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NXT UK results: Jordan Devlin vs. A-Kid Iron Man match


Report --

Taped at BT Sports Studios in London, England

The show opened with a great video narrated by Triple H and Shawn Michaels talking about the challenges of an Iron Man match. They had clips from all the great Iron Man matches in WWE history, along with voiceovers by A-Kid and Jordan Devlin, with clips of their previous match.


Blair Davenport defeated Xia Brookside (4:21)

Brookside aggressively worked over Davenport's arm early. She followed with a hurricanrana and a rollup for a two-count.

Davenport then countered a monkey flip attempt, lifted Xia over the top and sent her to ringside with a dropkick.

They went back and forth a bit, before Davenport hit a head kick, missile dropkick off the top and a V-Trigger for the win.

After the match, Davenport hit a falcon arrow on Brookside and posed over her.


Scenes from after the tag team main event last week aired. Moustache Mountain had beaten Symbiosis when Pretty Deadly came out and applauded them. Moustache Mountain were elated about their win backstage and were confronted once more by the tag team champions, who said they wanted to embarrass the fans' favorite tag teams. Bate was reluctant, since he is the Heritage Cup champion, but Seven asked him to give it a go and he agreed. He also called Pretty Deadly the Godwinns 2K21, because they wore overalls.

Sid Scala then announced while the match will take place, Bate is also the Heritage Cup champion and as he is a fighting champion, an eight-man tournament will take place to determine the number one contender. The first round matches are:

  • Mark Andrews vs. Noam Dar 
  • Kenny Williams vs. Oliver Carter 
  • Nathan Frazer vs. Teoman
  • Sam Gradwell vs. Wolfgang 


Video aired of Isla Dawn in the ruins of some castle or building in the woods. She uncovered a wooden box with some witch markings, put a watch into it and left it there. While this was going on, images of Emilia McKenzie flashed on the screen. All creepier than Alexa Bliss and her doll.


Subculture were asked what was next for them as they encountered Wolfgang backstage. Webster told him he was a genius for getting a match with Tyler Bate by slapping him. Wolfgang said that's all you had to do, when Webster slapped him and ran away. Wolfgang smiled, then went after them.


Dave Mastiff & Jack Starz defeated Josh Morrell & Danny Jones (5:27)

Starz and Jones started out and Starz showed off his great fundamentals. Morrell and Mastiff were in next and Mastiff quickly pounced him to ringside. Starz briefly was in trouble after an enzuigiri by Jones and got worked over by both opponents. Morrell missed a flashy split-legged corkscrew senton, allowing Starz to make the hot tag.

Mastiff hit a rolling German, Starz added running, diving headbutt in the corner and Mastiff pinned Morrell after hitting Into the Void.


Amale was in a chair getting makeup done. Nina Samuels stormed in and screamed at her for hogging the camera crew. They got into it, got separated and I guess we will get a heel vs. heel women's match soon.


Aoife Valkyrie talked about her match with Jinny last week, which she lost because of Joseph Conners. She had a big cage with her and said Conners would not be able to help her next time and that at some point, everyone feeds the birds. Looks like they will have a rematch with Conners suspended in a cage above the ring.


Stevie Turner interrupted Meiko Satomura training at the UK Performance Center. She said she was wired differently. Meiko was not impressed and caught her arm, then threatened going after her.


30-minute Iron Man match: A-Kid defeated Jordan Devlin two falls to one (30:00)

They traded holds and counters early on. A-Kid went for a crossface but Devlin quickly got to the ropes. Devlin got on a Stretch Plum, then transitioned it into a backslide. A-Kid impressively escaped, then got on an armbar but Devlin made the ropes once more. They traded more submission attempts with A-Kid locking in a neck crank. Devlin backed him into the ropes and slapped him, but A-Kid stayed calm.

Devlin trapped A-Kid's legs in the ropes, then aggressively attacked A-Kid's previously injured knee and locked in a Boston Crab, forcing A-Kid to tap close to the 10 minute mark. Devlin 1-0

Devlin further targeted A-Kid's knee, A-Kid locked in a rear-naked choke but Devlin got to the ropes. He rolled to ringside and slammed A-Kid's knee into the apron and the post, then locked in the Figure Four around the post. Devlin locked in another Boston Crab but A-Kid reached the ropes this time. They traded German suplexes, then Devlin suplexed A-Kid over the top and both men tumbled to the floor at the 15-minute mark. Devlin narrowly made it back into the ring at 9 as A-Kid immediately locked in a omoplata, but once more, Devlin made the ropes.

Devlin vaulted into the ring over the top but A-Kid caught him in a rear-naked choke but released the hold to hit a running soccer kick but Devlin kicked out at 2.9. Devlin hit some strikes but A-Kid countered, then locked in the armbar and Devlin quickly tapped at around 18 minutes. A-Kid 1-1

Devlin got some rest at ringside, but A-Kid quickly sent him to the outside again, then hit a running enzuigiri as Devlin was on the apron. A-Kid sent him to the outside once more and Devlin grabbed a chair. A-Kid kicked the chair into his face. Back in the ring, A-Kid hit a cross body off the top for another near-fall. Devlin recovered and went for the Clover Leaf, then went for a power bomb but A-Kid hit a hurricanrana, then scored a number of near-falls.

They traded strikes, including Devlin hitting a falling headbutt after bouncing off the ropes from a superman bunch by A-Kid. They fought on the apron and Devlin wet for Devlin Inside, but got dropkicked. He then hit the move on the outside after which both men were down. A-Kid made it back at 9.99, probably the closest I ever saw anyone make it in this spot.

A-Kid countered Devlin Inside into a Destroyer, then hit a running dropkick for a very close near-fall. A-Kid got the arm bar of the kickout, then ground and fought his way into an omoplata. Devlin eventually submitted with only about 90 seconds left. A-Kid 2-1

Devlin fought like crazy during the final minute. Devlin hit A-Kid square in the jaw with three seconds left but the time ran out at the two count, without A-Kid kicking out. So A-Kid won but the story was that Devlin would have take the match to overtime if he had been one second quicker.


Devin glared at A-Kid as he celebrated and the show went off the air.


Final Thoughts:

The main event was a fantastic match with a lot of drama and both men looked really good.

Blair Davenport continues to win, probably leading to a match with Meiko Satomura down the line.

Jack Starz and Dave Mastiff was an okay tag match and it will be interesting where they will go with them.

The rest was mostly evolving angles and storylines for the coming weeks.

Next week:

  • Heritage Cup number one contender's tournament first-round match: Mark Andrews vs. Noam Dar
  • Flash Morgan Webster vs. Wolfgang
  • Amale vs. Nina Samuels