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NXT UK results: Jordan Devlin vs. Wolfgang

This week's show also had Sam Gradwell vs. Kenny Williams, Emilia McKenzie vs. Angel Hayze, and Stevie Turner vs. Myla Grace.

As per usual, this week's show was taped from BT Sports Studios in London, England.

Sam Gradwell defeated Kenny Williams 

After Gradwell made his entrance, Williams came out on crutches and announced he would be unable to compete. Sid Scala then appeared on the big screen and said the medical team had no record of his injury and the match would take place. 

Gradwell attacked Williams on the outside before the bell. Williams was still only in his street clothes as he apparently assumed his ruse would get him out of the match. A grabbing of the mohawk and a rake of the eyes would then get Williams back into it after the early flurry from Gradwell. 

Williams wasn't on offense for long after Gradwell battled back with a series of clotheslines. Williams then attempted to get back into things by whiplashing Gradwell off the ropes. He then attempted a sunset flip pin, but Gradwell hooked his legs and pinned him for the win. 

After the match, Williams grabbed a crutch and attacked Gradwell from behind. With his opponent down, Williams went to the outside and grabbed a pair of scissors from a toolbox under the ring. He then got back in the ring and snipped off Gradwell's mohawk. 

- Gallus was shown in the back watching footage from last week's show when they took over an episode of Supernova Sessions. Wolfgang didn't seem to be in a good mood, however, likely due to Devlin attacking him in the back last week. He told the Coffey boys to watch what he does tonight.  

- Xia Brookside was interviewed in the back. She was very excited until she was asked if she's a positive role model like Amale. The mention of Amale really upset Brookside who stormed off and said that her daddy would hear about this. 

- Clips of Dave Mastiff showing Jack Starz what he needs to do in order to earn his respect and a vest were shown. Mastiff ran through three challenges Starz must meet in order to earn a cut. Challenge #1 was he had to be in peak physical condition. Clips were then shown of Mastiff running him through a series of exercises. Challenge #2 was labeled "Bomber Appetite." He then forced Jack to eat a lot. Challenge #3 was labeled "Bomber Guts." We then cut to a clip of Mastiff encouraging Jack to streak across a field, but Jack ran away before doing it. 

- We cut to a clip of Sam Gradwell looking for Kenny Williams in the back. He kicked in some doors but never found him. 

Emilia McKenzie defeated Angel Hayze

They exchanged pinning combinations early before Hayze locked McKenzie in a headlock and refused to let go. McKenzie eventually broke the hold and went on a sustained period of offense. 

Hayze fought back and landed a series of clotheslines. She looked to go for a fisherman's suplex but McKenzie countered. McKenzie then hit a neckbreaker and followed with a suplex. Hayze fought back with a superkick that got a two count. She then went for a cazadora but McKenzie countered and slammed her face first into the mat and got the pin.

- Andy Shepherd interviewed Nathan Frazer in the back. Frazer said he wants to face Ilja Dragunov for the NXT UK Championship. 

- Die Familie was shown in either a high rise apartment or hotel room. Teoman talked about having lost last week in the main event and promised that nobody will stop them moving forward. 

Stevie Turner defeated Myla Grace

Tuner hit the first big move with a Lou Thesz press, followed by punches from the full mount position. She then got a two count after a big knee lift shortly after. 

Grace made a comeback after fighting out of a chinlock. She hit a feint kick and a tornado DDT, but Turner put things away shortly after. Turner hit a big pump kick, followed by a side slam and got the pin.

- Sid Scala announced that he will present NXT UK Women's Champion Meiko Satomura with a special gift next week to thank her for all she's done for the brand. 

- A video previewing the Tag Team title match between Moustache Mountain against Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter was shown. Trent Seven and Tyler Bate said being champions gives them more motivation than they've ever had. Smith and Carter said that while the champions have beaten them before, they haven't beaten them when they are this close to achieving their dream. It was announced that this match will take place next week. 

- It was also announced that Xia Brookside will face Amale next week.

Jordan Devlin defeated Wolfgang 

They noted on commentary that Devlin is likely still feeling the impact of his recent empty arena match with Dragunov. Wolfgang then started to work the arm early in the match. 

Devlin tried to fight back, but Wolfgang hit a series of shoulderblocks and knocked his opponent to the outside. It was all Wolfgang early. He got a two count from a vertical suplex and went back to working the arm. 

Devlin only got back into things after ramming his opponent into the steel post after the match had spilled to the floor. He sold his arm for a bit before going on his first sustained period of offense. Devlin had Wolfgang locked in an armbar for a bit. Shortly after, Wolfgang picked up Devlin in a gorilla press but couldn't hold him up due to his injured arm. 

Devlin then continued to work on Wolfgang's arm after it was the focus of Wolfgang's attacks earlier.

Wolfgang eventually fought back by slingshotting Devlin over the top rope and to the floor. He went for a double axe handle but could only use his one good arm for the move. Wolfgang then got a two count off a senton shortly after. 

Devlin dodged a charge in the corner and hit a headbutt to get back into it. He then got a two count after a springboard cutter. Wolfgang then hit a big spear, but the pain from his injured arm prevented him from making a timely cover. He went to the top rope but was caught by Devlin who hit him with a spanish fly. He followed that up with a 450 splash to get the pin. 

Devlin celebrated his victory as the show came to a close. 

Final Thoughts:

This was a fun show. The main event was a very solid match. The other matches were all pretty quick but McKenzie and Turner both came off well. The opening angle with Gradwell and Williams was also pretty good. The cutting off of the mohawk I would imagine will lead to some type of stipulation match down the line. The Mastiff and Starz comedy stuff could turn out to be funny, but also might not. Overall, this was a good show.