyler and ran from the ring, Bate wanted to go after him, but Seven held him back.


Jordan Devlin was working out backstage with his headphones on. Gallus snuck into the room and stole his ring jacket.

Jordan Devlin defeated Joe Coffey (14:08)

Coffey came out wearing Devlin's ring jacket. Devlin flew in and attacked him from behind before the bell even rung. They brawled back and forth around ringside. Devlin rolled Coffey into the ring, took out his leg and hit a twisting slingshot senton. The referee finally started the match.

Coffey took back over and hit two side slams. He had Devlin in an arm bar for a long time with Devlin not being able to escape. Eventually he did and rammed Coffey into the ring post. Devlin dominated, including hitting a hard knee into Coffey's gut. Devlin locked in an abdominal stretch to further work over Coffey's ribs.

Eventually Coffey got out, but quickly found himself in some body scissors. Devlin came off the top, but Coffey hit him with a forearm in mid-air.

Coffey hit a flying shoulder block for a near-fall, then hit a power slam for another one. Devlin came back with the uranage/standing moonsault combo. Coffey powered up and hit the double-jump reverse crossbody for another two-count, but fell victim to a slingshot twisting cutter seconds later.

Coffey was at ringside and got hit with a soccer kick to the sternum, followed by a beautiful Asai moonsault to the outside. Devlin went to the top rope once more, but Coffey jumped up and hit an overhead belly-to-belly superplex.

Coffey hit a few strikes, which sent Devlin to the mat for another near fall. He followed with the Glasgow Sendoff, but Devlin head-butted him as he went for All the Best for the Bells. 

Devlin followed with a 450 off the top for a very, very close near fall. He then hit Devlin Side for the pinfall victory.

Next week --

  • NXT UK Heritage Cup: Tyler Bate defends against Noam Dar
  • Rohan Raja vs. Mark Coffey