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NXT UK results: Kay Lee Ray vs. Jinny Women's title match


Quick results --

  • Rampage Brown defeated Dave Mastiff in a mean guy match.
  • Ilja Dragunov defeated Jack Starz. Dragunov seemingly still suffered from some trauma from his loss to WALTER, but he eventually snapped and won by ref stoppage. Dragunov then looked remorseful for what he had done.
  • Amir Jordan defeated Tyson T-Bone.
  • Kay Lee Ray successfully defended her NXT UK Women's Championship against Jinny. Interference from Jinny's associate Joseph Conners repeatedly backfired during the match.

Full rundown --

- The show opened with a recap of the build to Kay Lee Ray and Jinny's NXT UK Women's Championship match.

Rampage Brown defeated "Bomber" Dave Mastiff after hitting a Doctor Bomb (6:31)

Brown went into this match undefeated, while Mastiff was the original undefeated monster when NXT UK first kicked off. The two of them have been friendly since Brown debuted -- and Mastiff proposed a friendly singles match between them during a segment at the NXT UK Performance Center last week. On a trivia note, they wrestled 11 times on the UK scene between 2012 and 2016, with Brown leading the series 9-2.

This was a stiff match with both men hitting hard shots and suplexes.

They traded blows in the early portion of the match, then Brown took Mastiff off his feet with a dropkick. Seconds later, Mastiff retaliated with a dropkick of his own. Mastiff took over with a sit-down splash off a sunset flip and a senton, then took Brown out of mid-air and hit a pumphandle suplex for a near fall.

Brown came back with a stiff clothesline for a near-fall of his own. Mastiff went for his cannonball in the corner, but Brown moved and Mastiff stopped. Brown took out Mastiff's knee as he went to the top. Brown then hit a backdrop driver followed by the Doctor Bomb to pick up the victory.

- A video recapped last week's WALTER vs. A-Kid NXT UK Championship match. A-Kid said he lost, but he'll win the next time they face off.

- Kenny Williams was waiting for Amir Jordan. He excitedly told Jordan that he'll have a match with Tyson T-Bone tonight. Jordan wasn't too happy, but Williams told him he believed in him.

Ilja Dragunov defeated Jack Starz by referee stoppage (5:47)

Dragunov had his debut match in NXT UK against Starz. Dragunov asked Starz for a rematch last week, as he wants to start over after his loss to WALTER. This match saw Dragunov somewhat flustered early on until he snapped and destroyed Starz, seemingly no longer being able to control himself.

Starz countered a wristlock early on and took Dragunov down in uncharacteristic fashion. Starz kept getting the advantage, out-wrestling Dragunov, who at times looked a bit caught off guard. Dragunov caught him off a body press, but Starz escaped once more.

Starz hit a German suplex hold for a near fall, then hit a series of European uppercuts on Dragunov. After a slap by Starz, Dragunov finally snapped out of it and went to work on Starz while screaming in Russian, hitting slaps, chops, and a number of suplexes that had Starz basically knocked out. Dragunov hit Torpedo Moscow to the back of Starz's neck but did not go for the pin. Instead, he hit repeated elbows to the side of Starz's head until the referee stopped the match.

After the match, Dragunov looked remorseful as he realized what he had done while Starz laid on the mat, barely moving.

- Sam Gradwell was watching clips of Ben Carter vs. Jordan Devlin on his phone. He made fun of Carter and called him out.

Amir Jordan (w/ Kenny Williams) defeated Tyson T-Bone after countering a sunset flip (5:00)

Jordan used his speed early and held onto T-Bone, but he was overwhelmed after a minute as the larger T-Bone manhandled him. Williams looked on concerned from ringside as T-Bone hit a slingshot with Jordan's throat under the bottom rope.

Jordan briefly came back, but T-Bone overwhelmed him once more. In the end, Jordan went for a sunset flip, but T-Bone sat down on him. Jordan managed to escape and roll T-Bone over for the win.

- Xia Brookside talked about her feud with Nina Samuels. Brookside said she defeated Samuels, but Samuels then cost her the win against Isla Dawn. Brookside said Samuels dragged her family's name through the dirt, but she would soon learn what the Brooksides are made of.

- A video hyped the upcoming number one contender's four way tag team elimination match with Pretty Deadly, The Hunt, Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith, and Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews. This match will take place next week -- and in a piece of breaking news, Eddie Dennis is banned from accompanying The Hunt to ringside.

- A split screen showed KLR and Jinny getting ready for their match.

NXT UK Women's Championship match: Kay Lee Ray retained against Jinny (w/ Joseph Conners) after hitting a Gory Bomb (11:06)

Jinny interfered in KLR's falls count anywhere match against Piper Niven weeks ago, allowing KLR to keep the title. With the help of her new associate Joseph Conners, Jinny then defeated Niven to earn the title shot.

Jinny may have had this match won, but interference by Conners repeatedly backfired, allowing KLR to retain.

It was clear early on that the rules would not be highly regarded by either woman, as they pulled each other's hair repeatedly. Niven and Dani Luna were both shown watching on the ThunderDome-style screen.

KLR looked to have hurt her previously injured knee on a landing and rolled to ringside, allowing Jinny to smash KLR's head into the ring steps on the outside. They kept brawling on the outside with both women breaking the count repeatedly. More members of the NXT UK women's division were shown watching on the screen.

Jinny locked in a surfboard-style submission, but KLR told the referee to shut up as he asked her if she wanted to give up. KLR finally made the ropes.

Jinny was on offense with some rolling kicks, but KLR hit a superkick out of desperation as both women collapsed. KLR eventually locked in the Koji Clutch as Conners nervously paced on the outside. Jinny managed to turn the hold into a pinning attempt, forcing KLR to release. KLR went for the Gory Bomb, but Conners got on the apron to distract her and the referee.

Jinny then put KLR on the second turnbuckle and hit the Makeover off the ropes. As Jinny went for the pin, Conners held KLR's feet down from the outside. The referee caught him and sent him to the back. But before leaving, Conners grabbed the NXT UK Women's title belt as KLR rolled up Jinny for a two count.

KLR saw Conners with the belt and chased him down, grabbed the belt, and slapped him. Meanwhile, Jinny grabbed the belt and looked to hit KLR with it, but KLR ducked. As Jinny and the referee struggled over the belt, KLR hit a Gory Bomb to get the win.

Next week --

  • Number one contender's elimination match: The Hunt vs. Pretty Deadly vs. Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith vs. Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster (Eddie Dennis is banned from accompanying The Hunt)
  • Ben Carter in action