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NXT UK results: Kay Lee Ray vs. Meiko Satomura II

Kay Lee Ray vs. Meiko Satomura

The show opened with a brief recap of Ilja Dragunov injecting himself in the ongoing series between Rampage Brown and Joe Coffey before focusing on tonight's main event rematch between UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray vs. Meiko Satomura.

WALTER in-ring segment

The NXT UK Champion talked about defending his title twice on two continents within one week against both Tommaso Ciampa and Rampage Brown. He talked about his mission of restoring the honor of this great sport and said he is, and would forever be, the NXT UK champion.

-- Jordan Devlin entered his personal dressing room.

-- A Subculture promo ran where they announced that Dani Luna & Flash Morgan Webster would face Jinny & Joseph Conners next week.

Jordan Devlin defeated Saxon Huxley (6:28)

Devlin used his speed to evade Huxley early, but quickly got beaten down once the bigger man got hold of him. They ended up at ringside where Huxley threw Devlin over and onto the barricades before entering the ring at nine. Huxley hit a Thesz Press and repeatedly slammed Devlin's head into the mat. Devlin raked his eyes and hit a rope-assisted cutter. He went for Devlinside, but Huxley held on to the ropes and hit a Liger Bomb for a near fall. Devlin escaped a fireman's carry, hit a headbutt to Huxley's spine, and then Devlinside for the pin.

-- Pretty Deadly walked out as they were on commentary for the next match.

-- Mark Coffey and Wolfgang were in Sid Scala's office, arguing about who was the better athlete. Scala said he would give them a chance to prove themselves in singles competition. Sam Gradwell walked in and Wolfgang said he would face him, but Scala said he would see what he could do.

Symbiosis (T-Bone & Primate) defeated Andy Wild & Dan Moloney (6:08)

Primate and Moloney started out and Primate dominated. Moloney picked him up for a suplex and got Wild to tag himself in. T-Bone tagged in as well and the two proceeded to have a hoss fight. Symbiosis showed off some good tag team moves as they worked over Moloney. Moloney finally made the hot tag and Wild briefly held both members of Symbiosis at bay. He quickly fell victim to their superior tactics though and found himself of the receiving end of a powerslam by T-Bone and a flying headbutt by Primate who picked up the win.

-- Teoman was at a dinner table. He called out Oliver Carter and told him he could send him to the hospital and his family wouldn't be happy about it. He questioned if Ashton Smith would even visit him since he is his tag team partner and not family. He said the eye sees everything and he knows Carter's weakness.

Meiko Satomura defeated Kay Lee Ray to win the NXT UK Women's title (18:24)

Satomura started off with kicks and strikes, methodically picking KLR apart. The champ rolled to ringside but Satomura followed and continued the attack. KLR came back with a superkick and got a two count back in the ring. KLR was in control and hit a knee drop on Satomura, locked in a chin lock. Satomura tried a springboard move off the turnbuckles, but got punched out of mid-air.

KLR hit a death valley bomb and Satomura came back with a gory bomb, but both were too exhausted to go for a pin. KLR hit a superkick, but Satomura just laughed in her face. They traded hard forearms and Satomura hit a cartwheel kneedrop onto KLR's head. KLR hit a tornado DDT for a near fall, followed by two superkicks as Satomura kept getting up. A third one leveled her as she was on her knees.

Seconds later, Satomura came back with a german suplex and another death valley bomb for another close near fall.

Satomura went for Scorpio Rising, but KLR hit another superkick, a gory bomb and a senton bomb from the top, but Satomura narrowly kicked out once more. KLR rolled to ringside and grabbed her title and went to clock Satomura with it. But, she moved out of the way and hit a death valley bomb on the outside.

Satomura rolled her back into the ring, but KLR immediately rolled out again, pulled Satomura down by the head and hit a gory bomb onto the apron, leading to another near fall back in the ring.

They ended up on the top and Satomura hit a sunset bomb, but KLR once more kicked out at two. Satomura locked in a sleeper, but KLR made the ropes. Satomura hit a Pelé kick, but KLR locked in a triangle-esque submission off a pinfall attempt. Satomura hit one more death valley bomb, followed by Scorpio Rising to win the match and the championship.

This was fantastic and one of the best matches in NXT UK history. Red and yellow streamers showered the ring as Satomura celebrated her victory.

Final Thoughts:

This was basically a one match show, but that one match was incredible.

It built slowly and like most great NJPW matches, it went from good to awesome at one point with tons of false finishes and dramatic spots. I hope that this means that Kay Lee Ray can graduate to NXT or one of the main brands as she certainly is good enough to hang with the top women in WWE. Satomura as champion should lead to a lot of interesting new matches and I still have a feeling that it will lead to a big Satomura vs. Emilia McKenzie match down the line.

The WALTER promo was somewhat lackluster as he basically said nothing of note and it didn't tease or build up a new challenger. Jordan Devlin being on immediately after may be a minor clue, but while he won his match against Saxon Huxley, he only looked strong there in the end. Ilja Dragunov prevailing in a three-way feud with Joe Coffey and Rampage Brown to become the next challenger (or even champion) also works, but might be somewhat too parallel to Satomura's story with KLR they just told where the beaten challenger eventually prevails.

But hey, give me another WALTER vs. Dragunov match any day of the week and I'll be more than happy.

Next week:

  • Dani Luna & Flash Morgan Webster vs. Jinny & Joseph Conners
  • Sam Gradwell vs. Wolfgang